Lifestyle brand Vajor's marketing strategy to expand via Radio & Print

Nathasha Kumar, Founder of Vajor, talks about the marketing mix and why omni-channel business has become crucial for the retail industry

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Updated: May 17, 2019 9:27 AM

Vajor, a fashion and lifestyle brand, which started its business verticals via the online mode in 2014 and opened up retail stores a year-and-a-half back, is now planning to hit more metropolitan cities.

In order to create a strong presence in the lifestyle category, Vajor now has plans to launch 10 to 12 stores in Metros and is in the process to roll out the business from Tier-1 markets first. It plans to widen the reach geographically and analyse the results.

The company is looking to enter International markets as well, but didn’t reveal the exact details about it. One of the reasons behind tapping into international markets is the brands identity of being conscious, organic, rooted and in its approach.

Nathasha Kumar, the brand’s Founder, spoke to us on Vajor’s core values, the marketing mix and why omni-channel business has become crucial for the retail industry.

Edited excerpts:

Vajor was started as an online brand and entered into Decor after 2 years. What were the reasons? Any other expansion planned for this year?
Our expansions have been all customer-driven. We, as a brand, believe in community building and nurturing. It was through our customer insight that the need for Bohemian Decor in the Indian market was felt and hence we launched the Decor segment.

This financial year, we are planning 10 to 12 stores nationally. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Pune are our prime target cities. We’ve further plans to reach out to Tier-1 and Metro cities through a franchise model. The final mapping has been done through organic traction on site and certain relevant data points regarding retail development in these cities. Also, for customers to experience the products and brand credibility, it is essential that we expand to more and more locations and provide a hands-on experience of retail. We are also expanding into more verticals like Menswear, Ethnic and Experience segment. In the next 3 years, the focus will be to grow exponentially with the ‘customer-first’ approach.

Vajor has an omni-channel presence. Brands, who just relied on the online sphere, are experimenting with Digital as well. In what ways is that important in the retail sector?

A few advantages of Digital media are targeting and the ability to track. So when we are working on the awareness phase, this comes in handy. We use different digital mediums to create local buzz and drive footfalls. For various specific occasions, the online reach helps us in interacting with retail customers in a personalised and efficient way.

What are your marketing strategies? As of now the brand is not visible on TV or Print. Do you advertise? If yes, then on what mediums?
The medium strategy is directly divided from the goal and the life-cycle of the company. We initiated with digital for both ROI and branding, and have now moved on to radio and print as well for reaching out to a wider and newer audience. In today's time, when the prime notice for Vajor is to establish connect and have an in-depth engagement the digital medium remains our preferred choice. Having said that, for offline, we have launched a new vertical - experiences to take the brand loyalty further.

The brand is planning to enter international markets as well. Usually, companies make a stronghold in the domestic market first. What are your thoughts on this?
We have been in the market for the past four years now, while generating international orders from different geographies. We are targeting international markets where people are more technologically savvy and there is demand and more awareness for a modern bohemian lifestyle. We have been catering to international demands for a while now and would be catering to these and multiple other geographies soon.

In the retail or lifestyle segment, competition is at its peak. How does the brand create a niche for itself in this highly competitive market?
For Vajor, retail is where it connects with a next-generation omni-channel experience with user-friendly and cutting-edge technology into the stores. The brand has always been clear about its goals and hence brought the Vajor Story to the Stores. We reach out to the consumers by providing a 360-degree experience.

Each Vajor store incorporates touch-screen kiosks where customers can actually take a virtual tour of the brand and make any and every form of transaction. One can browse products online, get the touch and feel of the merchandise in the store and then order at their convenience online or offline.

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