Indian media faces flak on Twitter over Sheena Bora murder case

The Sheena Bora murder case and Indrani Mukerjea the founder of 9X Media has had Indian media on its toes over past two days on Twitter by netizens

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Updated: Aug 28, 2015 7:48 AM
Indian media faces flak on Twitter over Sheena Bora murder case

The Sheena Bora murder case has had Indian media on its toes over the past two days. It is probably the most sensational news so far this year story with many interested parties. The media narrative over Indrani Mukerjea has gone from one extreme to another.

Rumors, speculations, personal accounts… Anything, and everything related to Indrani Mukerjea is making news.

With many opining over the ‘great human tragedy’, there are others who are ridiculed by the obsessive media coverage of the case. Netizens have taken to social media platforms, especially Twitter, to voice their concern over the state of journalism and India media.

Since Wednesday, everything possible about the case has been brought out. In the process, a lot of discrepancy in information has been published. Sheena Bora’s age, her relationship with her mother, the motive of murder, Indrani Mukerjea’s relationships (past and present), her business, Peter Mukerjea’s relationships, their children from their previous marriages, everything has been reported (read projected) in as many different ways one can imagine. Audience is wondering how much of it is true and how  much is not.

Here are some outraged Tweets over the state of Indian media’s coverage of the case:

Updates so far…

According to latest media reports, wife of ex-Star CEO Peter Mukerjea and founder of 9X Media Indrani Mukerjea 9X  has confessed to police that Sheena Bora, the deceased was her daughter from a previous relationship, not her sister. Indrani has been arrested for alleged murder of Sheena.

Peter Mukerjea is reported to have said that while his wife and he were not happy with their children dating, they "were grown ups and exercised their options."

Rahul Mukerjea has reportedly been questioned about his efforts to report his then girlfriend as a missing person. Indrani Mukerjea allegedly told the police at the time that Rahul was stalking Sheena after they broke up.

Indrani Mukerjea's second husband, Sanjeev Khanna, was arrested in Kolkata. The police claims that Sheena was last seen alive in a car with Indrani Mukerjea, her driver Shyam Rai, and her former husband Sanjeev Khanna.

Khar police had picked up Mukerjea’s driver after being tipped by an informer about the murder. Reports state that after being questioned by the police the driver confessed to having killed Sheena Bora ‘at Indrani’s behest’ and dumping the body in the forests of Raigad. Based on the driver’s statement, Indrani was placed under arrest.

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