Quick five with Brandlogist’s Saurabh Parmar

“Marketers will move from disruption-campaign-engagement model on social to integrate with consumer life cycle,” says the CEO of Brandlogist

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Published: Feb 5, 2013 7:50 PM  | 3 min read
Quick five with Brandlogist’s Saurabh Parmar

The advertising industry is known to be wacky in its thought process. Many bring it out in their work and many others are trying to be different through their work structures. 
Brandlogist is a marketing communication consultancy which was started by a bunch of people who got cynical about how advertising agencies functioned and started an unconventional structure.

In a conversation with exchange4media, Saurabh Parmar, Chief Executive Officer, Brandlogist speaks about the changing marketing dynamics and more...

How has marketers’ demand changed over the last few years?
The demand is evolving; digital, especially social media, is playing a bigger role.

What are the marketing trends that you foresee in 2013?
The online-offline connect:  Marketers will steadily start moving from a disruption-campaign-engagement model on social platforms to getting social media to integrate more strongly with a consumer life cycle. Right from real world marketing activities to brand or product experiences, social media will steadily play a larger and better role and participate when a consumer wants it to.
Focus on RoI and lesser ‘fake campaigns’: Mainline advertising has had this for the last few decades – campaigns which are made to win awards but usually never have real results. They are usually glossy, great creative and intelligent taglines. For the last two – three years, we have seen a lot of those on social media but with the medium becoming more prevalent, brands are bound to ask the question “Where is all this going?” .The focus will be on delivering value to the customer and connecting with the right customer set to give value to the brand.

Brandlogist has adopted a modern way of operations. Please elaborate…
Brandlogist has a bunch of things going differently:
Not focussing on medium but the brand message: The first mistake marketers make is to focus on a medium first and then see what best they can do there rather than saying what strategy or idea is best for my brand. We are medium agnostic.
No divisions of creative, servicing, planning: It is high time people really questioned these divisions and realised that each person in a division focusses on his KRA, which is more often not the best for the client. The focus changes from more money, to great strategy deck to great idea but somehow the singular focus on what impacts the clients business is missing. There are quite a few exceptions to this rule and a lot of those exceptions make great campaigns and most others cause everyone to wonder “What was the RoI of this marketing initiative?” At Brandlogist, we avoid that by removing these roles and being more focussed on the actual branding impact.
Amorphous: We believe every client and business problem is unique to varying levels and so should our approach. Our ideas can come in the form of social media campaigns, ORM solutions, branding solutions or even ‘how to make our customers happy whenever they feel sad?’

What was the thought process behind such a set-up?
They say that 50 per cent of advertising doesn’t work but we don’t know which 50 per cent (probably more like 90 per cent). We want to find out what doesn’t work and get it to work, while making sure we enjoy the process.

What message would you give to young entrepreneurs?
There are enough people selling pretentious jargons and not being honest to clients. Don’t join the race.

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