Creativity must add value to consumers, says Publicis WW Global CCO on Cannes Lions win

Fresh out of a Grand Prix hat trick on Day 1 at Cannes, Bruno Bertelli lets us in on the winning formula for Cannes Lions, the campaigns he's betting on and more

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Published: Jun 23, 2021 7:54 AM  | 3 min read
bruno bertelli

Publicis Worldwide started its winning spree on Day 1 of Cannes Lions Live with no lesser than a Grand Prix each for three of its campaigns (under Outdoor category) i.e. Shutter Ads for Heineken, The Electric Village for Renault and the Moldy Whopper for Burger King. 

In an exclusive interview, Bruno Bertelli, Global CCO, Publicis Worldwide tells Neeta Nair about the ingredients for winning at Cannes Lions, the other campaigns he is betting on and why he feels the calibre of campaigns entered this year is better despite the pandemic related obstacles. 

Congratulations on the hat trick on the very first day. What according to you stood out in all three Grand Prix winning campaigns?  

Creativity needs to add value to consumers through brand experiences that resonate in culture, and sustainable ideas that continue to inject themselves into people’s daily lives. Our Grand Prix winners for Heineken, Renault and Burger King have this common element of being a topical part of culture whilst adding value; from putting sustainability at the heart of a village, recognizing innovative solutions throughout the pandemic to showing that real food does in fact get ugly.   

Burger King Moldy Whopper became a classic case study from the moment it was launched, breaking all rules of food promotion and today it has rightly won a Grand Prix at Cannes Lions. But in the early days, were you afraid that it may backfire. Was convincing the client tough?

Moldy Whopper has been a beautiful story of industry collaboration, even within our own network --between Publicis Romania and Publicis Spain, respectively led by Jorg and Eduardo. In the early days, the client loved the idea and execution instantly. Of course, the fear of it backfiring always exists in big and bold ideas like this, and it takes a brave client that believes in the power of creativity and an authentically engaging message, which in this case was that real food tastes better. 

Heineken and Renault have both been brands you have closely associated with in the past and won accolades for. How important was it for you to consistently win on these two brands; was there pressure on you?   

It is fundamental for us to keep building and growing the brands that we have been working with for so long. It is also a testament to our deep commitment and strong partnership. Rather than pressure, I would say is a joint ongoing ambition.  

Do you feel many agencies didn’t have the finances to send their best work due to the pandemic, and that in some way has taken away from the lustre of Cannes and the intense level of competition?

I think if anything, we are seeing a better calibre of work in this year’s competition and it seems that agencies are focusing on their great work when it comes to submissions. 

What are the other campaigns from Publicis Worldwide that you are placing your bets on in the days to come?

We have some brilliant work from talented teams and clients across the globe. Other than those we’ve already talked about, here are some of my favourites: Playlist Timer – Barilla by Publicis Italy; Bee Influencer – Fondation de France by Publicis Conseil; #StillSpeakingUp – Propuesta Civica by Publicis Mexico; Two Monsters – Face L’Inceste by Publicis Conseil; Millboard – Daimler by Publicis Emil; Enjoy Before Returning – Diesel by Publicis Italy; Jif vs Gif – The J.M. Smucker Company by PSOne New York; and Francesca – Diesel by Publicis Italy.

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