Google Maps app now supports auto-rickshaws in Delhi

Android device users can select auto-rickshaw as their mode of transport on the app and view suggested routes, estimated time and fares based on the data shared by the Delhi Traffic Police

Google Maps

In most parts of India, an auto-rickshaw is commonly used for daily commute. While Mumbai commuters enjoy the advantages of a strict metered fare, other cities have not followed suit. Thus, commuters often have to deal with fare negotiation and steering the drivers towards the best route. 

Google Maps has decided to end all your woes by adding support for auto-rickshaws in Delhi on the Android version of the app. The app will now see a new public transport mode called auto-rickshaw.

Google Maps users who select auto-rickshaw as their mode of transport will be able to view suggested routes, estimated time and fares for the auto ride based on the expected trip route and the official fare model shared by the Delhi Traffic Police. This will make it easier for people to plan their trips by giving an estimate but it is a known fact that in most cities auto-rickshaws rarely go on fixed fares.

The feature will be available on Android devices and can be found within the ‘public transport’ and ‘cab’ modes in Google Maps. Users will have to update their app to the latest version of Google Maps (v.10.6) in order get the feature. There’s no word on when iOS will get the feature.

Google has not commented on when it intends to start the feature to other cities like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, etc, where auto rickshaws are popular.

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