Yehi hai right choice for babies, says Nestle

Nestle India's integrated campaign to promote breast feeding and address the issue of malnutrition among newborns has created a buzz in social circles

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Updated: Aug 8, 2013 8:41 AM
Yehi hai right choice for babies, says Nestle

An 11-month old baby dies of malnutrition in Maharashtra… Thirty infants died in Attapadi in the last five months due to malnutrition… 1.5 million children under five years of age die of malnutrition every year! It’s a dying shame for this ‘Incredible’ India that boasts of being the super power very soon. When David Cameron can host a world hunger summit in London along with the 2012 Olympics, why can’t we pledge to support breastfeeding and give the babies the best start?

Breastfeeding protects against infections and ensures optimum growth and brain development. To create awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding and address the issue of malnutrition among newborns, Nestle India has launched an integrated campaign to promote breastfeeding. Nestlé Start Healthy Stay Healthy, in partnership with doctors, is educating mothers on the importance of the first 1,000 days from pregnancy to toddlerhood, nurturing a happier and healthier generation. On the digital medium, the campaign is promoted across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The brand has also run a print and radio campaign for this initiative. As part of an outdoor activation, people were asked to visit some select malls in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai to become part of this movement.

To promote the Super Baby campaign, users had to access the Super Pledge page in a special microsite, wherein they can make their contributions and with every pledge, a transparent image of a mother feeding her baby gets coloured. Users can also SMS ‘Super Pledge’ or give a missed call to 08527-666-666. The microsite already has over 536,789 pledges to promote breastfeeding. It is a responsive website design built using the latest technologies. The idea of colouring the transparent image of a mother feeding her baby through each pledge is innovative and has attracted audiences. The microsite is not cluttered and is easy to navigate. The information is not bombarded to a user, which works in favour of this cause.

The campaign has received 78,962 likes on Facebook, with 54,499 people talking about this. People have posted pictures of their babies and they are promoting the benefits of breastfeeding for an infant. They are also sharing experiences and giving suggestions to help improve a child’s health. It is widely believed that the success of a campaign is not just measured by the likes on Facebook, but through engaging people in a conversation through the brand, and Nestle has done it very well on this platform. However, some followers have also asked for a justification of this breastfeeding awareness programme when Nestle’s products are used as an alternative to it. But overall, the campaign has garnered maximum eyeballs on Facebook.

The brand has also created a short video titled ‘Superbaby’ that shows babies trying to stand up raising their hands. The babies are shown with animated wings to create a superhero image. The video has been shot well with a soft jingle in the background that adds to the calmness. The ad ends with the message that when a baby is breast fed, it shows, which clearly explains the intent behind the film.

Watch the ad here…

Meanwhile, to address the various concerns on breastfeeding, the brand did a live Google Hangout with actor-director-choreographer Farah Khan. She addressed the concerns of a working mom to breastfeed exclusively. Farah Khan and Ronit Roy shared their own experiences and discussed about raising kids. The brand aggressively promoted the Hangout on Facebook and Twitter with regular updates. The idea of a Hangout was good, but who would like to take Farah’s advice on breastfeeding, except for a dancing tip on an item-number. They could have chosen a pediatrician, but at the end of the day, everything that is Bollywood sells and so was the Hangout.

Though the brand has done some really good work on Facebook and the microsite, it could have been more aggressive in supporting the cause on Twitter. The initial days saw good response from people pledging for this cause, but that slowed down later. It picked up momentum when Farah Khan was about to address on Google Hangout, with the star expressing joy through her tweets in contributing to building a healthier, happier India. However, the response on Twitter could have been better with more followers and engaging conversations.

Is it a politically correct apology or a genuine concern shown by Nestle? – this is an intriguing question posed by some, but this initiative by Nestle of creating an integrated communication to eradicate malnutrition by spreading awareness about breastfeeding truly gets a thumbs up from the community.

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