Old Spice is back with another ‘Mantastic’ campaign, fails to create the same buzz

The follow up to Old Spice’s ‘Mantastic’ campaign, seems to have lost the plot somewhere. The digital campaign focuses more on the star, Milind Soman, than on the product

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Updated: Apr 4, 2014 8:21 AM
Old Spice is back with another ‘Mantastic’ campaign, fails to create the same buzz

As a follow up to the Old Spice’s Mantastic ad campaign, the brand P&G has unveiled another campaign on social media.

It is a short 37 second video which was posted on social media. It shows MilindSoman in a tub addressing the ladies. He goes on to state that he is not naked but wearing the ‘mantastic’ smell that comes from the unique combination of glycerin, polyethylene and other ‘molecular awesomeness’. He then promotes the product, the ‘all new Old Spice deodorant’. He concludes by saying ‘now even your man can smell like a man like me. I am in a tub’.

The video has been created by Wieden+Kennedy, the global agency of the brand, while the social media campaign of the video is being handled by IBS India. The video went live yesterday. It was initiated on Twitter a few days back by promoting the hashtag #WhatsInTheTub. There were pictures of an empty tub with various themes asking users to guess what’s in the tub.

Expert take:
Sachin Kumar, Senior Business Director, Maxus Interaction,said that while it is bold advertising by Old Spice it is not clear who is the target audience. He also added that the message is coming across in a very aggressive manner which may not go down well with the audience. “Culturally we don’t like to be challenged, if someone tries to explain it in a polite manner, then we may still take the critique in a positive way but if you try to force the point of view, we may not take it well,” he added. He also said that the message may not be taken by the men very positively since they are trying to make a point that wearing a man’s fragrance will make them smell like a man, there is a patronizing hint in it.

Comparing it to the first TVC by Old Spice, Kumar said that it was a clutter breaking approach of taking MilindSoman as the protagonist but this second ad in the series is not that appealing. “If we compare it with other series like say the ZooZoos by Vodafone, people were looking forward for the next ad but here that is not the case. The second ad is no surprise at all,” he added.
Our take:
The ad is highly focused on MilindSoman. While in the last campaign he did a great job of making people sit up and notice, this time he seems to have failed to create the same magic. Moreover, it looks like he is overshadowing the brand itself. Before releasing the video the buzz was created on social media the expectations ran high. Seeing MilindSoman half-naked in that tub was no big surprise. In this particular campaign MilindSoman seems to be taking the focus away from the product. Unlike the earlier campaign which repositioned Old Spice and created the word Mantastic, the digital campaign failed to take the interest generated by the previous TVC to the next level.

The previous TVC had better content and though it also faced criticism, it did manage to make ‘mantastic’ a buzzword. As of now, it looks like the brand is riding all its hopes on the celebrity angle which doesn’t always deliver.

Watch the ad here

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