Besides catching up with family and sleep, Ashish Sehgal's idea of a perfect weekend is watching movies

Mostly working from 9 am to 11pm on weekdays, the COO at Zee Unimediaawaits weekends to catch up on overdue sleep, family time and entertainment

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Updated: Aug 26, 2017 9:14 AM

When you are a workaholic like Ashish Sehgal, an ideal weekend, if at all you get one, is all about catching up on sleep, family and movies. Mostly travelling through the week, Sehgal’s weekend starts around mid-Saturday when he lands back in Delhi and heads home. “On weekdays, I rarely get to use both hands while eating as I am on the phone most of the time. So, on weekends I enjoy my meals with my family that comprises my octogenarian father, my wife and my teenage son.” However, for the last few months, Sehgal has found yet another reason to rush home. “I have fallen in love with our new puppy called Ralphy.”

A year ago when his son and wife wanted to bring a dog home, Sehgal had vehemently opposed the idea. However, today he misses the puppy as much as he misses any other family member. “Our family WhatsApp group is full of his pictures. He has become such a stress buster for all of us,” adds Sehgal. Food is not exactly Sehgal’s idea of fun although over the years, he has developed a fondness for Japanese cuisine. “I like it as it is light on the stomach and I have acquired a taste for it. Now, my wife and son have also started liking it.” So, when he is done with sleeping and eating, Sehgal loves to catch up on the latest movies. With his wife being a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan, watching the actor’s movies are a must. “We try to watch atleast one movie every weekend. My wife is fine with all Bollywood and Hollywood movies except sci-fi for which I find company in my son,” says Sehgal. “I am personally a huge consumer of content, be it on TV or digital.If you have watched House of Cards, you cannot like any other show,” he quips.Sehgal admits to three to four hours of binge watching on weekends.

Until a few years ago, hitting a discotheque with his wife would mark the start of the weekend. “I used to love going out dancing. I was a disc- kind of person who could dance anywhere and anytime. Now, I would do that kind of unwinding only when I am with my family and close friends,” he says.“I still don’t mind doing it once in a while,” he adds in the same breath.“My wife is a big socialiser and my socialising happens because of her.” Sehgal harbours a passion for music and dance but with growing responsibilities, he rarely finds the time to pursue them. “What I also miss is my kind of rock music which I used to listen to in my growing up years. No one these days sings like Bryan Adams. I have stopped listening to music now. However, in my old home I had dedicated an entire room to music. That room had a huge music system and loads of cassettes and CDs. That I miss sorely!Now, the only time I enjoy my music is when I am in my car sans driver. But that too has become a luxury.” Speaking of passions, Sehgal has a strong desire to buy a super bike—a Harley Davidson, no less! “I want to join that group of bikers. It’s been 20 years that I have ridden a bike. But my wife is dead against it for obvious reasons of speeding,” he rues.

Travel may seem like a luxury too given how busy Sehgal’s schedule is, but he manages to carve out time to relax, unwind and explore beautiful places. “At least twice or thrice a year, we as a family like to travel. I love going to the mountains while my wife and son are more of beach lovers. When I visit a city, I don’t just enjoy watching places but understanding their local culture and cuisine as well.”Once a year, he goes on a ten-day vacay to travel to overseas countries but long weekends mean a trip down to Goa, a favourite destination for Sehgal and his family. We wish Sehgal many more enjoyable weekends in the company of his loved ones, including Ralphy.

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