In the digital world, you need to differentiate in order to personalise: Kulmeet Bawa

Bawa, COO, President, JAPAC, Resulticks, tells us about what sets them apart from other brand solutions companies, and sectors spending more on digital

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Published: Sep 23, 2019 8:48 AM  | 4 min read
Kulmeet Bawa

Resulticks started off as an integrated digital agency more than a decade ago. Slowly they converted into a marketing solutions company. Resulticks was working with some of the biggest brands globally as they were undergoing their digital transformation. Today, Resulticks is an omnichannel, marketing automation and real-time brand solutions company. It's a solutions platform by marketers, for marketers.

What sets them apart from other brand solutions companies is their CDP (Consumer Data Platform), where they actually breakdown and recognize the tie-ups and differences of myriad consumers. The way Resulticks services its customers is through a fixed price service and they are involved until the whole solution is implemented.

Kulmeet Bawa, COO, President, JAPAC, Resulticks, shares that there are three big pillars to their solutions. “Firstly, Customer Data Platform, which is the Holy Grail. In our audience data platform, we provide a unique identification, we break down the fragmented data and give a single view of the customer. The second pillar is the Campaign Orchestration pillar, which is where we serve through various channels a communication. Third, is our Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and blockchain pillar”, he says.

Bawa was appointed as COO and President, JAPAC, Resulticks, this July. His previous stints were with Adobe as Vice President and Managing Director.

exchange4media spoke to Bawa about clients that Resulticks is working with, the AI, ML and blockchain technology services they provide brands, and how brands are spending on digital.

Edited excerpts below

What are your key learnings from past stints at Adobe and Microsoft?
Whether you are scaling in an Adobe business or Resulticks business, the customer always comes first. If the customer is happy, you are God and your business scales up. That is the learning that I have and I have inculcated that to ramp up the consumer base here at Resulticks.

We are in the business era of experience. Experience is nothing but an amalgamation of content and data in real-time. So everything that we do from a tech perspective or a platform perspective is capturing the touch points of individuals and personalizing. We look into personalizing experiences to getting into predictive experiences. We need to make it simple so that we collapse all those data silos and deliver those beautiful experiences.

Clients Resulticks has under their domain
Anyone who has a digital strategy and wants to transform into digital we are there to serve them. It's more of a horizontal solution. Having said that our core vertical clients are from banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), then travel, hospitality and airlines are big for us. Thirdly, healthcare is important and telecom, where we have got immediate wins.

Clients like HDFC bank is massive for us, UTI Mutual funds is a big customer. We have the likes of Samsung. We have clients across segments and countries. That is what we are ramping and scaling up. We have a key strategy for enterprise and we also have something for start ups. Start ups are mushrooming so we have a start-up package that provides the same kind of solutions with smaller volumes.

How do you track real-time customer experience for a brand?
In the digital world, you need to find out and differentiate in order to personalise. Brands today want more acquisition and conversion. After the customer is retained they want more loyalty. We are breaking down the data silos to get a 360-degree view of the customer. Then based on all the inputs serving the customer in real-time, when the customer receives that experience, the chances of them being loyal are even higher.

What kind of services do you provide brands with the help of AI, ML and blockchain technology?
For us AI and ML are inbuilt, when we started building the platform is when we started integrating it. We are also bringing out resource points in various countries so that we have local language learnings as well. Today, we use it for everything, from channels to differentiating our consumers. We are also integrating it with our voice channel. Voice is big and important for us. We are the first to have brought blockchain into our marketing automation which is still a work in progress.

Which sector is spending more on digital?
The BFSI sector is the top spender, then comes e-commerce, consumer durables followed by Telco. What’s driving it is vernacular content and voice-based search. Right now content is a lot about video and consuming it at our own pace.



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