We believe that coffee and art go hand in hand hence wanted to engage with creative audiences who love coffee: Bidisha Nagaraj

Café Coffee Day’s Group President Marketing, Bidisha Nagaraj speaks about their latest social media activity – a video campaign in a five part series called ‘Beano.’

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Updated: Feb 26, 2016 8:34 AM
We believe that coffee and art go hand in hand hence wanted to engage with creative audiences who love coffee: Bidisha Nagaraj

Popular Indian café chain--Café Coffee Day, recently released its latest video campaign, a five part series called ‘Beano.’ The series is a hand created coffee art narrative in a stop motion video format.

We spoke to Bidhisha Nagaraj, Group President Marketing of Café Coffee Day about this campaign and also about Café Coffee Day’s digital media initiatives and social media marketing strategies.


Cafe Coffee Day had released its TVC 'Sit Down' three years ago, why didn’t you come up with any other TVC post that?

After establishing the brand air cover with the ‘Sit Down’ campaign our business imperatives moved to product (food and beverage) launches which have been supported heavily by Digital, Print, Radio and TV. Our marketing investments have always been geared towards experimenting with new media and new initiatives and that’s been our brand building philosophy since our birth.

What are your digital media initiatives considering that majority of the customers are now online?

Café Coffee Day has always been one of the few brands at the forefront when it comes to engaging its large youth following on social media. We believe we are conversation hubs in real life, and that’s what we do on the social network as well. We are constantly interacting with our over five million followers on social media through fun, innovative and engaging activities to keep them talking about the brand and also to build brand loyalty.

We engage our followers through contests, games, social media posts and gratifying them with CCD merchandise and freebies. We also create exclusive content in the form of humorous cartoons & drawings and conduct photo-shoots around coffee to create eye-catchy images for instagram that appeal to consumers and tempt them to like or share. We have seen many successes in our digital media activations like the contest we conducted for ‘World Hug Day’ and for the Football World Cup, which led to trending hashtags of  #LetsHugOverCoffee and #CCDFootballquiz respectively, to name a few.

However, with ‘Beano’, our first ever-online video campaign in a five part series, we are witnessing buzz and success like never before.  The first part, which was released last month, has received an overwhelming response of 1.2 million views to date. The second part, which was released over the weekend, has already received over 1.7 lakh views. The video revolves around a fun and endearing character called ‘Beano’, the caveman. The first part called ‘Beano and the Bean’ introduces ‘Beano’ and shows how he discovers the coffee bean in a fun and entertaining way. The second video shows how ‘Beano’ goes about meeting that someone special, timed aptly around Valentines Day

We realized that our previous social media activities around art and doodles always received high engagement and responses from followers. So when we planned to launch our first online video campaign, we decided to go ahead with a creativity led idea.  We believe that “coffee and art” go hand in hand and we wanted to engage with creative audiences who love coffee. We roped in an artist who created hand drawn art using different densities of coffee decoction to narrate a story. Hence, the highlight of ‘Beano’, which has not only excited the creative community but the audience at large too, is firstly the use of hand created coffee art in a stop motion video and the other is the storytelling aspect.

Moreover, the content is fun and the character ‘Beano’, is loveable and has appealed to the audience.

Tell us about your social media marketing strategies and its importance in terms of customer engagement and responses.

Our social media strategy is to create content that brings CCD closer to its consumers. ‘Beano’ is the latest testament to that, with very positive responses and feedback coming from our online community. Apart from using social media to engage with our audience, we also use it as an important tool to listen to our consumers. It helps us to understand current areas of interest, facilitates instant feedback and gives us an opportunity to right a wrong. It is also a great platform to inform the youth about our new offers and services. Our engagement is also in the form of ensuring an involvement with the customer in co-creation of products.

We look at creating deeper and long term engagement through our activities, focusing more on feedback, comments, sharing and listening to consumers rather than focusing on the number of likes we get. We look for opportunities that are topical and find unique ways to leverage that to the maximum. One example is the Star Wars #CaptionThisWithCCD contest on Twitter that happened before Star Wars released in December. The idea was to engage with a new kind of audience altogether who love CCD and love Star Wars. So we did a photo shoot showing Lego Star Wars characters interacting with CCD coffee mugs and asked people to caption it. The responses we received were hilarious and engagement was high. We even received personal responses from followers who wrote in to say that they love our content and contests and look forward to more of it. This is a great feeling and we hope to continue to engage and delight out customers through such activities.

How are you dealing with your competition?

We are focused on building and maintaining brand loyalty of our consumers. Hence we navigate by our consumer preference rather than competition. 

You can watch the ad campaign here:

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