Cannes jurors on what it will take to win awards in Design and Pharma categories

Lulu Raghavan will judge entries in the Design Lions Category while Lyndon Louis is on the Pharma Lions Jury

e4m by Venkata Susmita Biswas
Updated: May 28, 2018 9:00 AM

10 of the 413 jurors at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity are from India. Some of them have served as jurors in the past while others will be doing it for the first time this year. In Part 1 of a series on the jurors headed to Cannes from India, exchange4media spoke to two of the 10 jurors who are first-time jurors at Cannes on what it will take for an entry to win a Cannes Lion.

Lulu Raghavan, MD, Landor India - Juror- Design Lions

As I start to go through the work, what I’ll be looking at is a real narrative arc in the work and in the story-telling. So it would be everything from the insight to a brilliant idea which is then beautifully executed and creates impact for the consumer and the stakeholders it is meant for. I want to see that in the work and also in the story-telling. The brilliance of the idea and the beauty of its execution will be of essence. I will really be looking out to see how brands are pushing on technology and using it to create effective design.

I’m hoping to see storytelling both in the work itself, how stories are borne in design work and also in presenting and sharing the work. Apart from that how the use of technology has impacted the viralty of an idea and how it catches on. I’ve already started pre-judging and it’s very impressive to see the use of technology in brand identity work, the design, website, etc. And there are so many ways in which technology can be used. From the analytics that feed the content to technology that creates algorithms to technology that then delivers and enhances the experience. I’m really looking to understand the different ways in which technology enhances the experience of brands and the use of design.

Lyndon Louis, Senior Creative Director, Havas Life Sorento - Juror- Pharma Lions
I would primarily be searching for the ‘Why’ in the work. Conventionally, I feel brands and companies – particularly in the pharma/health segment – have been concerned about the ‘What’ and ‘How’ of their business, for the most part. What they offer and how they go about it. And that ‘I, Me, Myself’ syndrome reflects in their communication, too; there is hardly any distinctiveness in the way most of them sound and feel (although there have been notable exceptions). What has been largely found missing is the purpose behind the brand communication; the ‘Why’.

It is this very ‘Why’ that makes work wield creativity not as an end, but as a means to making some difference to the world it inhabits. And that work sounds different, feels different. Shouldn’t be very difficult to find. :)

Indian work in this (Pharma) category, I feel, is becoming increasingly patient-centric, that makes the campaigns from India stand out. There is a conscious effort being made on some fronts such as listening to patients and caregivers, understanding their journey and accordingly conversing with them, walking with them – especially considering that there are so many challenges waiting to be addressed and so many stories waiting to be told in the Indian healthcare scenario.

It is still a small start, but nonetheless an encouraging one. This shift in tone and manner in Indian healthcare work helps humanise the brands, lends them a voice distinctly their own – and when that happens, even the award shows acknowledge and appreciate it.

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