Pokemon Go gets big on celebrity factor, memes and viral videos

Pokemon Go has got even celebrities hooked on to it. Hollywood celebs have taken to social media to show their love for the game, while many Bollywood celebrities are yet to take to the game; however various memes and videos involving them are doing the rounds on social media

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Updated: Jul 22, 2016 8:30 AM
Pokemon Go gets big on celebrity factor, memes and viral videos

Pokémon Go is the game of the season and everyone seems to be taking a share of the pie. If general audiences were not enough, celebrities too seem to be taking time off their busy schedule to play the game.

Crossing 8 million downloads; Pokémon Go is tipped to be one of the biggest success stories in the recent times.

Celebrities around the world use these platforms to connect with fans. However, one common topic of discussion on social media platforms remains to be Pokémon Go and celebrities are taking it a notch higher by sharing their love for the game.

From international artists like Justin Bieber to Indian actors like Varun Dhawan, everybody is busy finding Pokémons.

We picked a list of celebrities who are playing the game and posted their side of the story on various social media platforms.

Justin Bieber

In a video posted on YouTube by Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Barun, the singer is seen playing Pokémon Go on the streets of New York City. What came as a surprise was that he went completely unnoticed even though he was surrounded by a large crowd. His friends took to Instagram to post about the Pokémon Chase.

"When #Gyrados decides to pop up across the street from Central Park and all hell breaks loose! #GottaCatchEmAll @justinbieber," Alfredo Flores one of Bieber’s friends posted to Instagram.

Watch the video here -

Ellen DeGeneres

She is known for her crisp sense of humour and her ever so famous talk show. Little did anyone know that Ellen was searching for Pokémon’s on the beach, she posted a picture of hers with her wife Portia de Rossi with a Pokémon in the background.

Ellen’s tweet read “Had to look for a long time for this one”. The post was retweeted over 5k times and had over 43k likes.

John Mayer  

The singer is addicted to Pokémon Go and that’s the adjective that suits perfectly when it comes to John Mayer’s love for the game.

The virtual currency is used to grab up useful items in the game like Pokéballs and extra energy to help the user advance to the next level and John Mayer did not shy away from posting his recent purchase on Instagram.

He spent $99.99 to purchase 14,500 PokeCoins.

Jimmy Fallon

The famous “The Tonight Show” host took to twitter to show his love for the game

Though the game hasn’t been released in India officially but it is making news in Bollywood too.

DNA quoted Varun Dhawan saying "It's too addictive man! I mean, every time I'm in the car and I've to reach somewhere and I see (a Pokémon) and I'm like 'Arrey yaar left lena idhar' (laughs) (sic),"

Varun was introduced to the game by his cousins who play the game in Delhi and got him addicted to it too.

While Varun seems to be the only celebrity showing his love for Pokemon Go, there are videos and meme’s making the rounds on social media involving Bollywood celebs.

This video shows Sharukh from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’s scene where his mother’s face is morphed with Pikachu’s face. Watch it here


Here are some of the popular Pokemon Go memes that are doing the rounds across social media channels currently:


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