Wrigley India takes a crack at Rs 250 crore mint market

Wrigley has launched a 360 degree campaign to mark the entry of their brand into the mints space in India with Doublemint

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Updated: Oct 25, 2016 8:09 AM
Wrigley India takes a crack at Rs 250 crore mint market

American chewing gum brand Wrigley, a subsidiary of Mars has launched a new 360 degree campaign to mark the entry of their brand into the mints space in India. With the rollout of their product ‘Doublemint’, Wrigley has forayed into a segment which the brand rules globally. The campaign titled ‘StartSomethingFresh’ has been conceptualised by BBDO India. The 3:30 minute film on the digital platform has already clocked more than three lakh views in just one day. Shorter edits of the film- 60seconds and 15 seconds will soon run on TV.

You can watch the video here:

Commenting on the brief given to the agency, Yogesh Tewari, Marketing Director, Wrigley India said, “Doublemint is a global brand and we have a global campaign. So the initial campaign under this umbrella was launched in US last year. It is an ad called ‘Sarah & Juan’ which is exactly on the same lines but for a different product. So the brief was-- we need something similar to establish mint in India with the cultural context of the country.”

Global campaign:

Tewari further spoke on the marketing plans of the Rs 300 crore Wrigley India to promote their new product, advertising budget, target audience, size, and challenges in the confectionary market, profitable product under the Wrigley India’s portfolio and more.


What is the duration of the campaign?

It is a 4-week long campaign, but we also have plans of supporting the brand all through next year as well. On digital, we have multiple phases, so we started with the crowd-sourced book, the second phase is where we will be connecting with the consumers and asking them to upload pictures, and the final phase is about consumers uploading their stories. So the campaign will continue and we will keep on refreshing the thought.

Have you timed the launch of your new campaign around the festive season?

The plan is such that digital will continue from now till the end of October and first week of November. It will be only-digital during this time and the basic intention will be to reach out to as many consumers as possible and make them see this 3:30 minute film. Then from the first week of November is when the TV campaign will launch and along with it there will be OOH as well.

Can you share the rough estimate of your marketing spends?

We are a family owned company, so we can’t divulge the financial information. Broadly I would say for a brand of this scale and the modern investments that we have put in, on an average our marketing spends would be around 15% of revenues on advertising.

So has there been an increase as compared to last year?

Yes absolutely, this is part of our strategic brand and we are launching this in India now. So we are going to invest further and our investments will be in proportion to the growth that we expect.

You launched ‘Doublemint’ almost two months back, how strong is your distribution?

Our distribution as of now was focussed only till the top 8 metros, but as we speak, it will get strengthened further.

Who is your target audience?

We usually target category users, but for this particular product, it is young adults and adults. Mars has got a very strong principle in terms of their marketing perspective; we don’t target children, either from a product or an advertising point of view.

What is the size of the confectionary market? How big is the mint space in it?

Confectionary market will be over Rs 8,500 crore and mint is at a very nascent segment in India, I think we are around Rs 220 - Rs 250 crore. This is where we see that there is a headspace to grow in this segment and that is the reason ‘Doublemint’ as a brand is really investing in this space. We are trying to make this segment as big as possible in India. Overall gums and mints put together will be Rs 1,000 crore.

What is the kind of competition you see in this market?

I feel confectionary is a highly competitive segment, we see lots of brands and players coming in, both in the organised and the unorganised sector. However, we still see that there is a huge opportunity to grow because India is such a large country and our focus is on how to expand the category. Our attempt is to get more users to try the product, which will eventually help to expand the category.

Do you have any plans of reaching out to the tier ii and the rural areas as well?

Not yet, it can be a part of a future strategy, but as of now we are limited to the top 14 metros this year and we will be expanding gradually as we move next year.

Which is the most profitable product under the Wrigley India portfolio?

So far, in terms of the size, Boomer is the biggest, but Orbit is very popular. We have got supported on TV and it is growing pretty well for us. 

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