After Google Play store, Reliance Jio apps dominate App store charts too

The App store is abuzz with Reliance Jio apps along with their surge on the Google Play store. MyJio stood at the 34th spot just a month ago while it rules the charts now

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Updated: Sep 14, 2016 8:16 AM
After Google Play store, Reliance Jio apps dominate App store charts too

Reliance Jio, which held major spots in the app rankings for Google Play store, is now dominating even the App store with its Jio services. Just like the Play store, MyJio tops the charts on the App store’s free app section. 7 out of 10 apps from Reliance Jio make it to the top 10 of the charts according to App Annie.

JioOnDemand follows MyJio at the second spot, JioPlay and Jio beats join the list at fourth and fifth spot while Jionet, AJIO, and JioChat make it to the eighth, ninth and tenth spot. Facebook Messenger dropped to eleventh spot and Facebook to twelfth. The apps are commanding positions currently and slowly surging up the charts. 

For a long time now apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Facebook messenger have maintained a stronghold of the top spots with other apps like Prisma and Pokemon Go continuously making it into the top charts now and then.

Reliance Jio opened its services on September 5 and aims to get 100 million subscribers.

It could be noted that as on September 9, Whatsapp Messenger moved up two spots pushing JioPlay and JioBeats, YouTube moved up two spaces to grab the seventh spot while the most silent entry was made by AJIO the online shopping app by Reliance. The app houses brands GAS, John Players, Lee, LEVIS, PUMA and others.

When compared to the same time last month the chart on the App store looked very different according to App Annie’s statistics.

Until August 9 there were no signs of Reliance Jio apps in the top 10, whereas the closest app to the top tier of the apps was MyJio at the 34th spot. By August 20th MyJio climbed up the charts to gain 11th spot and by 22nd August it was at the top spot on the App store charts in India and continues to reign.   

As the war for supremacy heats on apps like Airtel stand at 37th spot of the App store and Vodafone at a lowly 77th place. It may take a while before the Reliance apps could be judged as frontrunners on the app store and the past has witnessed many apps with short term gains and then falling out of the charts eventually, leaving players like Whatsapp and Facebook still ruling the numbers on the App store and Google Play store.

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