Safi’s new ‘Face Banega Great’ campaign presents the flipside of hate to millennials

Conceptualized by FCB Ulka, the TVC showcases how Safi tastes bitter and strong but its usefulness surpasses the latter by providing natural solutions to common skin problems

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Updated: Nov 14, 2019 5:25 PM
Safi's Face Banega Great campaign

Hamdard’s flagship brand Safi’s new campaign takes forward the message communicated last year titled “I hate you mom” that embraces Safi’s bitter taste as a marker of efficacy being offered for the past 80 years.  The new campaign crafted and conceptualized by FCB Ulka is launched in the form of a TVC and on digital media with a message of ‘Taste karoge hate, face banega great’. 

The campaign focusses on strengthening the conversation by expressing in the language of the new age millennials showcasing how they are out there in the world pushing their boundaries and achieving their goals. Representing a life stage of rebellion, by cashing on the word that teenagers love to use - ‘hate’, the campaign rides on a powerful insight that most often ‘the things you hate are actually good for you’. 

The film presents its viewers with the flipside of hate by turning the biggest barrier into a strong efficacy story through the ‘Face banega great’ campaign.

The film reflects on the different scenarios in the life of a progressive woman trying to balance everything. The daily routine that they hate like waking up early, back to back early meetings, working out, attending hectic lectures, working overtime, etc. In all the mentioned circumstances, the film boils down to the moment of truth, where the protagonists acknowledge that those very same things that they despise doing are the ones that they truly pave the way to greatness and helps them move a step closer to following their dreams. 

The TVC showcases how Safi tastes bitter and strong but its usefulness surpasses the latter providing natural solutions to common skin problems contributing to clear skin and unrivaled confidence. With more than 28 natural ingredients, Hamdard Safi gives inner beauty by purifying blood to attain a cleaner & healthy skin. Safi purifies the blood from within by giving liver, thyroid and the rest of the body the needed support and by eliminating the toxins that usually cause acne and blemishes.

Commenting on this, Mansoor Ali, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Hamdard Laboratories India said, “As always, we want to reach out to the millennials and connect with them… in the spaces and insights that they operate in. ‘Hate’ as a concept has now become ubiquitous in usage and form of speech with the youngsters. The ‘Face Banega great’ campaign is all about the emotion that there should be no barrier in achieving your dreams however difficult or bitter it might be. Though you may hate a few things in life, they may actually be great for you. And this aptly converges with the fact that Safi’s taste, though bitter will actually purify you from within, and make you look great. I believe this path-breaking, disruptive campaign will put Safi into a very close space with the youth.”

Urooj Ashraf, Senior Brand Manager, Hamdard Laboratories India said, “The new Safi campaign takes on the very fact that we have a bitter taste upfront but it is our potency that makes us stand out and supports you in taking such barriers head-on. The creative this time is fresh, uncluttered and unabashed like our target group we wanted to speak to and reach out. I feel that the creative agency has done an exceptional job through this TVC inspiring the young generation to never give up if it takes you higher with the brand message.”

Speaking on the occasion, Debarpita Banerjee, President - North and East, FCB Ulka and Head FuelContent India said, “In FCB, we believe that when you and your client are brave together, it creates brave work. Safi’s new campaign is a perfect example of the same. It takes a lot of courage for a brand to address a possible deterrent, without beating around the bush. And only a brand that is so confident of its efficacy can inspire you to get past the deterrent.”

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