Rhiti Entertainment ropes in Amitabh Bachchan to launch NFT platform BeyondLife.club

The Biggest Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan will be the first one to roll out his NFT collection through BeyondLife.club.

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Published: Aug 30, 2021 6:38 PM  | 4 min read

The BlockChain Phenomena NFT (Non-Fungible Token), which has recorded around $2.5 billion in NFT sales already globally is poised to take a leap forward with the launch of BeyondLife.club, a NFT platform with A-Listed of Brands, Celebrities and Athletes from South East Asia. BeyondLife.club marks a ground-breaking partnership between Rhiti Entertainment, one of India's fastest-growing conglomerates and the World’s leading Decentralized No Code NFT Exchange Platform - GuardianLink.io.

The Biggest Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan will be the first one to roll out his NFT collection through BeyondLife.club. These collectibles will represent his legendary status and mark the opening of this maiden NFT platform from Rhiti Entertainment. “I have joined Rhiti Entertainment Pte Ltd - Singapore and will be launching NFT’s soon on the platform”, said Amitabh Bachchan  on the partnership.

BeyondLife.club has made it easy for credit card and digital payment users to buy NFTs and carry out transactions as well as trade it in auctions, making it accessible to both, tech savvy and non-crypto users. This GuardianLInk.io powered platform is set to revolutionize digital storing of creative properties like art, collectibles, multi-modal collages, and other forms of digital assets for gaming and trading that can be easily accessible by stakeholders and also allow to upload, mint, publish, price protect and even auction to create value for the owner. It also allows the rights management which is thoroughly automated and protected by deep AI based technology for anti-rip protection alongside Realtime AI "Spyder” making NFT’s and its associated wallets, verified for “clean trades” as well as secured from forgery or theft.

Arun Pandey, MD & Chairman, Rhiti Group, said, “It’s astounding to see how suddenly NFT is a hot favorite amongst artists across the world to create financial value for their content. The opportunities & the growth possibilities that are present within this space is beyond imagination. Artists are latching up to this technology to create a value around their life and work, which was almost dormant earlier. Our biggest motivation behind this venture is to empower artists, celebs & athletes globally and at the same time help the diehard fans to get their hands over the purest form of the content”

Keyur Patel, Co-founder, Rhiti Entertainment & Chairman of GuardianLink.io said, “As compared to artists across the globe, Indian artists are just picking up steam in terms of participating in the world of NFTs. Digital Asset space has been limited to crypto millennials and tech savvy audiences. Today GuardianLink.io with its no code NFT Exchange framework and its deep Legitimacy Protocol Infrastructure is bridging the gap between crypto-savvy and collectors of the world by eliminating the complexity of participation in the space. NFT as digital asset is not just about technology but about the concept of value creation and value retention, so while the whole world is flocking to the wave, the long-term winners in the space will need to do more than just upload an art. It will need to be well conceptualized to have relationships with the smart contract infrastructure and the derivatives of uniqueness, collectability and future value in its creative form. guardianlink.io supports both Ethereum and Matic networks for its minting process. 

Saurav Banerjee, Co-founder, Rhiti Entertainment & Myytake said, “NFT is the future, the centralized marketplaces have gained quite a lot of traction throughout this year making it an extremely profitable for artists, celebrities, sportsmen and differentiated content creators.” The platform acts as an exchange, empowering artists and brands to create financial value for their work. It also manages entire transactions such as receiving payments, transfer of NFTs, settlements and swaps in a convenient seamless and secured manner. BeyondLife.club is accessible globally for Indian Diaspora and India enthusiasts who are early adopters of the NFT wave.

 It must be mentioned that Rhiti Group has recently partnered with MyyTake Group in its Sports Tech Venture. Arun Pandey is the Operating Partner in MyyTake Group. It is headquartered in New Delhi and has regional offices in Mumbai, London, New York and Singapore.

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