TVCs that stood out from the clutter this Diwali

'Snapchat’s partnership for Diwali and Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance’s Diwali Unboxing With Chintu have broken the clutter. Which are the campaigns that stood out this season and created an impact?

e4m by Noel Dsouza
Updated: Oct 30, 2019 6:45 PM


Diwali ad campaigns

Setting the tone for this festive season, brands conceptualized innovative ways to bring about the message for their respective brands keeping in mind the central theme of Diwali. Brands like Aditya Birla who urged millennials to #BlurTheBoundaries to Coca Cola’s #CokeNawazi campaign leveraged from this festive season. However, in a cluttered space where every brand is putting across its best foot forward with a festive campaign, which one stood out the most and registered a strong brand recall?

e4m spoke to ad industry experts who shared which ad campaign brought about an impact in a pool of content clutter and was effective enough to instill brand recall for the consumers. 

Mayuresh Wagle, Senior Creative Director, FCB Ulka Mumbai said, “The Reliance Smart & Fresh campaign really stands out this Diwali. It was a challenging but splendid opportunity to craft a memorable Diwali campaign for Reliance Fresh and Smart. We drew on the insight that there are so many beautiful and meaningful ways to make Diwali really big. Like wishing your friends and family in person, changing traditions, including everyone in the celebrations, treating friends like family etc. And hence we ended with not one but nine very relatable films that not only focus on selling a product, but on giving a thoughtful Diwali message too.

Another campaign that caught my eye is the ICICI Lombard‘s Shubh Deepavali Saavdhan. It is certainly a welcome departure from the usual stuff seen during Diwali. A message to practise safety given through a song sung by real fire fighters, it is both informative and entertaining. It undoubtedly stands out for the concept, message and execution."

Raghu Bhat, Founder & Copywriter, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi shared that most Diwali communication is a blind spot as it features what I call you-know-what-is-coming-next advertising. "Every box - from bright-lit houses, smiling faces, mandatory emotional moments - is ticked but the result is an ocean of sameness. That's why I like this campaign by Spaces which is different. It makes no allusion to Diwali, for starters (People know it's Diwali, I would assume!). It sticks to presenting the collection in a highly creative manner and doesn't have the usual visual cliches,” Bhat added.

Is it even a Diwali ad if it doesn’t make you miss your family and home? asked Ankita Chauhan, Group Head Strategy, Tonic Worldwide. Chauhan commented, "Over the years we’ve seen brands hit the emotional chord by weaving stories around family and friends, however, what has stood out for me, both last and this year are, campaigns that have moved the lens towards innovative concepts and thought-provoking stories. One Plus and Snapchat’s partnership for Diwali this year and Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance’s Diwali Unboxing With Chintu have broken the clutter."

According to Sidharth Singh, Co-Founder, CupShup, “Festive seasons witness a slew of advertising blitzkrieg, every year and these ads are similar to the crackers of Diwali. While few turn out to be a damp squib and look like a forced attempt to cash into the festivity, few make all the sound and end up lightning up our mood. What is really challenging for brands is to spin off a cracker of a campaign repeatedly. And one brand which has managed to pull it off, in my opinion, is Samsonite. With the #DiwaliKaSafar campaign, they have stolen the thunder this festive season. After a beautiful campaign on Voting #EkDinkiChutti, Samsonite cracked the code again to touch the hearts of people by urging them to thank the travel enablers who help them reach their home on time so that you can celebrate Diwali with your loved ones. Once you see the ad, you can’t help but think of and feel thankful to the people who are assisting you in reaching your destination around Diwali. And through doing so, it has embedded its brand in the customer’s subconscious mind with positive vibes. A cracker of a campaign I must say."

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