We are responsible for one-third of app downloads in India: Rajeev Dhal, SHAREit

Rajeev Dhal, Vice President-Ad Sales, SHAREit, spoke on ‘Consumer Engagement in a Mobile Centric World’ at Screenage Mobile Marketing Conference

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Updated: Nov 1, 2018 3:50 PM

Rajeev Dhal, Vice President-Ad Sales, SHAREit, says his company does not spend a single penny on advertising or marketing. “We don’t need to because we solve a real user need,” he says.

Dhal was addressing a session on ‘Consumer engagement in a mobile centric world’ at Screenage Mobile Marketing Conference held in Mumbai on Wednesday.

According to him, 50 per cent of smartphones in India have SHAREit application. “Approximately 200 million people use SHAREit every month. With this kind of a massive reach, we could have simply gone to the marketers and offered reach-based solutions. But we would like to offer solutions that solve real marketing problems. So, despite having a huge reach, we are re-inventing and re-creating native solutions that can solve real marketing problems, especially in an environment that is heavily cluttered. What we are doing is completely different from others,” said Dhal.

“We are a social network and also a content platform, which enables people to share content. We have a motive behind allowing people to share content without using data, and that is our key proposition. Today, we allow people to discover content, applications and various formats and share them with their friends and family,” Dhal explained.

Talking more about SHAREit’s reach, Dhal said, “We don’t spend a single penny on advertising or marketing. We don’t need to because we solve a real user need. Many of our users are not on Facebook. So there is a large number of unique audience that we offer, in terms of communicating, engaging and advertising, something that even largest social networks cannot offer.”

On the user pattern and behaviour, Dhal elucidated, “There are around 1 billion app downloads every month in India. We are responsible for one third of these downloads. So, if the largest base of app is around 600 million, we have enabled around 250 million app downloads or shares between one user to another.”

Talking in terms of number, Dhal said, “Every second, four people download SHAREit. We have 400 million download users in India, $1.5 billion across the globe and 200 million monthly active users in India.”

Delineating on the journey of the brand, he said, “We started around three and a half years back. But the journey doesn’t end here. We are adding millions of customers on a regular basis. Users don’t delete our app. The average retention rate of any application in India is between 5 and 8 per cent.”

He also mentioned that the brand is re-inventing itself.  “We did a campaign with Dream 11. We allowed people to share APQ files from one phone to another. And what the brand got by the end of the campaign was not only shares, not only downloads, but 1,00,000 shares.”

“Today, we manage 500 million content shares every month”, he said, adding, “We do not allow sharing of individual data or personal information.”

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