Tanishq celebrates 'Sisters' in new Raksha Bandhan film

Conceptualized by Tanishq and WYP Brand Solutions, the film equates a brother-sister bond to a nurse-patient relationship

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Updated: Jul 27, 2020 12:42 PM

Tanishq has launched its latest Raksha Bandhan film which celebrates ‘sisters’; the ones who manage to be both, the most annoying as well as the most comforting presence in our lives and yet the ones who will always be there by our side through adversities and celebrations alike.

Conceptualized by Tanishq and WYP Brand Solutions, the film beautifully pays a tribute to a special ‘sister’ who has been going out of her way especially in the wake of the current pandemic. The film is not only contextually relevant as it is high on emotions but is also true to the spirit of RakshaBandhan.The film is written & directed by Bhavesh S Kosambiaand produced by Oneness Media. The film was shot during the lockdown with a minimal crew and adhering to all safety norms.

The film runs high on emotions and true to the Tanishq style not just describes the relationship between a brother and sister, but also between a nurse and her patients. The narrative manages to touch the heart and leaves an impact with a beautiful voiceover that takes us through a typical brother-sister relationship.  The film ends with a  twist where one realizes that the sister is also a nurse or a ‘sister’ as nurses are fondly called in India thus urging everyone to #CelebrateEverySister, including nurses, this RakshaBandhan.

At the heart of this campaign is the support that Titan is extending to 'Sisters' of the nursing community through the special 'Sahodari' initiative and has associated with the Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action (SOCHARA). The film urges everyone to join in and take the pledge support nurses in every possible way and thus celebrate their heroic efforts, especially during these tough times! 

Ranjani Krishnaswamy

Speaking on the launch of the film, Ranjani Krishnaswamy, General Manager – Marketing, Tanishq, Titan Company Limited said, "The beauty of the brother-sister relationship is also echoed in that of a nurse and a patient, the care, the concern, the selflessness with which the nursing community has been braving the pandemic, bringing comfort and medical assistance to people under their care. Over the past months in our own small ways, we have been supporting people who have been at the forefront of fighting the pandemic. We're glad to have partnered with SOCHARA to help support this noble community." 

Spearheading the ‘Sahodari’ initiative, NE Sridhar, Head – Corporate Sustainability, Titan Company Limited said “True to being a Tata group entity, Titan has undertaken several initiatives to support fellow countrymen during these trying times of COVID.  Besides supporting infrastructure-led programs, supporting migrant workers, health care professionals, and frontline workers and so on, we have also reached out to the Nursing community in a small but important way to address their challenges. It is a small gesture to say ‘Thank you, Sister’!”   

Amit Akali

Tejas Mehta

Speaking on the film, Amit Akali, Founder & CCO, and Tejas Mehta, COO, What's Your Problemsaid, "This is a very crucial RakshaBandhan, one where brothers and sisters probably won’t even meet each other. The Covid context is also a reality. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to celebrate the importance of a sister in our lives, while yet trying to keep our message fresh and different from what anybody else might say. At WYP the attempt is always to try to come to the messaging from a different angle. We have also kept in mind what Tanishq as a brand is doing for people during these tough times. The film explores the relationship between brothers and sisters bringing alive all the care, concern, and tough love, this relationship entails."

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