Guest Column: 2017 will see an explosion of video content in every format possible: Rajiv Dingra, WATConsult

The social and digital media entrepreneur lists key trends for 2017 in the digital and social media space

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Updated: Jan 3, 2017 8:07 AM
Guest Column: 2017 will see an explosion of video content in every format possible: Rajiv Dingra, WATConsult

Social and digital media entrepreneur, Rajiv Dingra lists key trends for 2017 in the digital and social media space.

Having been in the industry for a decade now, the beginning of every year gets me thinking on what will be “THE ONE BIG THING”, which will click this year in the digital and social media space. Digital is clearly the way ahead, and marketers have accepted it wholeheartedly, which gives us digital experts a lot of scope to experiment with new and innovative methods.

Here are some key trends, which will take lead in 2017:

Multi-format video explosion: 2017 is going to see an explosion of video content in every format possible, right from 360 video, live video, vertical video to animations and stop motions—you name it and it will be done. I would be surprised if every campaign worth its salt does not have a video component to it in 2017. Also, given this explosion, video advertising would also scale never-before heights and would get very innovative in its formats.

Artificial Intelligence goes big: While chatbots were talked about a lot in 2016, I feel 2017 is when people will start executing these initiatives in a big way. Clearly, brands will invest in building and maintaining chatbots and figuring out their value in terms of ROI and business metrics.

AR and VR rise: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) saw the biggest boost in 2016 with Pokemon Go and several VR head gears (being launched). 2017 will definitely see more and more brands willing to experiment with AR and VR and looking to scale up their investments in this arena.

Audience planning and pooling with the use of programmatic: While programmatic has been around in 2016, clients will start seeing real results through audience planning and pooling in 2017. I expect serious movement towards programmatic spends this year. We will also see some creative campaigns becoming effective due to programmatic data pooling.

Single brand ecommerce growth due to digital payments: As cash becomes difficult to get hold of and digital payments become more accepted, we will see brands revisit their ecommerce strategies in 2017. They will plough in funds to make sure their owned ecommerce strategy is being looked at from a long-term perspective.

Social media crisis: The need for social media crisis management will scale new heights. 2016 saw many brands being thrown under a bus due to a social media crisis that affected them. 2017 would be bigger on this front. Users will be unforgiving towards brands that don't get social media and end up committing social media faux pas. Brands, in turn, will be investing heavily into creating social media action teams to deal with crises as and when they arise.

It will be exciting to see which trend leads and grows this year and more importantly, how are brands optimising it.

(The author is Founder and CEO, WATConsult)

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