The Glitch comes up with #RiseUpChallenge for Horlicks Protein+

The campaign video, released on social media platforms, has caught the attention of various influencers who attempted the challenge and nominated their friends 

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Published: Aug 3, 2019 8:18 AM  | 2 min read

The Glitch, an independent creative agency under GroupM, has created a digital campaigan called #RiseUpChallenge for the brand Horlicks Protein Plus. 

The campaign has been aimed at generating awareness about muscle health among urban consumers who are above 30 years old.
The campaign for Horlicks Protein+ aims to spread awareness about muscle health deterioration and how due to lack of awareness people fail to identify the early symptoms of poor muscle health.
The Glitch came up with a digital solution for the brand’s core messaging. A video film was created showcasing 6 individuals from different backgrounds, participating in a simple test to help identify their muscle strength. The test required them to attempt to stand up from a seated position while balancing on one foot, with the other foot stretched straight ahead and arms folded. Completing the test would indicate the person has good muscle health.
Vikram Bahl, Executive Vice President, Marketing, GSK Consumer Healthcare India said: “Muscle health has a crucial role in normal functioning of a human being. However, it usually goes untracked. With this campaign we intend to educate the people about the importance of muscle mass and how it starts declining as they move into their 30’s. We are confident that after taking up the challenge, people will understand its significance and take corrective actions for building muscle strength and consequently foster a healthy lifestyle. Horlicks Protein+ is an offering from our portfolio to help consumers with quality protein intake.”
The Glitch amplified the video on social media platforms using the #RiseUpChallenge, which then evoked interest from various influencers who attempted the challenge and further nominated their influencer friends to assess their muscle health.

Kabir Kochhar, Founding Partner, The Glitch said: “We used a seemingly simple test as a vehicle to draw attention to diminishing muscle health and thereby the need to consume adequate protein. Through the #RiseUpChallenge, we were able to make the consumer aware that poor muscle health could be the reason behind their tiredness.”


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