New features, ease of biz: Digital agencies give Twitter their wish list

Digital agency heads give their thoughts on the changes that Twitter needs to make it easier for agencies to run brand campaigns on the platform

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Updated: Mar 23, 2016 8:37 AM
New features, ease of biz: Digital agencies give Twitter their wish list

On Monday, Twitter marked 10 years of what has been an eventful journey for the microblogging company, especially in India, which it sees as its fastest growing markets.

Change is constant as Twitter turns 10

Given the number of changes that we have seen with the social platform over the years, we asked heads of digital agencies about the changes that they would like Twitter to introduce or new features that they would want the company to bring in to boost digital marketing.

Sanjay Mehta, Co-CEO of Mirum India opines that Twitter could look to make all its advertising products available to digital agencies directly or at least via multiple partners. "Right now, we have to go through one designated agency (Komli Media) to avail certain Twitter products while certain advertising features can be accessed through direct retail. It will make it easier if these products are easily accessible. Features wise, they cannot make too many changes as then it will no longer be what Twitter is known for."

These thoughts were echoed by a few others too. For example, Siddharth Hegde, MD & Founder of Ethinos India, also stated that Twitter needs to get a little more active when it comes to supporting agencies. "They are very responsive to the top 5 agencies but not at all to any of the others. They need to realize that the bulk of revenues will come from the long tail. Even the self service model has been made available just now after 9 years," he said. He further added that Twitter is getting typecast as a platform which is news, event and celebrity driven.

Chetan Asher, Founder and CEO of Tonic Media also concurs that going forward Twitter needs to improve its offline engagement. Comparing the scenario with Google, he said, “With Google you can just pick up the phone and speak with them to figure out things.” The problem, he feels with platforms like Facebook, and especially Twitter, is that they are too focused on the brand side. “They need to understand that agencies can help increase their brand awareness with clients. Another thing that they can do is make their data and analytics available to us as we are the ones who actually speak with clients and create their digital plans,” he further added.

Another thing that many we spoke to pointed out was that the cost of doing business on Twitter tends to be on the high side. "Twitter should try to provide a more accessible methodology for buying. Additionally, rates are rather elevated. Their CPC must be brought down a bit. Content filters are quite useful at times to maintain a code of conduct on a page and should be optional. The verification process for a page is very tedious as well as time consuming, which can be made faster and more efficient," opined Suveer Bajaj, Co-founder and Director (Media Operations) at Foxymoron.

The failure to introduce the self-service model earlier might already have cost Twitter valuable time and market share, feels Gautam Mehra, Vice President & Head (Social Media) at iProspect India. "Why did they take so long (to launch self serve model)? They do a lot of stuff around TV buying in the US but I have no idea why they have not launched something similar around GRP in India," he says. He further points out that Twitter has yet to create a truly great property around the ICC World T20. "They should have intelligent solutions that also include a creative solution, something that Google and Facebook (with Creative Shop) do globally," he further added.

"Twitter completes 10 years of its business with the social tool reaching new heights among people all over the world. Ever since the development of Twitter in 2006, a number of mechanisms have been out to administer tweets from the desktop to deal with the growing number of posts overflowing the web-based application. A great move by Twitter would be towards investing more on deeper insights into understanding how content performs, demographics of consumers and a much better algorithm for deciding on trends would be a boon to many," opined Zafar Rais, CEO of MindShift Interactive.

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