Shubhranshu Singh

Marketer, Mumbai

Brand building in the churn and chaos of new world: Shubhranshu Singh

Guest Column: Singh takes us through the changes that the business of brand has gone through in the new era

Guest Column: Global, Local or Glocal – The brand rules all: Shubhranshu Singh

Singh explains how brand is the biggest booster to moving a business, its strongest rampart for defense and its biggest insurance against an uncertain...

Tinkerers, Talkers and Bureaucrats: Marketing management in decline: Shubhranshu Singh

Singh explains why marketers should focus more on maintaining the core essence of a brand and not just innovations

Guest Column: Listen to the subconscious mind: Shubhranshu Singh

Singh dwells into what goes on in a customer's mind while buying a product

Guest Column: The show must go on: Shubhranshu Singh

Singh takes us through the journey of Indian cinema, starting with Dadasaheb Phalke’s film Raja Harishchandra made in 1913

Guest Column: The Virality Cookbook: Shubhranshu Singh

Continuing from last week's column, this week, Singh lists the precise points that make for viral content

Guest Column: ‘Going Viral’ is instant proof of success: Shubhranshu Singh

A look at the recipe mix that produces better results when marketers want a campaign to go viral

Guest Column: India has no global brands of any consequence: Shubhranshu Singh

India, given its emergent status as a top five world economy, with amongst the highest growths in the world, is an aberration, says Singh

The noxious duo ruining brand building: Shubhranshu Singh

When the new media evangelists broke the fences and became the most feted folks at the party, they forgot that brands need to entertain and inform wit...

Guest Column: Why meetings have gone from utility to futility: Shubhranshu Singh

Meetings serve as testing grounds for political sentiment, rubber stamps and echo chambers

Guest Column: Speed provides competitive advantage: Shubhranshu Singh

The marketplace - capitalism's true judge, jury and executioner - makes being faster a pre-requisite for survival.Some of the biggest corporate names...

Guest Column: Technology is primed to be yoked to the creative cart: Shubhranshu Singh

From a business standpoint, recognising a trend presupposes an intent that comes to fruition faster, stronger and better thanks to the trend

Guest Column: Corporate dinosaurs will be extinct without the holy matrimony of internal and external networks: Shubhranshu Singh

The future is networking. Complexity of organizational structures is not a solution to the inevitability of embracing external networks. Many terrifyi...

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