We wanted to connect with our consumers in an emotive way: Prashant Dhar, Ariston Thermo

Prashant Dhar, Vice President, Marketing, Ariston Thermo India Pvt Ltd, speaks about Racold's recently released marketing campaign #Showerdecision

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Updated: Jan 21, 2019 1:48 PM

We all make decisions, some are thought through while some are not. Not a single day goes by without taking a decision. There are days when we can’t have clarity in our thoughts and we have to make that one important decision that will impact our lives in a big or small way. And where would you find the solitude you need to make the most important decisions of your life? Your home, car, office or maybe even a temple? What about cleansing your thoughts while having a hot shower?

Racold, the water heater brand, recently released a new integrated marketing campaign titled #Showerdecision. The campaign celebrated the moment of ‘decision making’ and urges consumers to share the decisions they took that made a difference in their lives. The campaign has been launched through three digital films, where the protagonist talks about their life-changing decisions.

#ShowerDecision Testimony 1- Suresh Nair, Writer, Mumbai

Talking about the campaign, Prashant Dhar, Vice President, Marketing of Ariston Thermo India Pvt. Ltd. says, “Overall position of the brand is to reborn every day with hot water, so basically the role that the brand plays in the consumer’s life it’s not just about providing good quality hot water for bathing and cleaning your physical self. In India, bathing is highly related to cleansing rather than cleaning, because with bathing there are a lot of rituals associated with it. As one of the market leaders in the category, the thought that rather than talking about basic features of the product like the tank quality, the heating elements or the physical appearance of the product, we wanted to make a larger connect with the consumer. Basically, that is the whole philosophy in which we design our communication to connect with the consumer at a more emotive level rather than giving him the physical attributes of the brand.”

Being in the shower also allows you to enter into a meditative state of mind. Though baths and showers are part of our daily life, a hot shower has a positive, energizing and inspirational impact on your mind. Dhar added, “When a person is in the shower, the person is completely on their own, one thinks about some important decisions, things which are bothering him/her or one wants to prepare for the day, you take certain calls, whether it’s a personal call or a professional call. So, we thought this is an interesting insight, so being one of the leaders we thought of creating something which urges consumers to share the important decisions they might have taken and which have made a difference in their lives.”

#ShowerDecision Testimony 2- Pooja Mehra, Graduate, Bangalore

The refreshed TV commercial showcases the protagonist in a dilemma to send his parents to an old age home but then he is reminded of his childhood days and realizes that it’s his responsibility to take care of his parents at this age rather disowning them.

#ShowerDecision – Andris: Racold Water Heaters:

Talking about the positive response Racold received for the campaign, Dhar said, “We made it a complete multimedia campaign, wherein we add a very high input on digital. So, the congregation point was the microsite that we have created. On the microsite we wanted our consumers to come over there and share their decisions in various forms; it can be a video, a written text or a photograph. It’s a high decibel 360-degree campaign with TV burst in select markets, PAN India Digital campaign, Radio and Point of Sale activation. The campaign so far has witnessed responses from 1069consumers sharing their real-life decisions, while the campaign has received over 15.9 million views on YouTube and over 1.1 million views on social media. We bombarded it very aggressively. It’s a real surprise that we got this kind of positive response. It turned out to be a really interactive and engaging campaign.”

#ShowerDecision Testimony 3 – Kapil Ahuja, Businessman, Delhi 

Telling us about their marketing strategies and how they stand out from other brands, Dhar said, “The next phase of the campaign will be planned again somewhere around July-August when the season starts setting in. In water heater industries you don’t really see such kind of innovation, you don’t see such creativity, you’ll see a very basic product led innovation. We have basically taken the level up, we have connected with the consumers in a more emotive manner.”

Adding, “So the idea is to build a connection with the consumers. So a person who has posted his/her testimonial on the site, he will be a consumer for life. There are various ramifications of such kind of campaigns, there are quite a few options to present it to the consumer in a more engaging or interactive manner. The mantra for us was to make this campaign an engaging campaign. That was the whole idea, we will continue to do this kind of work in the coming year.” Keeping the uniqueness of the above campaign in view where consumers have been sharing their real-life stories and three lucky storytellers amongst them will receive a grand makeover of his/her bathroom.  



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