App developers prefer iOS over Android as it is less complex: Yash Mishra, Founder, VoxWeb

In conversation with exchange4media, Mishra shares his views on issues faced by app developers in the country and his plans for VoxWeb

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Updated: Jul 28, 2017 7:58 AM

VoxWeb is an app that started its flagship “speaking pictures” product in 2015. The app aims to outdo competition by introducing newer features and innovative sharing abilities in the near future. exchange4media spoke with the founder, Yash Mishra, to know what he aims to do with the app as he shared his views about in-app advertising, why app developers would prefer building apps for iOS over android and how Indian developers would still find it difficult to make a mark globally.

How would you differentiate between Android’s Google Play and Apple’s Play Store from an app developer’s perspective?

Both platforms have their positive aspects as well as negative ones. We all know that the reach of Android is much larger around the world as compared to iOS devices. It’s almost a 70:30 ratio and that speaks volumes for Android’s strengths globally. When we look at Apple’s platform, Steve Jobs believed in creating hardware systems for the software that we create and that is exactly where Apple’s operating system makes it so much easier to develop apps for. Apple products running the iOS have almost similar and standard screen sizes. Moreover, the hardware systems for Apple are more or less constant among all its products. It is therefore more convenient to develop apps for Apple. Given Android’s vast differences in hardware there comes a certain limitation. Hence, we as developers prefer Apple over Android; nonetheless, both platforms are equally important to us. 

How is VoxWeb different from other social media platforms?

VoxWeb is a photo sharing app that can add voice to it. Unlike Instagram or Facebook where feeds are tailored, we at VoxPop make sure that those who market with us reach out to over 90 per cent of the audience they aim for. We are very keen on building this app and spreading it all over the world but as of now our primary focus is on India. U.S is the second market we look to expand into as it is the most established market. Brands could benefit from our “speaking pictures” products by simply posting a picture and adding a catchy line or a jingle to it while still maintaining the flavour of sharing an image with its potential audience.

Do you feel India is now a hotspot for app developers like you, given the fact that internet penetration is increasing?

India today is a growing superpower, however, it fails to build a soft power for itself on a global stage. When we look at America and the standards they have set for themselves, there is a common conception that anything they create or innovate is bound to be world class, whereas it still has to be accepted by the world that India can build world-class products or applications. The government is certainly helping to change the scenario but there is a lot more that can be done and time will eventually tell us how that will shape up.

Internet penetration is a big boon for us. Internet providers like Jio could push app developers further to believing positively about the entire situation in the country. With such a vast reach and penetration, India is the market to be in currently.

What is your take on in-app advertising and how is VoxWeb planning to integrate it on the app?

In-app advertising is very important to drive revenues but at the end of the day it not only depends on us but also on advertisers in how they look at certain products. We are more than happy to partner and advertise brands but this will take time. Currently, we are focused on user acquisition and development of the app by introducing new features. As an app developer, in-app advertising is one of the key essentials to look at after a certain stage.

What is VoxWeb’s marketing strategy?

We have various plans in place but because we are still in the application stage I would not like to talk about them. However, over a period of time you would see VoxWeb pushing hard on the marketing frontier.

Do you feel that tie-ups with celebrities, sports personalities, brands or other sporting events gives an app a leverage? Are you planning to do something similar?

Yes, celebrities, brands and sports personalities do give apps that extra leverage to reach out to people and gain more users or downloads. For example, when NatGeo got on to Instagram, it also brought along a large number of its follower base who were keen on following the brand and its high-standard posts. We look forward to such nexuses and tie-ups. Like I said, we are taking it one step at a time and we want to cut competition. We do not want to be a clone of Instagram or Facebook. When we launched the app we wanted to conquer the world and be the best but we also realise how tough it is to fight the competition and that keeps us going. 

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