TV, OOH prevail over digital for brand Blackberrys

Apparel maker Blackberrys says that while digital is a good tool for building a long term relationship with clients, it still lacks the power that television and OOH provide for building a larger than life brand.

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Updated: May 30, 2011 8:14 AM
TV, OOH prevail over digital for brand Blackberrys

Apparel manufacturer Blackberrys says that digital is good for extending engagement, but can’t create the same larger than life image that television and outdoor advertising deliver for the brand. Yogesh Tiwari, VP Sales and Marketing Blackberrys, said, “We didn’t believe in the banner business and pay per click. For us, digital serves a far greater role in engagement, to continue to extend the consumer’s relationship with the brand and build loyalty.”

Blackberrys, an established label in the premium men’s ready-to-wear segment from Mohan Clothing Co Pvt Ltd, had recently signed on MWG TAG as its creative agency following a two-month long creative pitch process that saw the participation of several leading agencies.

The brand is invested mostly in the offline space, with digital being a discretionary spend limited to Facebook engagement.

However, Tiwari said that the brand had not ruled out a greater involvement in online marketing, and added, “What we’re looking at right now is more as an engagement to complement our above the line activities. Digital is not a primary medium for us now or in the near future. But while it’s only a small part of our budget right now, this could change, if engagement becomes the order of the day.”

He further said, “For example, direct marketing used to be only 2-3 per cent of spends earlier, but today for some brands it has grown to as much as 15-20 per cent. The market keeps evolving and brands need to keep changing too, in order to reach their audience effectively.”

While most of Blackberrys’ customers are likely to be digital natives, Tiwari felt that being online was not enough to move the needle for the brand’s returns. Digital, he remarked, was very useful for getting information across – such as news about the latest trends and fashions, or guidance on what clothes to wear on particular occasions, and for this Facebook worked particularly well, but he maintained that a fashion brand needed to create a larger than life image to drive sales.

According to him, “Online is like talking to your buddy, getting advice and hearing about products. For that, we are active on Facebook and spread information and updates. But a 14 inch screen cannot have the same impact as the same image across a 40 foot billboard.”

He added, “The wow factor comes from delight after the engagement. The consumer says, ‘I have seen the brand, it is larger than life and now I experience that’. And online extends that connection, with tips and conversations that are helpful.”

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