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Srivastava was previously VP - Marketing & Product Strategy at and has extensive experience in media, marketing, retail and branding. In his position as CMO, he will be a part of MobiKwik’s core leadership team

exchange4media Staff 15-April-2015

The brand has now decided to call off the negotiations with Airtel. Flipkart, now, claims to have committed itself fully to the cause of net neutrality in India

exchange4media Staff 15-April-2015

Sadana will be spearheading DDB MudraMax's Ahmedabad operations and businesses including experiential, media, outdoor and retail

exchange4media Staff 15-April-2015

“2016 is the year of marketing and improving our sales position and mostly by improving our yield; and by improving yield I’m not going to say that I will mindlessly change my prices. I want to tell my brands and business partners that just because I am sitting, don’t take me to be a duck,” says MK Anand, MD & CEO, Times Network

Priyanka Mehra & Collin Furtado 15-April-2015

Facebook is working with clients and agency partners in India, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya and Turkey with the goal of establishing best practices for high-growth countries by developing campaigns tailored to the people in each country and the devices they use to experience Facebook

Ankur Singh 15-April-2015

The TV plan has become totally buying-driven. There has been a poor planning response to the emergent complexity of the Television landscape. Gut feel-based planning and arbitrary rules have reduced TV planning into a game of scheduling inventory driven by an agency’s own agenda, finds Malli CR, CEO of SMG India

Malli CR 15-April-2015

In an official statement, Airtel has said, "The statement made by Flipkart regarding their decision not to offer toll free data service to their customers is consistent with our stand that Airtel Zero is not a tariff proposition. It is merely an open platform for content providers to provide toll free data services"

exchange4media Staff 15-April-2015

The agency has won the business following a multi-agency pitch

Sarmistha Neogy 15-April-2015

This move comes after Star India selling off its 50% stake in the joint venture to Providence Equity Partners in June 2014. The other joint venture partner is Korea’s CJ O Shopping

exchange4media Staff 15-April-2015

This is a hybrid model where content can be viewed for free supported by advertising; however, premium content will have a fee

Collin Furtado 15-April-2015

The delivery of news content has changed over the years and will continue to evolve with increasing competition and different platforms for news consumption. Factors like speed which were crucial at one time continue to be important but it is the Trust and Faith over 14 years that have been real deciders in the news space.

exchange4media Staff 15-April-2015