Growth & expansion in India are key to our global efforts: Nikki Mendonca

Nikki Mendonça, President of Accenture Interactive Operations, speaks about the unveiling of their ‘experience activation network’ in Mumbai

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Updated: Oct 7, 2019 1:45 PM



Accenture recently launched its ‘experience activation network’ in Mumbai to help brands and marketers with specialised content, programmatic, digital marketing and e-commerce services. The ‘experience activation network’ is part of Accenture Interactive Operations (AIO), the marketing managed services arm of Accenture Interactive. Speaking to exchange4media, Nikki Mendonça, President, Accenture Interactive Operations, explains in detail the idea behind the center and their plans for India.


What does the launch of ‘experience activation network’ mean for the Indian market and for Accenture?

Accenture Interactive Operations has announced the launch of our ‘experience activation network’, a collection of six centers worldwide dedicated to powering brand experiences to deliver marketing-led growth. These strategically-located centers across the globe provide content, programmatic, digital marketing and e-commerce services to leading brands across 75 countries, serving as a key proof point of Accenture’s global growth in this area. 

This announcement marks the opening of the flagship center in Mumbai as the largest and most advanced of the experience activation centers. As part of this investment, Accenture expects to add a few hundred new marketing activation roles to the Mumbai center by 2021, attracting top talent from Mumbai’s pool of media and advertising professionals and bringing our clients the true power of ‘end to end’ expertise to master every experience across all touchpoints.


Your view on India as a growing hub for marketing talent, how does Accenture plan to make the most of it?

 Digital is at an inflection point in India. As the fastest growing and third largest digital economy, India’s digital economy is projected to grow from $800 billion to $1 trillion by the end of 2025. In addition, two-thirds (65 per cent) of India’s 1.3 billion citizens are younger than 35 years. Growing up as digital natives, the new Indian workforce will increasingly be consumers and architects of digital experiences for India and the world. 

Growth and expansion in India are key to our global efforts across Accenture Interactive Operations. The massive talent base Accenture has in India brings unrivalled technology and functional skills to our full spectrum of marketing activation services.  


How are marketing functions fundamentally changing, and what are the challenges faced by CMOs and CDOs (Chief Digital Officers) to compete in today’s environment?

 In today’s digitally disrupted market, our clients’ ultimate challenge and opportunities lie in driving sustainable growth. With this backdrop, the marketing function is emerging as an organisational superpower. CMOs fill a key role in the end-to-end experience since they control so many of the digital levers contributing to growth. While huge opportunity exists, being able to deliver a cohesive customer experience remains an elusive task. Talent, pace of innovation, technology and capabilities make it a challenge to run themselves or to operate customer experiences with greater speed, scale and agility to grow their business.  

In fact, our recent research found that while only one-sixth (17 per cent) of nearly 1,000 CMOs surveyed know how to transform their operating models to deliver hyper-relevant customer experiences at a global scale, organisations that do deliver such experiences generate 11 per cent higher shareholder returns than those of their industry peers.

 We are capitalising on this opportunity by enabling CMOs to deliver meaningful and connected customer experience across all touchpoints and channels. Our experience activation network powers a marketing-led growth agenda by harnessing all skills, assets and capabilities our clients need to activate, operate and scale customer experiences with greater speed, scale and agility. This helps CMOs stay one step ahead by transforming their operating model to capitalise on revenue growth.


Are there any platforms or tools/ services that Accenture has developed which can specifically benefit advertising/ marketing?

Clients can take advantage of Accenture Interactive Operations’ latest managed services, which include: 

  • Next-generation content services to amplify content at scale and drive dynamic personalised experiences using the latest techniques and technologies;
  • Digital marketing services to activate digital channels dynamically to grow marketing-led revenue, using proprietary algorithms and machine-learning intelligence, and deliver personalised, seamless brand experiences;
  • Programmatic media services to drive growth by executing multi-platform paid media activity programmatically and with full transparency to improve top and bottom-line results and;
  • E-commerce services to boost digital sales by enabling customers to discover what they want, find what they are searching for, and buy what they want the way they want it.


What according to you are the big digital trends to watch out for?

An influx of data sources, digital disruption and customer experience are the driving forces behind marketing organisations reinventing their operations. No longer do companies compete in a category or market, but instead by a digital-first experience. CMOs fill a key role in the end-to-end experience with control of many of the digital levers contributing to growth.

Expect to see traditional advertising spend continue to decline in lieu of digital strategies that reach specific people where they spend most of their time. With the trail of data left behind by customers, marketers can also get more focused on targeting and leverage insights on how to attract, retain and grow customers. 


How is AIO creating and delivering customer experiences for clients by leveraging intelligent technologies?

We drive performance and growth for our clients by designing bespoke marketing operating models and content activation engines. Further, we empower our clients to leverage intelligent technologies such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning in ways that fuel more return on investment. 

All of this is possible through our human-machine operating model (SynOps for Marketing) that synthesises the optimal blend of people, process and technology to help clients rewire their organisations with a new, more connected operating model—one that creates hyper-relevant customer experiences across all channels and touchpoints to drive successful and sustained growth.

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