Zendesk launches Omnichannel Suite for an Integrated Customer Experience

Also unveils complementary new product offering for proactive customer service engagement

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Updated: May 21, 2018 12:16 PM

Today Zendesk, Inc. the leading customer service and engagement platform, announced the launch of The Zendesk Suite. The Zendesk Suite is a new omnichannel offering that brings together the most popular customer communication channels in one simple package and price to help companies provide a consistent and connected customer experience.

In conjunction with the launch of The Zendesk Suite, Zendesk also unveiled Connect - a new product for proactive customer communication. Zendesk Connect enables customer service teams to send automated and timely messages based on a customer’s past actions and preferences. Companies can use Connect to help customers before they ask and to manage customer interactions across different channels.

With the launch of The Zendesk Suite and Connect, Zendesk offers a complete package of integrated products for customer service and engagement.

The Zendesk Suite is a unified offering for multiple customer support channels, designed for companies that want to provide a unified and seamless experience, regardless of how their customers choose to interact with them.

The Suite integrates email, live chat, phone, self-service help centers, and any other channel connected into the platform—including social media. The product offers everything businesses need to allow conversations with customers to move from one channel to another without the customer having to repeat information.

Customer service productivity increases significantly with a unified interface, simplified workflows, better collaboration, and consistent reporting. The ability to have conversations across different channels with full customer context also results in higher customer satisfaction.

Zendesk data shows that compared to companies that did not integrate across channels, companies that take an omnichannel approach have 31 percent lower first-resolution times and customers have 39 percent lower wait times.

“Before Zendesk, we had call centers in Turkey, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil, but they weren’t integrated into a unified ecosystem; we wanted to centralize data so that we could help drive improvements in the business. Our contact centers were not designed around multichannel response, so we didn’t have a way to answer questions coming in through different channels," said Orlando Gadea, Business Innovation Manager at Stanley Black and Decker. “We needed something flexible and easy to implement. Zendesk gave us a solution that integrated all channels in the way that we needed.”

More About the Zendesk Suite

By combining Zendesk’s Support, Guide, Chat, and Talk products into one omnichannel offering, Zendesk enables companies to deliver a consistent customer experience when and where it’s needed. Starting at $89 per agent—a 35 percent discount compared to buying Zendesk’s products individually—The Suite helps companies jumpstart their omnichannel strategy and scale operations with less complexity and lower costs.

“The best customer service experiences are fast, easy, and let you decide how you want to interact with a company. These experiences get even better if the company knows you well enough to solve problems before you even encounter them,” said Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk. “We built The Zendesk Suite and Connect to give businesses the ability to deliver exactly these experiences for their customers.”

More About Connect

As the volume of conversations between customers and businesses increases, Zendesk Connect brings together all previous customer actions, support history, and user preferences in one place to provide companies with complete customer context. This aggregated data helps customer support teams scale customer communications with automated, yet personalized real-time messages tailored to a customer’s usage and preferences.

Using Connect, companies can predict customer needs and proactively reach out to address known problems before the customer asks for help. Freshly, a subscription-based food company that delivers healthy, fully prepared meals directly to customers’ doors, uses Connect to send tailored emails as opposed to generic marketing blasts.

“Connect enhances our support team’s capabilities, giving us the power to further personalize our customer experience based on each interaction,” said Colin Crowley, Vice President of Customer Experience at Freshly. “The service provides our team with valuable insight into the information customers need and expect from us, as well as how that impacts each interaction they have with Freshly. As a result, we’re able to focus on providing great experiences and strengthen our relationship with Freshly customers, ultimately leading to increased retention."

The ability to test which messages have higher engagement rates improves future interactions. With easy access to a customer’s support history, companies can also send offers that either help drive customer loyalty and retention or help grow the business by introducing products and services that address a customer’s needs.

Commenting on the launch of the products, Mr. KT Prasad, Country Sales Director, Zendesk India, said, “We are very excited about the launch of these new products and the potential it presents for Indian businesses. More than 2,000 companies in India, from startups to enterprises as well as traditional businesses, are discovering the importance of technology in customer experience through Zendesk. Our products help companies build an omnichannel solution that integrates all forms of communication coupled with the knowledge of historical data of every individual customer will be just what they need to grow and scale, either within India or internationally,”

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