You can’t buy a loyal fan? Can you?

Your fans are now one of your biggest assets. The opportunity cost of losing them is massive so don’t treat them like unpaid civilians., writes Samridhi Katyal, Co-Founder, Fandrum.

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Published: May 23, 2022 4:57 PM  | 4 min read
Samridhi Katyal

A loyal fan will support you despite your flaws and mistakes, they’ll be there through thick and thin, they’ll always cheer you on even when you don’t deserve it and they’ll never stop believing in you no matter what gets thrown at you! At the end of the day, fans are there because they want to support you, not because they want anything in return! They stand by your side not because of anything that you give them but because of who you are as an individual! So why would you ever go out of your way to buy a fan?

How do I get loyal fans?

Loyal fans aren’t built overnight. These die-hard customers take time and effort to be cultivated. To truly have a successful business, you must nurture your followers with stories and photos they are passionate about. Respond to questions, request feedback, and create content that draws your audience in. The most dedicated fans will respond by using your products more, or even paying you directly for those goodies you send their way! If all goes well, over time you’ll see yourself moving up on iTunes charts and trending on Twitter. You might even end up getting famous along the way!

Why should I care about my audience?

You are your own biggest cheerleader, but only if you have an audience. Invest in making sure that your biggest fans have access to everything you do, even if it isn’t exclusive. They’ll be with you through thick and thin, and they probably won’t forget to tell everyone they know about their favorite celebrity (that would be you). How is that worth any money? It’s not; that value comes from pure loyalty and satisfaction. After all, fans aren’t just casual viewers; they’re people who make you a star!

Step up your fan game

If you want to give back to your fans, start by following them on social media. You don’t need to like every single post, but acknowledge their support by re-sharing some of their posts with your audience. Take it up a notch by taking some time for one-on-one conversations with your fans on Periscope and Snapchat. Make sure that you set aside time in your schedule for these interactions, or else they might end up falling through the cracks when something more urgent comes up. Finally, offer special promotions only to your most loyal fans — consider hosting contests (such as making all-time subscribers eligible for advanced screenings) or giving advance notice about events and new releases. While you should probably expect an initial surge of activity from these endeavors (following fans who have been ‘left behind), try not to see responses as indicative of what will happen next time; be cautious not to judge your success based solely on how much engagement each move receives, as they do not necessarily equal business results.

How to reward engaged audiences

1) Show them you appreciate their support and engagement 2). Connect your fans with other fans 3). Invest in exclusive content 4). Make it easy for them to follow you on social media channels 5). Thank them each time they engage 6). Reward those who have been dedicated followers for years 7). Give them VIP access (if possible) 8). Hold contests that enable fans to meet you 9). Constantly surprise & delight.

There are no true celebrity brands, just as there are no true celebrities — at least not any that I know of — but there is an artist formerly known as Prince who once sang, the artists used to be seen as gods now ain’t nobody listening to Bob Dylan — Bono So what’s left? The music?

The power of audience building

One of Hollywood’s most prominent moguls, Harvey Weinstein, is known for only working with stars that have large social media followings. Most celebrities (particularly those who grew up in a different era) view their fans as more casual viewers of their work; but in today’s social media age, anyone with an internet connection and following can take advantage of what is popular has to offer. In short: your fans are now one of your biggest assets. The opportunity cost of losing them is massive so don’t treat them like unpaid civilians. After all, they aren’t just audiences they’re the audiences that make you a celebrity.

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