Reporter’s Diary: Goodbye, Steve Jobs

Along with a major part of the world, correspondent Shubhi Tandon also wonders about tech giant Apple’s life after Steve Jobs. And her fascination about all Apple products starting with ‘i’ continues…

e4m by Shubhi Tandon
Updated: Sep 3, 2011 8:50 AM
Reporter’s Diary: Goodbye, Steve Jobs

Time’s flying and the months are quickly passing by and it is September already! I hope this month brings respite from the ever increasing heat and humidity! August was quite a frenzied one – with alternate rains and sun, Anna Hazare’s fast and the increased tempo of the nation fighting ‘against corruption’.

This week was all about meetings and learnings to take from each. E-commerce has been picking up as a field globally and in India. Not surprisingly, Indiatimes, one of the oldest digital media owners, also reported a 100 per cent growth year-over-year. In a telecon with Gautam Sinha, CTO and E-commerce Head, Indiatimes, I learnt about how the e-commerce industry has evolved through the years and has finally reached a stage where it is now reporting good profits. Many new companies have cropped up in the space as well and are reporting good profits.

Retail is an interesting part of digital and quite different from the other categories in digital, such as social, display, search and mobile. While the growing Internet penetration promises a good future for the sector, it would be interesting to see how mobile commerce and social commerce come up as the ‘next big thing’.

One of the most important developments in the digital sector this week was the news of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, stepping down from the company’s position because of his ill health.

Apple has come out with the most wanted tech gadgets in the market with its range of Apple Macbooks, iPods, iPhones and iPads. And Steve Jobs has been the man behind the conception of them all.

Since childhood, I have been fascinated with the classy-looking Apple notebooks and its other products. Their products still hold a fascination, be it the iPhone or iPad, with their totally latest technology and look.

The news of Jobs’ stepping down came as quite a surprise to the world – and me – as everyone associates him with each of the Apple products. It would be interesting to see how the company proceeds with innovating more technological products without him.

What is also interesting from the point of view of the industry is how this comes as a bit of good news for Apple’s competitors such as Samsung and Sony, who are looking to move in to take over the space. And so while the battle of the tech giants continues, I’ll be hooked to report on it as well.

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