Shekhar Mhaskar’s weekend bliss: Cleanliness, conversations and cooking

On a typical weekend, one would find the Vice President of Isobar India setting his house back in order and cooking vegetarian food for his friends

by Misbaah Mansuri
Published - Apr 28, 2018 9:00 AM Updated: Apr 28, 2018 9:00 AM
The importance of downtime after a gruelling work week cannot be stressed enough. Time away from work has a significant impact on a person’s professional trajectory, as it helps one rejuvenate, restore energy and recharge. Shekhar Mhaskar, Vice President, Isobar India, agrees and knows the importance of hitting the pause button during weekends. Mhaskar’s idea of relaxing is cleanliness, binge-shopping, as he calls it, thought-provoking conversations and some ‘spa’-ctacular time.

Read on….

On a typical weekend you will find me...
Setting the house back in order. I am a stickler for neatness and keeping things in their place. It makes me feel sorted in my thinking as well… like untangling the mesh of thoughts.

My idea of relaxing is...
Cooking simple vegetarian food at my own pace, inviting a few friends over for a drink, and having conversations to share ideas and points of view on varied topics. If not this, then walking my dog and going on a quiet stroll.

One vice I cannot do without...
Cleanliness and the penchant to keep things in order. Be it the house, office or even my car for that matter. And may say, cleaning my hands with a sanitizer, very so often.

I confess, I am a...
At times the exact opposite of the cool and calm composed person I am usually. I have a roaring rage within, which shows its devil face when someone or something crosses the limit.

I spend me-time on...
Grooming myself and visiting a spa perhaps. Not to mention binge shopping.

The last show I binge watched...
That 70’s Show. I can watch this show anytime. It has an eclectic mix of characters and harmless humour to everyone’s taste.

A skill/hobby I want to learn this year...
I want to revisit my hobby of dancing. Would love to restart my Salsa lessons all over. Such an elegant and graceful dance form this is.

My next vacation/adventure will be ...
To some place by the beach at the foothills of a mountain. Weird, is it? Sounds like a caveman. LOL. For more updates, be socially connected with us on
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