Can brands pull off Snapchatting successfully?

While Snapchat is still trying to add more features & monetise this platform, brands have an immense opportunity to establish themselves as 'ahead of the game' & reach their demographics, says Windchimes

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Updated: May 17, 2014 10:21 AM
Can brands pull off Snapchatting successfully?

Marketers and brand managers are constantly looking out for new ways to connect with their customers, and consequently social and digital media have introduced a variety of communication channels that help them do just that.

When we talk about digital media, it goes without saying that digital content needs to be relevant and catchy enough to gain viewer’s attention. Constant experimentation is being done to find out the exclusivity that they can provide with their content. Meaningful, short, unique yet relevant and watchable content is the latest trend and brands are optimistic on experimenting with digital only content in the future as well.

With tools like Instagram and Snapchat, will the brands be able to offer this exclusivity to their audiences? Moving on, Snapchat is the latest social media phenomenon. The promptly growing mobile app lets users communicate by sending photos that automatically disappear after a few seconds. But then, can brands overcome the creative challenges and turn disappearing content to their advantage?

The worry underneath lies for brands is that viewers have only one chance to view a Snap, which is said to take away the excitement. But, there are times when these Snaps can be replayed during a day which could be useful for brands using the app.

Advantages of using Snapchat:
• It allows drawing or writing on photos and videos
• Space is not an issue
• Image is temporary
• User-friendly
• Attention grabbing

Limitations or challenges of using Snapchat:
• Snapchat does not allow marketers to improve the quality of image before they send out as it lacks editing capabilities
• It does not provide space for marketers to add text to their messages as it is visually driven
• Fans and audiences won’t be able to find you on Snapchat until they add you as a friend
• Metrics, yes, Snapchat offers zero metrics due to the lack of in-app metrics. This does not allow you to track the credibility of your campaign

Depending on your brand’s demographics, it is indeed a great challenge to evolve with Snapchat. Brands, which are majorly looking to target younger audience, are using this app.

Taco Bell was the first brand to use Snapchat’s stories feature through which it released a series of eight photos and videos. With Snapchat Stories feature brands can merge multiple snaps to create a story that remains visible for 24 hours.

Ways brands can use Snapchat
Though there are not many a brands doing much on Snapchat, but a selected few are taking this app by storm and using it in their digital strategy to reach the masses. A couple of things that they are doing through Snapchat are:

• Introducing new products 
• Asking immediate action or reaction
• Hosting Games/Contests
• Inviting fans to participate
• Share candid or behind the scene moments
• Show something rare like, limited edition offers, coupons & discounts
• Get creative with targeted videos (share a unique story by linking two-three videos in succession)
• Use celebs
• Incorporate other channels
• Use the Snapchat features like draw, type, time, temperature etc. and also add filters
• Share Snapchat stories
• Give a sneak peek into exclusive brand content
• Use it do some fun
• Introducing new team member or employee

Brands need to be prepared to measure the brand lift with the use of Snapchat. What needs to be kept track of is impressions, awareness and demographics. Snapchat, like most of the social media platforms, is based on relationship building.

While Snapchat is still trying to add more features and monetise this platform, brands have an immense opportunity to establish themselves as ‘ahead of the game’ and reach their demographics. In order to do a Snapchat campaign, brands just need a creative strategy as it is both cost effective and easy to implement. One has to be creative on Snapchat, always and persistently and push the limits of creativity. Getting results though is not going to be a one day affair as relationships take time. One has to plan, measure and then work towards lifting their brand through Snapchat.

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