Shopping and classifieds top internet users’ list

Shopping and classifieds now ranks sixth in terms of visit share as compared to its eighth rank last year, according to a survey by Experian Services India Pvt Ltd, which studied the online shopping trends in India.

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Updated: Nov 1, 2011 11:38 AM
Shopping and classifieds top internet users’ list

Experian Services India Pvt Ltd, a leading market research company, recently surveyed the online behaviour of the Indian population in the online shopping category. The company monitors and provides daily insights on how internet users interact on websites.

“Shopping and classifieds is now ranked 6th in terms of visit share as compared to its 8th rank last year,” said Navin Chandani, Managing Director - Marketing Services, Experian India Pvt Ltd.

According to him, shopping and classifieds has the 2nd highest monthly average growth rate since July 2010 of 3.22 per cent from the top five categories.

He elaborated that with the proliferation of 3G, better payment getaways and access to the internet, Indian consumers rely more and more on the internet for their shopping requirement.

Deepak Netram, Vice President, Lodestar Universal contributed another perspective to the increasing popularity of online shopping. As per him, there are evolving digitally-savvy customers that are finding it easier to operate in the online shopping segment.

The research also shows there is a heavy preference for the internet on information gathering on information like product features and price details. Price tops the list as the most popular search term, according to the research. However actual purchase for many is still a physical world activity.

Supporting this argument, Chanchal Chakravarty stated that many people are also gathering information on brands before any purchase. “People do research online about the brand & the model number before going into a shop.”

Besides this, many are searching for downloads freebies, sales, and used goods. Download and free are second and third most popular search terms, according to the research.

The top three sub-industries within shopping and classifieds continue to be rewards & directories, classifieds and computers. However, classified lost its top spot to rewards and directories.

According to Deepak Netram, Vice President, Lodestar UM, classifieds are going down because they do not appeal online but he added that they have room to become interesting.

“Classifieds are going down because they have become mundane and generic in terms of offerings and they need to appeal online,” he said.

The top 5 most visited websites in the shopping and classifieds industry category are Snap Deal, MyDala, Softonic, Quikr and HomeShop18 respectively.

The top three industries which are source of traffic for shopping and classifieds are search engines, social networking sites and email services.


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