XYXX unveils ‘play your way’ campaign with KL Rahul

The campaign features the cricketer in a series of films conceptualized by The Womb

e4m by exchange4media Staff
Published: Apr 11, 2022 12:55 PM  | 4 min read

Men’s inner wear and comfort wear label XYXX has launched a brand campaign starring master batsman KL Rahul. The ‘Play Your Way’ campaign features the cricketer in a series of films, conceptualized by The Womb, that urge viewers to tune out the noise and trust their instinct. 

The campaign kicks off with a film featuring KL Rahul deep in thought during a pivotal moment during a match, presented with a range of  choices, each with a unique outcome—and KL chooses to cut out the noise and follow his own path. 

“The objective is to show that when KL is faced with an on field situation where he has to make a decision between the available right options, he does not give in to the hype that surrounds him and decides to do things his own way. The brand tone isn't preachy or prescriptive so the films are left open ended and intentionally do not showcase the decision KL finally makes, building intrigue and keeping viewers guessing, all the while pushing the viewer to choose the "Play your way" philosophy even in life situations off field, the company said.

Navin Talreja, Founder, The Womb elaborates, “For a sportsman of KL's stature, it is so important to cut out all the noise, believe in his ability and trust his own instinct. That is exactly what we have tried to showcase in our communication. To add to this it was a conscious call to showcase KL Rahul wearing just an underwear when the whole category is actually shying away from this and discouraging it. In our mind this is actually what the brand stands for: Playing your way.”

Commenting on the new campaign, Yogesh Kabra, Founder- XYXX says, “XYXX has always walked the talk and will strive to challenge the rules of the game in the inner wear and comfort wear industry, both through our products as well as our communication. With the “Play Your Way” campaign, our aim is to encourage and applaud authenticity, people who chart their own path, steer clear of the naysayers and trust their instinct through all of life’s choices. There could not be a better face for the campaign than our ambassador - KL Rahul, who is the true embodiment of understated grit and courage. Coming from a family of academicians, KL has charted his own path, on his own terms in the field of sports and stands tall today, not only as a star cricketer, but also a team leader! With the campaign we hope to drive culture in new, provocative ways that hopefully encourages people to always follow their instinct and be true to their most authentic selves.  

KL Rahul, Brand Ambassador and Investor in XYXX comments, “The Play Your Way campaign is a testament to my journey as a sportsman. As much as the world sees me, what they don’t know about me is the honesty with which I have made every life decision. In a world filled with fake news and hype, where everyone has an ‘expert opinion’, I say this with zero disrespect to anyone that the idea simply suggests you tune out the noise and listen to your inner voice…and this holds true for everyone, no matter who they are or what they do. XYXX’s “Play Your Way” challenges the very concept of the “right way” of doing things, and shines a light on authenticity, truth and choosing yourself, even if that means dismissing the voices around you. I say this with absolute humility, it is my personal belief that no matter what the outcome, trusting your gut will always set you firmly on the right path.”

Marketing Guru Shripad Nadkarni, Investor and Advisor at XYXX says, “The narrative of innerwear brands in India gets a face-lift with the XYXX Play Your Way campaign. Since time immemorial, innerwear brands have shown men with a false sense of bravado in either goofy or hyper-masculine avatars which is now both stale and unappealing to the modern, millennial man in India. XYXX’s path-breaking Play Your Way campaign has a series of films set against unique backdrops that catch KL at his most intense, most expressive and most powerful. The Play Your Way campaign captures the determination with which KL, faced with tough choices, paves a path to authenticity.”

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Air India's new Republic Day film is about giving flight to your dreams

The campaign is named Desh Ka Naam #HarAasmaan

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 29, 2023 2:00 PM   |   2 min read

air India

Air India has launched a film- Desh Ka Naam #HarAasmaan to celebrate the Republic Day.

“The narrative of the film is all about giving wings to dreams through a collective initiative. It is much more than just about flying - it is all about aspirations and dreams and a yearning to fulfil that dream,” said the airline in a statement.

“The entire narrative is woven around the theme of Patriotism and is aesthetically brought out through crisp editing and subtle symbolism. The aspirational energy of the youth and the wisdom of age play an equally important role in scripting a nation's saga of success The very 'real' and inclusive treatment of the theme of patriotism - cutting across generations - is what makes this creative special. This is only about India and all about India. What adds more depth to the narrative is that one of India's most loved singers, Shaan, has lent his soulful voice to this musical video,” it added.

Talking about the campaign, Sunil Suresh, Communications Head, Air India, said, “Desh ka naam, har aasmaan campaign is about imprinting the stamp of India on every horizon of the world highlights the aspiration of today's India. The India that is bold, vibrant, warm & progressive and confident. This audio - visual is our tribute to the nation. We believe that it is the collective responsibility of every citizen of the nation to join hands and take our nation to ever greater heights - and this film is our small attempt to inspire and encourage people to do the same.”


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Did Zomato salute Swiggy in new Republic Day ad?

Zomato's new film has a sweet message for India's uniform-clad warriors, which include food delivery agents

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 27, 2023 2:58 PM   |   3 min read

Swiggy zomato

Brand wars are nothing new in the ad world, whether it's Dove vs Sebamed, Burger King vs McDonald's or Domex vs Harpic. It's always entertaining to watch brands take the mickey out of each other in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. But how often does one see rivals appreciate another? Food delivery app Zomato seems to have tipped its hat to arch-rival Swiggy in its new ad for Republic Day.

The food delivery app dropped its latest ad film for Republic Day, focussing on everyday uniform-clad warriors -- from sweepers to medicos -- who do their best to serve society.

The film #RespectAllUniforms from brand Zomato intends to right a serious wrong in our society where there's an inequality in the measure of respect given out to certain occupations. While a watchman may don a uniform like a policeman or a doctor does, the former is not treated with the same dignity as the latter.

Despite working round the clock, delivery agents who race against time to drop off food to hungry customers, often do it at the cost of great personal risks. News is rife with stories of delivery boys getting assaulted by irate customers or getting attacked by pet dogs. Yet, there isn't much appreciation for their service. Instead, they are often left in a vulnerable position, having to deal with customer complaints and bad feedback directly.

The film is shown from the point of view of a Zomato delivery man who is en route to drop off food. Along his way, he encounters sweepers, nurses, doctors, traffic police and air stewardesses. He offers them a salute as a mark of respect for their steadfast service, prompting them to also return the favour. In the end, he comes face to face with a delivery agent of a rival brand and salutes him.

While it's not explicitly mentioned, people are convinced that the other delivery agent is a Swiggy worker since his uniform is orange, the brand colour of Zomato's rival.
The subtle tribute by Zomato (if it is indeed for Swiggy) is a rare moment of brand camaraderie in the Indian ad world. As audiences, we are used to seeing brands getting petty, and making overt and covert references to rivals.

While Swiggy is yet to respond to the ad, users are quite chuffed with the film and appreciated Zomato's kind gesture.

"After the dig that Swiggy took at Zomato few days back, this is very sporting and profound on part of Zomato! Salute to your creative team, even though they don't don a uniform," said one user on LinkedIn. 

"Salaam to competitors in the end ??" read another comment.

"Zomato and team very meaningful and creative advertisement. A Salute to your backend creative? hashtagRespecthumanity 
Swiggy part in the end was like a last ball six hashtagcricket moment," said another user. 

"Zomato nailed it by adding a delivery executive representing Swiggy in the ad. Brilliant!" said another.

Previously, sworn brand rivals have also come together for common causes. Burger King famously asked people to "Order from McDonald's" during the pandemic when the fast food industry was seeing massive retrenchment. Another time, it announced "No Whopper Day" to help McDonald's sell more of its Big Mac, the proceeds of which went to a cancer charity.

Delivery app Dunzo also extended support to rivals Swiggy, Grophers and Big Basket in their #EveryDaySuperheroes campaign.

It will be interesting to see whether Swiggy will acknowledge Zomato's gesture and return in kind in the coming days.

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Aditya Birla Health Insurance asks KyaPeecheChhodaHai

The campaign talks of the importance of positive health behaviour

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 29, 2023 4:00 PM   |   2 min read


Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company has unveiled its latest brand campaign “KyaPeecheChhodaHai” to promote the role of health insurance in changing lives of people by empowering them to lead healthier lives.

The campaign talks of the importance of how positive health behaviour such as walking 10,000 steps daily can help an individual leave health concerns behind.

These customers from across the walks of life, who are at the heart of the TVC and the digital campaign, narrate their stories about how walking 10,000 steps have helped them do away with concerns like mental stress and weight issues, diseases like diabetes, asthma etc.

Speaking on this campaign, Mayank Bathwal, CEO, of Aditya Birla Health Insurance, said, “At ABHI, our primary focus is to help our customers with cutting-edge innovative health-first insurance solutions which not only protect them from medical uncertainties but nudge them to live a health-focussed life. We take immense pride in having pioneered this model of health insurance that transcends the boundaries of an indemnity-based model by focusing on proactive health-care for our customers.”

“It is heartening to see our customers as brand ambassadors in our recently launched KyaPeecheChhodaHai campaign. For health insurance companies, customer trust is paramount, and to see our customers endorsing us, gives us immense satisfaction. The customers featured in the film belong to different walks of life, however, one thing that unites them is the initiative to bring a change in their lives by walking every day and managing their health proactively. We hope the films will encourage people to prioritise their health by engaging in simple yet effective physical activities such as walking 10,000 steps daily,” Bathwal added.

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Lux brand ONN talks of ‘total comfort’ in new campaign

The campaign has been curated by Wunderman Thompson Kolkata

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 29, 2023 7:00 PM   |   2 min read


ONN, a casual wear brand from Lux Industries Limited, has launched its new campaign for polos and tees, created by Wunderman Thompson Kolkata.

This is the second time in three years that WT Kolkata has conceptualised a campaign for ONN, driven by a couple of TVCs and supported by OOH.

The two new films - Piggyback and Fortune Teller - feature men who are irresistible by virtue of their ONN T-shirt.

The campaign reinforces the brand’s positioning of complete comfort. Shot in Bucharest, Romania, the international location and cast lend a global angle to the brand and add to its aspiration quotient.

Commenting on the campaign, Saket Todi, Executive Director, Lux Industries Ltd., said, “We always wanted to project the brand as youthful and footloose. We know that to enter the consideration set of our target audience and be preferred by them over other brands in this segment, we had to strike the right balance between premium imagery and easy accessibility. We have kept the brand aspirational and the pricing within reach. The primary objective was to get noticed again after a gap of three years. Which is why, we went ahead with advertising themes, locations and cast which have the potential to grab eyeballs.”

On the execution, Arjun Mukherjee, VP & Senior ECD, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata, said, “The biggest challenge was to tell an interesting story with a twist in 20 seconds. That’s why we thought of scripts with minimum or zero dialogue which would establish the product positioning without impeding the pace of the storyline. Similar to our previous films for ONN, international settings and actors have been used to amplify the aspiration levels.”

Vijay Jacob Parakkal, Senior VP & Managing Partner, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata, said, “Wunderman Thompson Kolkata is glad to have partnered Lux Industries on the latest campaign for ONN. We had set a high benchmark with our first campaign for the brand in 2019. Coming after a gap of three years, the new campaign is an important milestone for the brand in its journey to appropriate ‘comfort’. We are very positive that this new campaign will power ONN to a faster growth trajectory”.

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'Be a Superstar,' says Bausch + Lomb's latest ad film

The campaign is targeted at South Indian markets ahead of the festive season

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 28, 2023 8:45 AM   |   2 min read

Bausch + Lomb

Kinnect, a part of the FCB Group India, has launched a digital campaign ‘BeASuperstar’ ahead of the festive season in southern India.

The campaign aims to shine a light on the advantages of switching to contact lenses in a light-hearted way, while telling a story that is authentic to the market it is set in. A storyline that could resonate with the audience in the southern region as well as the whole nation.

Speaking on the campaign launch, “Sana Lairellakpam, Head of Marketing at Bausch + Lomb, said, “Connecting with our consumers has always been a core part of what we do at Bausch + Lomb. Hence on the occasion of Pongal/Sankranti, a key festival in South India, we launched a new campaign to drive regional connections. This time, our narrative takes you to the colourful and larger-than-life world of South Indian cinema and is a celebration of the love and admiration that the people of South India have for their Superstars. The unusual story unfolds in a very memorable manner which should drive relevance of Bausch + Lomb contact lenses in a regional context, strengthening brand recall and awareness.”

“Bausch & Lomb has always given us the freedom to think of ideas that are a bit unexpected for a healthcare brand, which makes it a creatively enriching brand to work on. So, this time, as the focus was more on the South market, our task was to find the perfect setting for the story that’s contextual and remains relatable throughout the year. Hence, the world of Southern cinema and the reverence their audience has for their Superstars defined the story's outline,” said Gitanjali Bhattacharya, Creative Director, Kinnect.

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GroupM's Motion to invest Rs 300 crore in content production: Ashwin Padmanabhan

Motion Content Group will be producing 10 feature films this year, says Padmanabhan, President - Investments, Trading, and Partnerships, GroupM - India

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 27, 2023 8:41 AM   |   4 min read


GroupM’s content investment and rights management company – Motion Content Group – is set to invest Rs 300 crore into content production as it ventures into the movie business.

During the launch of the company's latest show, ‘Jai Ho! Bharat Ki Anant Yatra’, Ashwin Padmanabhan, President - Investments, Trading, and Partnerships, GroupM - India, revealed that this was the first time Motion would be doing films, and that they would be producing 10 feature films this year - seven in Marathi, one Tamil, and one Hindi bilingual film.

Padmanabhan also shared that Motion has big plans for 2023. He announced the launch of Coke Studio Tamil with the Coca-Cola team in Chennai – the first-ever Coke Studio show in any Indian regional language. “2023 is going to be a point of inflection for Motion. Not only will we do what we always do well - producing web shows and TV shows - but with the launch of movies we will see a new chapter in Motion. And the way GroupM goes about creating content and starts partnering with whole ecosystem of platforms and TV channels, it is now looking into theatres as well.”

Motion Content Group India’s IP includes the YAARI Series, Critics Choice Awards and Hello Sago.

Speaking about the overall content investment, he shared, “Motion Content today is a Rs 300-crore business and we will invest the same amount of money in producing either our own IPs or even content that is not our IP, but we fund a platform.”

In partnership with Google and Meta, Motion Content announced the launch of ‘Jai Ho! Bharat Ki Anant Yatra’ in collaboration with Optimum Television. The show, a tribute to the contribution that the Indian civilization has made to the world, takes viewers on a journey through India's past, present and future. The show will comprise of three episodes for a duration of one hour each. It will be aired on Zee TV SD, Zee TV HD, Zee Cinema HD, & TV, Zee news and Hindustan.

GroupM launched Motion Content Group (Motion) in 2017 to meet the ever-growing market demand for new economic models for premium content across the entertainment and media marketplace. The company has been producing web shows and TV shows but this will the first time that the group will be producing films.

“The way we see our engagement in the content ecosystem is more than that of enabling. As GroupM, we in a way are custodians of a lot of advertising that our brands, our customers do. That's our core but we also understand that if we want to be able to deliver the best for our clients, we also need to create a strong ecosystem on the platform side as well,” Padmanabhan added.

He further said, “With the kind of volatility that we see in the markets today, for platforms too it has become very difficult to predict what content to invest in. And that's where we actually launched Motion Content Group and said Motion can start working with platforms, first to enable them to produce more and better-quality content, because if they produce more content with better quality, it will engage better with consumers. If they engage better with consumers, our brands, and our clients will be benefited.”

Talking about the rationale behind getting into films, he said, “The interest in movies started because we realized that the movie industry is going through some sort of a mini crisis. At one level, you have producers who are putting a lot of money and on the other hand there are people who tend to avoid investing. But movie as a format is one of the most powerful ways of telling stories and when you move from theatre to OTT to a television platform a story gets viewers, and is consumed by millions again, and again. And hence, we felt that this is a format that we should embrace because it forms a core part of the content that today goes on OTT and television.”

He also further clarified that none of these works or shows is branded content. “In the show ‘Jai Ho’ you will hardly see Meta or Google Cloud. There will be interaction with someone from Google, who's going to talk about the future. In that context, there will be a Google Cloud session but there’s no brand plug in.”

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Nikon India elevates the voice of women with ‘Through Her Lens’ campaign

The contest, now in its 3rd season, serves as a platform for female photographers to flaunt their creative expertise

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 26, 2023 2:00 PM   |   2 min read


Nikon India is thrilled to unveil the latest edition of its campaign "Through Her Lens", an annual digital contest aimed at empowering and elevating the voices of professional and amateur women photographers in India.

The contest, now in its 3rd season, serves as a platform for female photographers to flaunt their creative expertise, gain valuable exposure and establish connections with the industry's top professionals. This initiative enables women to showcase their talent and skillset while breaking gender stereotypes and encouraging more women to join the field of photography.

Commenting on the occasion, Sajjan Kumar, Managing Director, Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. said, “At Nikon India, we see a world where the lens of a camera is not just an instrument to capture the reality but also a tool to create change. Our newest campaign "Through Her Lens" exemplifies our effort to promote diversity and inclusion in the photography industry. We are excited to see the outstanding work that the participants will submit this year and hope this contest inspires and empowers women photographers in India. We believe that through this contest, we shall pave way for the future where the stories are captured, shared and celebrated equally.”

The theme of this year's contest is "That's Me!" encouraging women photographers and videographers to submit one photograph or video that they identify with the most, along with a short description of the image/video and how it reflects their perception of themselves.

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