Supari Studios brings to life Red Bull's three-part series ‘Doppelganger'

The digital content studio creates an engaging series of short films where global disciplines meet their Indian counterparts.

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Updated: Jan 5, 2018 5:06 PM

Many sports have similar skills and techniques that are required to compete, even though the games might be dramatically different in nature. Apart from skills and techniques, the rules, movements, personality types of the athletes or history can make 2 sports from different parts of the world quite similar.

‘Doppelgänger’ is the series that will put two sports that seem very contrasting in nature and juxtapose the two with each other. The series takes a Red Bull athlete, who is an expert at a global sport, and makes them explore its Indian counterpart. Through the course of the series, the viewers will not only explore certain similarities and understand the complexities and uniqueness of each sport but also learn the sacrifices and passions of the athletes themselves.

You can find the links of the films below:

Episode 1:

This episode showcases BMX rider Aras Gibieza, as he prepares for an event in Mumbai. He is later taken to Bilaspur, a small town in Himachal Pradesh, where he interacts with an Indian rider who participates in Maut ka Kuwan (literally translating into Well of Death). He watches Maut ka Kuwan live and performs his stunts for the local stuntman. Both athletes talk about their journeys and juxtapose the similarities and differences between their sports.

As Aras takes us through a journey where we explore his sport, we will draw parallels to a local stunt occurrence - Maut ka Kuwan and one of their stunt performers, Anand. Aras will interact with Anand and understand the science behind his craft, its occurrence in local fairs and carnivals and the kinds of lives they live.

Episode 2:
The second episode compares the popular dance style of breaking or B-boying and the Indian martial art Kalaripayattu as ‘Doppelgangers’. In this episode we explore the history behind both crafts, the similarities in their movements, and the differences in the fact that they are both very different disciplines. This juxtaposition through the perspective of the two artists, the Red Bull BC ONE champion as well as a Kalaripayattu artist.

Through the course of the episode, both artists watch the other compete in their version of a battle, and talk about how each discipline contrasts, yet complement each other.

Episode 3:

The idea behind the third and last episode is to compare a traditional way of celebrating the festival of ‘Janmashtami’, called Dahi Handi and the popular adventure sport of Rock Climbing. We will explore this juxtaposition through the perspective of the Red Bull athlete Tuhin as well as a Dahi Handi artist Ritesh. While both athletes have learnt the art of climbing, what they need to do, and how they go about it is quite different. We end the episode with both athletes, learning and trying their hand at the other’s version of the same sport.

In this episode, we contrast not only how both Tuhin and Ritesh got into the sport and how they practice it, but their personalities and family upbringing as well.

Speaking more on this, Akshat Gupt, Director ‘Doppelganger’, Co-Founder, Supari Studios, said:

“‘Doppelganger’ means an apparition or double of a living person and that is exactly what this series is about. The aim was to explore the duality and similarities between two athletes who are practicing visually or conceptually similar disciplines. We let the characters narrative drive the film. In order to drive home the similarities, we used match cuts and split screen techniques often. It was a deliberate attempt to keep the pace of the film slow, so the audience could really sink in the stories about the athletes and their lives. We used a camera rig that allowed us to follow the athletes continuously and seamlessly so that the audience could relive the moments of the athletes. In order to feel less intrusive, we used a combination of body rigs, drones and unique camera set ups so that we could get dynamic footage of the sport and give an interesting point of view to the audience.” -

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