#MeToo Movement: BBH's Russell Barrett is the latest to be named

The allegation has been made by an ex-employee who was working directly under Barrett four years ago

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Updated: Jan 9, 2019 8:26 AM
Me Too

Russell Barrett, Chief Creative Officer, BBH India, is the latest ad-man to be named in India’s #MeToo movement.

On Monday evening Sandhya Menon (@therestlessquill) made public a complaint that she received against Russell Barrett three months ago. The allegation has been made by an ex-employee who was working directly under Barrett four years ago. 

In the text messaged shared with Menon, the woman accused Barrett of coercion. She alleges that Barrett forced himself on her and asked to “have sex with him.” She says that she finally “allowed things to get physical” because she “wanted him to calm down” so that she could leave.  

The woman says that her colleagues at BBH whom she spoke with after the incident could not support her because they were scared of the consequences of going against the boss. “I understand we all have to make a living but do we really need to do so while fuelling rape culture?” she asks in her text. 

Menon had to take down her tweet after a few hours on Monday evening because the identity of the woman was compromised. 

exchange4media has reliably learnt that BBH India will follow due process and come out with an official statement soon. 

Fever FM

In a separate development, an ex-employee of Fever FM has spoken out about the casual way in which a case of misconduct was handled at her organisation. Prerna Parmar who used to work at Fever FM revealed through a video the manner in which the popular radio station handled a case of misconduct. Bose, her senior at the company, called her incessantly after getting inebriated one night and made inappropriate statements that made Parmar uncomfortable. 

After 3 months of following up with the HT Media (parent company) Sexual Harassment team she received an email apology from Bose. Later when Bose (based in Delhi) came down to the Mumbai office, Parmar requested “work from home” but was denied despite her explaining to her reporting manager Gaurav Sharma about the discomfort of meeting Bose. 

The HR team at the organisation chided her for requesting regularisation of attendance for the days when she worked from home. In an email to Parmar the HR executive accused Parmar of misrepresentation and behaving against the code of the organisation. 

The official Fever FM twitter handle responded to Parmar’s video: As per our values we are strongly committed to uphold women’s safety at workplace. As you know your complaint was duly taken up by our Internal Complaints Committee. If you have any further grievance, we urge you to write to us at shikha.dhillon@fever.fm. 

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