Chillout: Weekend is for spending time with my daughter: Anuja Mishra, Pepsico

On a typical Saturday or Sunday, one can also see Mishra going out with friends, running and swimming

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Updated: Apr 14, 2018 9:29 AM

Anuja Mishra, Associate Director (Marketing and Category Head for Hydration, Energy & Beverage Innovations) at Pepsico, has a very hectic schedule on weekdays and one can imagine the pressure she must be handling at work. But come weekend, and Mishra is a completely different woman!

On a typical Saturday or Sunday, one can see her going out with friends to unwind. A fitness enthusiast, Mishra also loves running and swimming. She reads a lot to get rid of the stress and refresh herself for the next week. However, what she loves the most about the weekends is spending time with her nine-year-old daughter.

In this weekend’s Chillout section, we caught up with Mishra to find out how she maintains a perfect balance between work and personal life.

On a typical weekend you will find me...

Starting the day with a long run (roughly 15 kms), followed by a cool down session. Being a marathoner and a fitness enthusiast, I try to follow a robust fitness regime that includes strength training, endurance training and kickboxing. Weekend is the time for doing all that one craves over the hectic weekdays. Post an active workout session, I and my daughter indulge in a sumptuous breakfast. We then usually head out for a movie or play, followed by lunch at a place that’s on our “must visit” list. Alternatively, we catch up with my daughter’s and my friends over play dates and visit places that offer interesting and learning activities for kids. I am more of an outdoor person, so lazying around at home rarely happens.

My idea of relaxing is...

Listening to my favourite songs and curling up to read with my daughter who is a voracious reader. A relaxing swimming session is also something that we both enjoy. Spending time with my daughter, whether it is for trying out a new recipe or playing badminton, is truly relaxing for me. It helps me switch off from the professional world and understand a child’s mind. It’s amazing how unbiased, simplified and colorful children’s perspective is. My time with my daughter and family always helps me learn something about my own blind spots and make myself a better person. For eg, we can all learn from the fact that how our children take things on the face value without being judgmental.

One vice I cannot do without...

One cheat day in a week packed with junk food and binge watching, which is very contrary to the disciplined and regimented eating and workout schedules I follow. This helps me balance my fitness freakiness while also enjoying everything in moderation.

While on a trip, you would spot me doing …

Anything that involves an adventure sport coupled with visiting places of historical relevance or a scenic marvel. Immersing myself in the natural beauty and local culture of a place is something I particularly look forward to. I love meeting locals of a city and talking to them about their life and perspectives or learning a local art. Like, recently on my trip to Kerala, I participated in a small session on kalarippayattu, a traditional form of martial art popular in Kerala. Being an adventure sport enthusiast, I never miss an opportunity to try out new things like skydiving in Sydney or bungee jumping in Rihikesh or scuba diving in Maldives.

I confess, I...

I have a sweet tooth and do give in to sweet cravings every now and then, contrary to most people’s perception that I have a very regimented diet. However, I do balance this out by running extra miles or doing a few extra minutes of plank.

I spend me-time doing...

Reflecting on my journey and creating a bucket list of places I want to visit, skills I want to master, experiences I want to gather and the way I want to enrich myself over the next few years. I do spend time watching tedtalks and videos of inspiring people from various walks of life

I can make a meal ... to save my life...

Am not much of a cook so I get by with only the basics. But once in a while, I do gather courage and don the chef’s hat to try my hand at something new, which mostly turns out to be a disaster.

A skill or hobby I want to learn this year...

I seriously want to self learn playing guitar, which is currently sitting pretty in my creative room. The other skill I want to pick up is learn Spanish along with my daughter.

My next vacation/adventure will be

To France and UK. The former is my pick while the latter is my Harry Potter fan girl’s choice for the coming summer.

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