Mother Dairy TVCs lack real insight: Experts

The films are not saying anything new. It’s a Cadbury’s déjà vu. However, the production values make the ads warm and beautiful to watch, say creative honchos

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Updated: May 22, 2013 8:12 PM
Mother Dairy TVCs lack real insight: Experts

The drooling ice cream bars, delightful cups, delicious cones and creamy tubs are the preferred choice of many in this scorching heat. To tap its target audience, Mother Dairy has unveiled two new TVCs showcasing its range of ice creams.

Both the films – Range & Classics – ride on the thought that life is ‘Real Good’. The Range TVC captures real slice of life situations and brings Mother Dairy alive through those moments. It’s a montage of real situations which one can correlate with; catering to all age groups with the range of products weaved in through the situations. The tune of the jingle is hummable with soft lyrics.

In the Classics TVC, the film revolves around a couple in a plush living room enjoying Mother Dairy’s Classics. The film captures the romance between the product and the couple.

Speaking on these TVCs, Subhashis Basu, Business Head, Dairy Products Division, Mother Dairy said, “With Mother Dairy spreading its wings and penetrating in to new territories, it is imperative to build the imagery that consumer could relate to. Mother Dairy’s heritage of trust and pride came naturally to ice cream. The challenge was – in midst of international brands as well as national brands, where do we stand and how do we position ourselves.”

The film is conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, Delhi and directed by Ravi Udyavar.

How delicious is the new TVC
Industry experts believe that the TVC has a hummable track with soft lyrics but the insight is not strong enough. However, they believe that people will have a craving for eating ice cream after watching the ad.

Raghu Bhat, Founder-Director, Scarecrow Communications said, “The Range TVC has a distinct audio track. However, the idea isn’t as sharp. It looks like a montage of slice of life ice cream tasting moments, a few of which are endearing. However, there are plenty of vanilla shots as well! Also, there are too many cuts and there is too much happening. Some of the moments could have been extended.”

“The Classics TVC again has an interesting sound track but the core idea of something that is too good to be shared has been done before. Overall, it may need lot of media monies to make a real impact. Also, the diffused lighting treatment and pale colouring of the frames dampens the appetite appeal of the ice cream. What I miss is a single message and takeout,” he added.

Vedobroto Roy, Executive Creative Director at Dentsu Communications said, “The films are not saying anything new to me (as a consumer). The montage reminds me of Cadbury’s ‘Kuch khaas hai’ – that is probably the safest bet when you don’t seem to have a strong idea for the brand…specially, the guy licking his tie!”

“The Classics comes through as an Indianised (tacky) version of Haagen Dazs. The most unbelievable (forced) part is the ‘well-built’ model having a whole tub of ice cream and not sharing it with his 'hot' partner. Again, it’s a Cadbury’s deja vu! So, the idea’s done before. And Life’s Good! What is Mother Dairy's role in it? These ads excite me about having ice cream, of course, in the summer. But why Mother Dairy? I am sure if they dig a bit deeper, they could have hit upon a real ‘Mother Dairy’ insight. But then, that’s just my opinion,” he added.

According to Roy, the production values on the other hand make it warm and beautiful to stare at when it’s playing on TV. “Whether I will look for a Mother Dairy push cart or any of their outlets to satisfy my ice cream cravings is debatable,” he concluded.

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