Zovi TVC idea is regular and obvious: Experts

The storytelling has not been done aptly. The brand introduction in the film lacks connect, say creative honchos

e4m by Deepa Balasubramanian
Updated: Nov 7, 2012 8:01 PM
Zovi TVC idea is regular and obvious: Experts

After one year of operations, lifestyle apparel and accessory e-store Zovi has launched its first integrated communication campaign. The TVC aims to highlight the site as a one-stop shop for fashion online.

Crafted by Jamesh Mani and his team at JWT Bangalore, the ad campaign revolves around the tagline: ‘Get smart about style’, which emphasises that the brand is high on fashion quotient inspired by global trends.

The planning for the ad has been handled by Ajay Ravindran and Navonil Chatterjee of JWT. The TVC has been produced by Old School Films and directed by Piyush Raghani.

Commenting on the commercial, Manish Chopra, CEO, Zovi elaborated, “Zovi’s mission has always been to simplify fashion and fulfil the aspirations of our consumers at the click of a mouse. This commercial is reflective of our deep focus of making our consumers look good and making the process very convenient. It also talks about the fact that we have the option of cash on delivery and also an extremely fair exchange policy. This commercial marks the beginning of our advertising campaign, which I’m sure will make an impact on the audience.”

The ad is set against the backdrop of a class reunion, where a previously geek looking boy is transformed into a smartly dressed guy, thanks to Zovi, and surprises his former classmates.

James Mani, Creative Director, JWT Bangalore elucidated, “We felt that brand Zovi being fairly new in the communication space, makes for the perfect vehicle to showcase the transformation of the main protagonist, who was the class ‘geek’ back in the day, but who has now transformed himself into this demi god ‘all eyes on me’ status. And the transformation from ‘geek to chic’ has happened thanks to him discovering brand Zovi. At the same time, while the main storyline runs along, brand Zovi’s benefits of home delivery, exchange policy and international styling are woven in effortlessly.”

The integrated communication campaign is being leveraged through various TV channels to create awareness and drive consumers to the website. Apart from the TVC, there is also a print campaign that tackles the travails and barriers of online shopping, especially fashion.

Experts Speak
Commenting on the TVC, Dhiraj Kumar, Director, What the hell?, remarked, “‘Get Smart About Style’ is quite a regular and obvious idea and does not have the power to make the brand stand apart in the highly competitive online store segment. Apart from that, the storytelling has not been done aptly. The brand introduction in the film lacks connect. Moreover, the setting of the film and the lingo doesn’t sync. The targeting is vague. It’s a bad attempt at humour. I would rate it two out of five.”

Meanwhile, though Suresh Babu, Senior Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, did not like the ad, he felt that it clearly communicates what service/ product Zovi offers and “you don’t miss the brand name”. Calling it a positive thing, Babu added that the client’s money is not completely wasted. Today, there are a lot of ads for online shopping brands, and most of them are far more interesting. The execution makes the average idea even less appealing. I would give the ad a two out of five.”

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