'Manyavar has been the forerunner in creating progressive conversations around weddings'

Shreyansh Innovations Founder Shreyansh Baid shares the challenges between the idea and execution of Manyavar's recent ad campaign, the impact of IPL suspension on the industry, and more

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Published: May 19, 2021 8:45 AM  | 4 min read
Shreyansh Baid

As wedding celebrations continue to take place in limited numbers this year, Manyavar and Mohey recently rolled out a new campaign #ApnoWaaliShaadi showcasing how the real emotions and happiness of families and individuals shine out more when weddings happen in the presence of a selected number of people. The campaign highlights these moments through storytelling accompanied by vocals and music that will strike a chord with the viewers. On the same, exchange4media caught up with Shreyansh Baid, Founder, Shreyansh Innovations - the agency behind the Manyavar ad on the recent campaign, how the campaign briefs from clients have changed post Covid, the impact of IPL suspension on the industry, and more.

Edited excerpts below: 

How have you changed your creative strategy for Manyavar given how the pandemic has changed the face of weddings and with the business being disrupted?

The wedding industry is one of the most severely affected industries in these times. Weddings were being called off or the sizes of the weddings were reduced. So, to face these challenges, firstly, we decided to go completely digital. Secondly, our communication was sharply targeted to the prospective grooms and their immediate families. And thirdly, with the dampened atmosphere all around, people started feeling that the wedding celebrations would no longer be grand, would have to be compromised.

Here we wanted to bring a drift in the thought with “Shaadi grand hogi” and “apno wali shaadi” where we reflected that it is the close relations who actually matter and make a wedding complete; it’s intimate weddings that help you shed all sorts of inhibitions, pretence, and superficiality.

What will be the flavour of the campaigns that consumers can expect from Manyavar now and how have campaign briefs from clients changed post Covid?

So Manyavar has always been the forerunner in creating progressive conversations around weddings. In terms of how things can improve, about newer ideologies. We intend on continuing so. The latest campaign “apno wali shaadi” emphasised the fact that it’s the close ones that truly matter unlike the presence of thousands of guests we are normally used to. The real joy comes from the closest ones and they make the wedding more memorable.

The brief from the client has changed in the sense that we want to shift from long-format films to smaller films to be used digitally. Also, Since the number of guests at the wedding was constrained, we stuck to focusing on the groom and his family for the purchase behaviour.

How did you create the latest work for Manyavar amidst Covid blues? What were the challenges between idea and execution?

The idea had been cracked and we had kept our fingers crossed hoping the shoot happens safely without any hiccups, delays, or mishaps. At the time of the shoot, there were rumours of Mumbai going into lockdown but thankfully the shoot sailed smoothly. There were a few challenges since the entire team couldn’t fly down and had to execute a few things via Zoom but the production team and the client were very supportive.

With the suspension of the IPL, what is the kind of impact you see on the agency world and ad industry?

IPL being one of the biggest money-spinners in terms of entertainment and television viewing, in the last couple of years, agencies would not be impacted much because most of the work was already rolled out. Some of the digital work might get stalled. The ad industry will be severely affected because whatever commitments the sponsors and channels had made would be altered now. We don’t know what will happen next, so as of now the impact will be heavy because the kind of spending and viewership was anticipated will not be so.

In terms of seeing how usage has ramped up for social media, apps and streaming services due to the current state we're in, how is the agency looking at that and planning advertising around that?

For the past year, we are only seeing digital-heavy works happening. We had started our digital division 4 years ago, and we strengthened it over the years. All the works that are re-planned presently are mostly digital-first. The thinking, creative and execution are all digital-first. So, the team is also oriented now to think digital first. And this change is here to stay. The clients who were previously spending only 30% on digital are now spending 80-100%. So this has been and will be a big game-changer in the space.

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