Women, youth to drive m-commerce in India

A BuzzCity report indicates robust growth of mobile commerce in India, led by usage of mobile content by women, however there is lack of awareness of services

e4m by Rahul Dubey
Updated: Jan 19, 2012 8:47 AM
Women, youth to drive m-commerce in India

The year 2011 saw a surge in the number of women in India who are using mobile-driven content such as mobile commerce, mobile gaming, music and entertainment, as per findings of a recent report released by BuzzCity.

Interestingly, the report observes that mobile-driven transactions are strongly led by growing number of women users, despite men forming a majority of users who are active in mobile activities such as usage of applications, mobile-gaming, e-reading and music.

The report states that although the majority of new mobile Internet users globally are young males, female adoption of mobile web usage is growing globally. There are nearly as many women as men using the mobile web.

BuzzCity’s global study on m-commerce also suggests that while the proportion of mature users, particularly in India, is growing, the industry has failed to communicate to consumers on how to use the mobile apps. 35 per cent of users aren’t aware of the basic mobile transactions available and 27 per cent have concerns about security.

Even though India continues to dominate BuzzCity’s charts throughout 2011, serving over 32 billion ads in the course of the year and to over 93 million unique users per month, Dr KF Lai, CEO, BuzzCity, said, “There are three missing elements crucial to widespread adoption of mobile commerce. They are communication, education and security. Users are currently not aware of the services out there. When they do come across such services, these simple processes are presented in a very confusing way. Banks and retailers will need to provide their customers with clear and unambiguous assurances about security.”

On the global front, the proportion of mature users is also growing – 15 per cent are now over 35. The influence of this group is disproportionately high when mobile purchases are made. Users aged over 35 years made 19 per cent of travel-related purchases, 23 per cent of grocery purchases and 21 per cent of household utility payments globally in the past six months.

This time last year, just three countries – India, USA and Indonesia – were serving in excess of a billion ads a quarter. However, by the end of 2011, another seven countries had broken into the billion club, which includes the UK, South Africa, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Canada and Thailand.

Travel continues to dominate m-commerce growth, whereas entertainment, music and m-reading, too, are registering growth in countries where the mobile is the primary point of access to the Internet. Entertainment and lifestyle items such as books, music and movies for home delivery as well as items like gadgets are also high on the users’ shopping list.

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