Twitter flash mob celebrates the girl child

Leo Burnett & Indigo Consulting launched digital initiative ‘I Am Laadli’ on Facebook and Twitter to support women empowerment

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Updated: Mar 15, 2013 7:25 PM
Twitter flash mob celebrates the girl child

‘Laadli’, the girl child campaign by Population First addresses the problem of the falling sex ratio and works towards reducing gender imbalances in the population. A digital initiative titled ‘I Am Laadli’, driven by Leo Burnett and Indigo Consulting, has created waves. With the objective of making the term ‘Laadli’ synonymous with women empowerment and a celebration of womanhood, the campaign ‘I Am Laadli’ was launched on Women’s Day on Facebook and Twitter.

The women-centric campaign was launched with a viral video and was executed on Facebook with a women-only ‘I Am Laadli’ app. Once installed, the app posted custom statuses, pinned ‘I Am Laadli’ badges on display pictures and encouraged women to prefix the term ‘Laadli’ to their profile names. On Twitter, women were encouraged to tweet using hashtag #iamlaadli.

The campaign reached its high point when at 8:00PM sharp multiple tweets with #iamlaadli were registered at the same time. Within minutes the tweets snowballed into more than 400 people demonstrating their support. Soon hashtag #iamlaadli gained the ‘trending’ status on Twitter. In the span of 30 minutes, around 600 tweets were registered, making it one of the trending topics on March 8, 2013.

Commenting on the success of the ‘I Am Laadli’ campaign, KV Shridhar, Chief Creative Officer India Subcontinent, Leo Burnett said, “We believe that the more regressive portrayal of women, the more people will be hesitant to let a little girl live. So we decided to celebrate the power and love of women, and remind each one that they are a ‘Laadli’ of our nation.”

While flash mobs are very common with brands, a flash mob on Twitter was a first. The idea came about pretty late in the day, only three hours before the actual activity. By then, the ‘I Am Laadli’ Facebook app had got multiple registrations, the viral video was already doing the rounds and many had prefixed ‘Laadli’ to their name on social media. The Indigo Consulting and Leo Burnett team then decided to activate Twitter in a never-before way and started spreading the message to target 8PM sharp. The entire activity was orchestrated within three hours with the help of Laadli ambassadors and their friends, shared an official release.

Dr Sharada AL, Director, Population First said, “The response to the ‘I Am Laadli’ Campaign was very positive with many women proudly putting the badge of ‘I Am Laadli’ on their profile pictures. The first step towards empowerment is when we love and value ourselves as individuals with the right to dream, aspire and achieve. ‘I Am Laadli’ is a positive campaign and I wish more and more women say with pride ‘I Am Laadli’.”

Expressing similar sentiments, Priti Jhavar, Vice President – Client Servicing, Indigo Consulting said, “We are very happy to be a part of this initiative as it gave us the opportunity to relay the very  pertinent message that impacts all of us today – that of gender equality and woman empowerment.”

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