Aim to crack actionable insights for brands: Anjali Malthankar, Tonic Worldwide

Anjali Malthankar, National Strategy Director, Tominc Worldwide on the genesis of the all-new research division called ‘Gipsi’, what type of clients it is poised to appeal to and more

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Updated: Sep 7, 2018 8:54 AM

Needless to say that in an era of information overload and debates over AI (Artificial Intelligence) Vs HI (Human Intelligence), clients are excited about the endless possibilities of insight mining. However, they are often faced with confusing and opposing POVs from multiple research reports. To tackle this head-on, independent digital agency, Tonic Worldwide has launched a unique research division called ‘Gipsi’.

The team at Tonic felt that this problem needs the eye of a Gipsi, one which can connect multiple dots faster and top it up with a unique worldview, which comes from various experiences of having worked across digital, research, advertising and marketing on a variety of categories and brands. So they have designed a unique hybrid approach to mine actionable insights from multiple data points, by applying tools such as deep listening, netnography, digital ethnography, virtual surveys, GA and AI.

The team also launched its own life logging Mobile App, Gipsi. The app will be used to ask relevant questions to the consumers at the right interventions to make it contextual and get unique insights. Anjali Malthankar, National Strategy Director, Tonic Worldwide, shared insights on the same.

Malthankar said the starting point of Gipsi was their ‘humans without boundaries’ philosophy - a step in the direction of humanising the digital offering. "As a digital team when we started approaching every brief with this philosophy we realised we were bridging a huge gap in the market. The gap was getting wider with specialisations mushrooming and creating fragmented views than helping clients get a holistic picture. Thus, our Gipsi research division was born out of clients’ needs," she revealed.

She said that the vision from this move is to decode and crack actionable insights for brands, leading to breakthrough solutions faster by using AI + HI approach. "Why just brands, we believe world/social issues could be decoded and solved through Gipsi. Remember, we are humans without boundaries!"

Malthankar pointed out that this is not just a research approach, even their teams who work on various brands are now designed to offer HI + AI. "For some clients we have created a unique resource structure which is a combination of HI (Intelligent humans) +AI (E.g Gipsi App which interacts with consumers on brands’ behalf and Simon). I know you would want to know who is Simon? For that you will have to wait, in due course you will get to know more about Simon from our Co-founder and COO, Samir Asher," she said

"Gipsi, the life logging app is our secret sauce, which really will enable us to deliver all the above promises and differentiate us in the market. It is currently showing a potential to be a product offering on its own," explained Malthankar.

When quizzed about what kind of clients Gipsi will appeal to, Malthankar said that these would include clients who are ready to break the silos in understanding their consumers. "This platform will connect a lot of missing dots for clients who are trying to understand their consumers who are offline and online and get actionable insights on all aspects of their brands. It will answer the dilemma of taking action with isolated or fragmented POV from various research inputs vs a holistic POV," she reasoned.

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