New Yahoo logo fails to impress design experts

While the new logo manages to depict change, it does not translate into newness or fresh content and feels like a lost opportunity, say experts

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Published: Sep 10, 2013 7:43 AM  | 4 min read
New Yahoo logo fails to impress design experts

“We knew we wanted a logo that reflected Yahoo – whimsical, yet sophisticated,” wrote Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo on her Tumblr account, giving a view on the redesigned logo of the 18-year old internet corporation.

The redesigned logo retains the various strong characteristics of Yahoo’s old logo and takes a new twist with a change in font and clip-art effect. The exclamation mark remains untouched in the old font.

A logo redesign is basic and most important step in implying a change of tone or identity. It also points out at the strong market repositioning the brand is looking at. exchange4media takes a look at whether the new Yahoo logo brings out the brand’s message or is it yet another step that shall not change more than a few statistics here and there.

Decoding the logo!
N Chandramouli, CEO, TRA (Comniscient Group) pointed out that at first look, the change in logo brings out the confidence of the management. The second change is the importance placed with subtler, intangible aspects, which help the brand connect with the audiences. Such a change also tells the audiences that ‘we are changing’ and fills them with a sense of latent expectation.

“The visual identity change shows a quirky brand, displayed in the purple colour that it has retained. Keeping the all-caps letters displays surety, pride, solidity and loudness in what the brand is and does. Its sans sheriff font displays a no-nonsense, focused, straightforward and friendly approach. Overall, the brand will make a better connect to a younger and more global audience,” expressed Chandramouli.

With the advent of social media, Yahoo has been losing out some big bucks, not only in terms of its chat and social services, but also in terms of content. Thus, it is very important for the brand to reassert that it is back to conquer. The question is, does the old to new transition manage to achieve it?

“The overall fun factor which Yahoo used to bring forth has gone down. The logo is neither on the serious side nor on the fun side. It is simply sitting on the fence,” explained Shekhar Badve, Founder & Director, Lokusdesign.

According to Badve, the new logo is too weak. The exclamation mark does not seem to be from the same font family. It is among the poorest things in this logo, he said. “I feel it is not a good job done. I think the objective of what Yahoo would want to stand for and what the logo converts are two different things,” Badve added.

A change in logo could imply either an internal corporate change or a change for consumers. In case of Yahoo, change of logo for the audience could either mean fresh content or banal repetitive content.

“As a graphic designer with typographic curiosities, this logo seems meticulously detailed,” noted Ashwini Deshpande, Founder-Director and Principal Designer, Elephant Design reading the logo as what it means to her as a consumer.“No lines are straight, no ends are flat, the exclamation mark is at some precise angle (nine degrees, if you please), letter forms have the third dimension and purple has lost the magenta to make way for more cyan.”

However, the preciseness of the logo fails to translate into anything. “But I fail see the leap or the change and it feels like a lost opportunity, where something much more meaningful could have been said. Maybe we will see the purpose unfolding over time and then this identity will fall in place,” added Deshpande.

‘Well begun is half done’ – the adage seems apt for Yahoo in this situation. While Mayer began changes in full swing, most have not converted into any definite success. While the logo displays a strong sign of change, it fails to scream ‘Yahoo!’ to the consumers. Nonetheless, one could always hope for a better turnout as such changes take a while to click with the audiences.

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