Shubhranshu Singh

Marketer, Mumbai

Guest Column: Why meetings have gone from utility to futility: Shubhranshu Singh

Meetings serve as testing grounds for political sentiment, rubber stamps and echo chambers

Guest Column: Speed provides competitive advantage: Shubhranshu Singh

The marketplace - capitalism's true judge, jury and executioner - makes being faster a pre-requisite for survival.Some of the biggest corporate names...

Guest Column: Technology is primed to be yoked to the creative cart: Shubhranshu Singh

From a business standpoint, recognising a trend presupposes an intent that comes to fruition faster, stronger and better thanks to the trend

Guest Column: Corporate dinosaurs will be extinct without the holy matrimony of internal and external networks: Shubhranshu Singh

The future is networking. Complexity of organizational structures is not a solution to the inevitability of embracing external networks. Many terrifyi...