In 2023, we’ll see more advertisers recognise the value of OTT: Gavin Buxton, Magnite

The Managing Director-Asia of Magnite spoke to e4m about rising consumption of AVOD, the potential of connected TV and more

e4m by Kanchan Srivastava
Published: Dec 6, 2022 8:15 AM  | 7 min read

Gavin Buxton, Managing Director, Asia, Magnite, was in India recently to launch a report by the company on OTT trends - ‘India Embraces The Streaming Era’. In a chat with e4m on the sidelines of the launch, Buxton shared his insights on the reasons behind the rising consumption of AVOD, the difference between India and other Asian markets, and the emerging OTT trends that could be the highlight of 2023.


Your report suggests that OTT audiences have embraced ad-supported content although most of them have shifted from TV to OTT primarily because the latter was ad-free. Is this due to concerns over economic conditions or a behavioural change? 

Audiences are gravitating toward OTT for many reasons, one among them being that consumers enjoy the flexibility and control that streaming provides. According to our report, 66% of consumers prefer to watch streaming over traditional TV, and 75% of streamers are streaming more now than a year ago, with key reasons being greater access to original programming, favourite shows, higher quality content as well as the choice to watch locally produced or international content.

According to our report, 80% prefer to watch ad-supported content rather than pay for an ad-free experience and 73% of streamers are happy to see ads in return for quality programming.

Among streamers in India, the disposition to ad-supported streaming is strong, with free or some ad-supported content preferred by 4 in 5 streamers rather than paying for an ad-free experience (1 in 5).

There is also a clear acceptance of ads by viewers in exchange for quality content, with streamers happy to view up to 8.3 minutes of advertising per hour on paid platforms and 10.7 minutes on free streaming platforms.

As we move towards a more evolved ecosystem, what trends are you expecting in the digital advertising space in 2023? 

OTT adoption has grown rapidly throughout India, with AVOD in particular now actively watched by linear TV and UGC audiences across all demographics. With viewers drawn to its convenience and variety of premium content, OTT promises to continue its upward growth trajectory. In the coming year, I believe we’ll see more advertisers recognizing the value of OTT, and including it in their TV-based media plans as they look to most effectively reach the right audiences and achieve key marketing objectives.

In addition, as we see major global players roll out advertising solutions and/or ad-supported tiers in the coming year, I believe the AVOD model is the way forward and will be increasingly embraced by more content owners.

This shift will bring an increased supply/inventory to the market. The increase in demand for streaming inventory will push more supply out of walled gardens and into the open programmatic ecosystem.

We also expect to see the continued scaling of viewers consuming CTV ‘big screen’ content as more people replace their TVs with smart TVs or through new set-top boxes.

Live streaming will continue to increase as the audience will prefer watching shows that matter to them, and broadcasters will start to activate digital replacement of ads, which will further scale streaming ad opportunities.

How different is the Indian digital advertising space compared to other Asian markets such as China? 

The Indian digital advertising market is one of the fastest growing in the world and the second largest in Asia, due in part to a large middle class that is growing exponentially every year. Ad tech is well positioned for continued rapid growth here, with Magna Global predicting the ad industry will grow 15% by year’s end. Greater accessibility to increasingly affordable streaming devices and cost-effective home broadband plans will only accelerate this growth going forward. As consumers spend more time on OTT devices, ad dollars will continue to follow, further propelling the industry forward.

India is similar to other Asia markets in having a high proportion of viewers watching on their mobile phones, with 88% using their mobile to stream based on our research. The number and variety of streaming platforms for viewers to choose from in India is more than in other Asia markets, which is generally due to the size of the market and the breadth of languages spoken. 

There has been a massive shift from linear TV towards CTV. What opportunities does this disruption offer to advertisers? 

CTV offers greater opportunities to reach audiences. Viewers on streaming platforms are more engaged and more receptive to advertising than those on traditional TV, as evidenced by our latest research study.

Audiences gravitate toward CTV because of the high-quality programming, the lighter ad load, and the prospect of discovering new, exclusive content. This high engagement with the content results in more attentive viewing to both the programming and the advertising.

The full-screen, non-skippable environment of streaming (across mobile and big screen) inherently results in high viewability and high completion rates. It also helps advertisers extend reach, especially among audiences who watch little traditional TV and are difficult to reach and this enables customised creative opportunities.

Which category of brands dominates the CTV space?

Brands across all industries can benefit from advertising on CTV. With CTV, brands are not only buying based on content—they’re buying based on addressable audiences.

Powered by programmatic technology, buyers can reach audiences with precision, and one-to-one targeting across demographics. CTV technology goes beyond linear TV’s index-powered buying, leveraging audience, geographic, contextual, and behavioural data to drive campaign performance.

As audiences flock to streamers, buyers should be adding and ramping up CTV within their media mix. With media companies and advertisers seeing the benefit on bottom lines, they’re seeing CTV for what it truly is: high-performance television with holding power.

Ad waste and fraud are quite common in CTV due to multiple layers of streaming. What should an advertiser do? And what are you as a platform doing to bring measurement protocol? 

Because standards and thresholds vary for measurement vendors, our approach is to work with individual buyers to demonstrate how our inventory can meet their specific needs. This includes the creation of curated private marketplaces.

We enforce baseline content standards across all our publishers, ingesting and honouring the site blocklists advertisers pass to us through their buying platforms, and providing complete transparency on where their campaigns run. In this way, ultimate control rests in the advertiser’s hands.

With our long history and team committed to marketplace quality and brand safety, our exchange gives buyers the ability to transact confidently on high-quality, high-reach inventory.

What ad tech tools are currently being utilized by publishers to target the audience?

Streaming combines the best of linear and digital, offering marketers a high-quality, long-form television environment, plus the precision of digital media. Streaming marketers can reach curated audiences en masse by leveraging first and third-party data. Video streaming captures the holy grail of marketing: timely, personalized messaging to coveted consumers without compromising scale.

As the third-party cookie will soon be deprecated, audience creation is moving from the buy-side to the sell-side, which directly owns the relationship with consumers. Though this shift is new for many publishers, seller first-party data has long been key to addressability in CTV/OTT. While Magnite will continue to support industry IDs such as UID 2.0, a range of identity signals must be used to make as much inventory addressable as possible.

This year, we acquired Carbon, a company with unique tools and expertise to help publishers drive revenue with their first-party audience data, and Nth Party, a start-up developing cryptographic software for secure audience data sharing and analysis. This will help grow Magnite’s audience and identity capabilities and accelerate their integration across our omnichannel offerings. These acquisitions will accelerate our ability to bring audience creation tools and our audience marketplace to the world’s largest publishers and advertisers.

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Del Monte ropes in chef Vikas Khanna to promote its Mayonnaise & Ketchup range

Khanna stars in Del Monte’s latest communication campaign – Made by Chefs, Loved by all

By exchange4media Staff | Feb 6, 2023 12:00 PM   |   2 min read

del monte

Del Monte ropes in chef Vikas Khanna to promote its Mayonnaise & Ketchup range


Khanna stars in Del Monte’s latest communication campaign – Made by Chefs, Loved by all

Del Monte, a brand in the ketchup & sauces space, has tied up with Michelin Star awarded chef and MasterChef India judge Vikas Khanna to promote their mayo & ketchup range. Vikas stars in Del Monte’s latest communication campaign – Made by Chefs, Loved by all- for its mayonnaise range.

Speaking about this partnership, Del Monte India CEO Mahesh Kanchan said "We are delighted to have Chef Vikas Khanna partner with us on our culinary portfolio of Mayonnaise, Ketchup & Sauces. I say this not only because Vikas is one of the most respected and reputed chefs globally , but also because he is extremely careful about the brands he chooses to work with. For us it is a match made in heaven with him endorsing one of India’s top quality food brands.

We believe his association will help increase our awareness amongst consumers and encourage them to choose from the best mayonnaise range available in the market and help us eventually be the first choice in terms of a mayonnaise brand.”

Vikas Khanna, who is delighted to be a part of this campaign said "Del Monte is an international brand, well known for the quality of its products and I am glad to be associated with it. As a chef, while we make our own mayonnaise in our restaurant, I have to say that Del Monte makes a fantastic eggless mayo and amongst all their delicious mayo variants that I have tried, Achari Mayo is my personal favourite.”

‘I am impressed with the quality of Del Monte’s products and they are at par with international standards’, Vikas added.

Del Monte’s mayonnaise range includes Achari Mayo, Roasted Garlic Mayo, Sandwich Spread, Mint Mayo, Tandoori Mayo, Eggless Mayo and comes in easy to use, wide mouth jars. These can be consumed with different food items like Dosa, Samosa, Paranthas etc.


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Our campaign tagline and idea is unique: Kellogg

The cereal brand has responded to plagiarism allegations regarding the EatFit that the “Kuchh Kar Dikhane Ki Bhook” campaign

By exchange4media Staff | Feb 4, 2023 12:08 PM   |   2 min read


Kellogg has responded to allegations made by EatFit that the cereal brand has lifted its advertisement “Kuchh Kar Dikhane Ki Bhook” launched for the ICC World Cup last November.

In its response to the issue, Kellogg said, “We would like to clarify that  ‘Kuch Kar Dikhane ki Bhookh' is a summary of our campaign idea and our tagline, brought alive both as a Super and Voice Over in our advertisement. The core message of our communication, 'Pet bhara hoga tabhi toh bhookh lagegi' is that 'only when your child's stomach is full will they be hungry to do more' and therefore, it makes this context unique. This was developed internally by our creative agency (O&M) and researched by us many months before it was aired on television.

Like many other ads, the phrase is a colloquial term used widely and hence, we chose to go with this to deliver our message. ‘Kuch Kar Dikhane Ki Bhookh’ is a commonly used term and lacks exclusivity to any campaign. It cannot be called proprietary material unless the same is protected under the Indian legal context.

As a responsible marketer, we and our creative partner, Ogilvy & Mather, did our due diligence before releasing this expression. In terms of completeness, a trademark search conducted before the launch of the campaign did not reveal any applications or registrations, otherwise.”

Kellogg has also categorically and unequivocally denied all allegations of plagiarism / copying / reuse of the tag line in reference to our ongoing multi-media campaign. “We are confident and proud of the team, which worked on this campaign and we believe in the originality of the idea and the strength of the creative expression.”

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Love is in the air but you don’t have to breathe it: 5 Star ad tells us why

Cadbury 5 Star introduces the ‘Mush Detector’ with a campaign by Ogilvy India

By exchange4media Staff | Feb 4, 2023 9:03 AM   |   2 min read

5 Star

Cadbury 5 Star has launched yet another unique campaign to help singles navigate through the “love-sick zones and dodge gushy couples”. As part of this year’s #DoNothing proposition, the brand has introduced a Mush Detector Web App, helping free birds ‘Do Nothing’ in peace.

Nitin Saini, Vice President - Marketing, Mondelez India: “Speaking directly to the nation’s youth, Cadbury 5 Star with the perfect balance of quirk and wit has consistently conveyed relatable stories. Creating yet another engaging narrative for Gen Z, our latest edition of Valentine’s Day campaign stands for all those who do not celebrate Valentine’s Day and will help them steer clear of any mush, anywhere. With a resounding response to last year’s Valentine’s Day campaign, we are confident that this year’s efforts will resonate equally well with our consumers.”

Sukesh Kumar Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India: “Valentine’s Day has become an annual event for Cadbury 5 Star to leverage and land its 'Do Nothing' counterculture attitude. This year we have conceived and built a zany, dynamic web app, the 5 Star Mush Detector - which helps people detect and avoid mush around them with a real-time map using various data points like nearby florists, gift shops, movie theatres, restaurants, etc. What makes it even more irreverent, is that the data is also triangulated with chocolate sales to deduce mush. The more lovey-dovey an area, the redder it appears on the map. The app also assists users find mush-free spots, where they can escape to 'Do nothing'. To make it further engaging, friendly folks can help us in populating the real-time map during Valentine’s week, by reporting mushy places to avoid."

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Piramal Realty’s film with Rahul Dravid talks about importance of one’s home

The campaign is titled #HOMEisFOREVER

By exchange4media Staff | Feb 5, 2023 10:00 AM   |   2 min read

Piramal Realty

Piramal Realty, the real estate arm of the Piramal Group, has unveiled its latest corporate campaign, "#HOMEisFOREVER," starring Rahul Dravid, former captain, Indian cricket team.

“The company has augmented its campaign by offering a limited-time opportunity for its customers to purchase fully furnished designer residences. Additionally, Piramal Realty is offering a new fixed home loan rate of 6.85% on all residential projects in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. This offer is a substantial reduction from the current market rate of 8.5% to 9.0%, which will assist in reducing the impact of rising interest rates and providing our customers with added financial security,” the company said.

The campaign #HOMEisFOREVER emphasises on the importance of home in one’s life. No matter what you achieve in life, at the end of the day you come back to your home and family for ultimate comfort.

"We are elated to present this exclusive home loan offer to our valued customers," said Gaurav Sawhney, CEO of Piramal Realty. "The "Interest Rate Lock" initiative seeks to provide our home buyers with interest rate stability and the most competitive rates in over a decade for the next 18 months. Our objective is to make homeownership more attainable and cost-effective, and this offer is a step in that direction."

He further added, "When it comes to buying a home, it's not just about acquiring a property, it's about investing in a quality lifestyle. We are committed to delivering excellence in terms of quality, value, and lifestyle in every aspect of our developments. Buying a fully furnished apartment is a smart choice for those looking for a hassle-free and move-in ready experience. Our fully furnished apartments provide a complete living experience that is not only practical but also luxurious. Our objective is to consistently deliver an unparalleled living experience to our valued customers.”



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Britannia’s ad for Pure Magic Chocolush explores the bliss of living in the moment

The quirky ad has been conceptualised by The Womb

By exchange4media Staff | Feb 4, 2023 8:42 AM   |   3 min read

Pure Magic Chocolush

Britannia’s choco-filled cookie brand Pure Magic Chocolush has launched its latest campaign ‘Live This Moment’. The new campaign showcases Pure Magic Chocolush in its all-new avatar wherein we see an enlightened man teaching his followers to experience the gooey choco filling and the crunch of Pure Magic Chocolush. The TVC brings alive the true characteristics of the cookie- loaded with 38% choco inside. Pure Magic Chocolush has been introduced with new-age premium packaging by Britannia.

Talking on the launch, Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Britannia Industries Limited said, “On Pure Magic, we sought to express the key product attribute of the abundant gooey choco centre wrapped in a crunchy cookie. We came to realise that people don’t consume Pure Magic, but Pure Magic consumes people. And that led us to our idea of forgetting the past and not worrying about the future but rather ’live this moment’. With a brand-new product experience and a powerful brand idea that builds desire for Pure Magic, while distinctly distinguishing itself from the competition, we hope it touches the right taste buds of the choco-loving consumers.”

Amit added, “The premium indulgence category of biscuits is growing faster than the overall biscuits category. Given these changing consumer preferences and market dynamics, we wanted a strategic firm like The Womb to be associated with us. They have the right balance of strategic and creative capabilities to create compelling communication for growth.”

Kawal Shoor, Co-Founder, The Womb said, “It's a privilege to work with a legacy company like Britannia and on brands like Bourbon, Pure Magic, and Treat with Amit and the entire team. The premium indulgence category of biscuits is one of the most closely contested categories. The new competition has emerged; however, Britannia was and will remain the OG."

On Pure Magic, we looked at expressing a core product truth of abundant gooey chocolate center, encased in a crunchy cookie through a cultural insight. Through our research we realized that people don’t consume Pure Magic, but in turn, Pure Magic consumes people. It is so indulgent and gooey that you cannot do anything else but focus on it and relish it. And when you so focus on something, you live in the present. The future and the past dissipate from consciousness. This helped us arrive at our big idea of a cookie so involving that it takes your mind off everything else and makes you ‘live this moment’.”

Suyash Khabya, Creative Head The Womb said, “The brief allowed us, the creatives, to be indulgent, just like the product. So we cracked the idea of an enlightened man professing the product truth, but in his own quirky way. He will now be dispelling the message of ‘Live This Moment’ and through him, Pure Magic will have a point of view on various gyan but a funny take. Apart from the TVC, there's a whole lot of digital videos, topical stuff and a solid 360 campaign overall. On this, the client team at Britannia is letting us have a cookie of a time!”

The 360-degree campaign will be led by television and digital platforms, including YouTube and social, as well as print.

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Khachak khuchak chod do, says Tide’s latest film

The film features comedian Kiku Sharda

By exchange4media Staff | Feb 4, 2023 8:57 AM   |   2 min read


Detergent brand Tide has unveiled a ‘laundry music video’ khachak khuchak chod do’ video featuring comedian Kiku Sharda. 

"The word ‘Khachak Khuchak' is the sound of arduous scrubbing that consumers have to do when washing clothes by hand. Indian families spend up to 300 hours^ every year hand-washing clothes. With Tide detergent, consumers can save up to 40% of the time spent doing laundry. Tide removes tough stains like gravy, oil and mud easily without any scrubbing and is asking consumers to say goodbye to khachak khuchak in this new video,” the brand said.

The video has Kiku Sharda grooving to the lyrics and a hook step that says goodbye to scrubbing to remove tough stains like oil, gravy, and dirt from clothes and welcomes ‘khachak khuchak’-free new year with the Tide range of detergents. Through this cult-music video, Tide continues to connect with consumers across India by innovating new trends. The video has been launched across Tide’s social media channels including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Sharat Verma, Chief Marketing Officer, P&G India and Vice President and Fabric Care Head for P&G Indian subcontinent said, “Tide is known for its quirky and fun advertising which is in sync with pop culture. Our messaging is focused on Tide’s core benefit of whiteness and stain removal while adding a bit of humour to the, sometimes, mundane chore of laundry. Taking this further, Tide has launched the music video ‘Khachak Khuchak’ which uses the sound of scrubbing to bring to life Tide Double Power’s benefit of outstanding stain removal and whiteness without scrubbing.”

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EatFit vs Kellogg’s: ASCI approached over ad 'plagiarism'

EatFit claims that Kellogg's lifted its “Kuchh Kar Dikhane Ki Bhook” campaign launched for the ICC world cup last November and used the same tagline in the latter’s campaign

By Kanchan Srivastava | Feb 3, 2023 1:40 PM   |   2 min read

Kelloggs Eatfit

EatFit, a homegrown health food platform, on Thursday, approached the Advertising Standard Council of India (ASCI) alleging that global cereal brand Kellogg’s has lifted its advertisement “Kuchh Kar Dikhane Ki Bhook” launched for the ICC world cup last November and used the same tagline in the latter’s campaign. 

ASCI CEO and Secretary General Manisha Kapoor confirmed the development and said that the self-regulatory body will initiate a probe as per its process. “We received the complaint yesterday. It will be duly investigated as per our process,” Kapoor told e4m. 

Kellogg’s and Ogilvy's responses to EatFit’s allegations are awaited. The copy will be updated when the global brand and the agency respond. 

EatFit claims that it launched the campaign with the same name during the ICC Men’s international T20 World Cup 2022. This campaign was also aired on ‘Shark Tank’ India, where EatFit was a sponsor of both the show and the cricket tournament.

EatFit TVC, Nov 2022

Kellogg’s TVC against which EatFit has moved ASCI 

Without naming the global brand, Ankit Nagori, Founder, Curefoods, says, “Plagiarism in advertising is not acceptable. It is unethical and takes away the value of art, hard work, and creativity of the brand in creating the original idea. Our campaign 'Kuch Kar Dikhane ki Bhook' was conceptualized by an individual artist. We're extremely disappointed to see a global brand reuse the exact same concept and tagline, without doing their due diligence.”

Urging the brand to take down this campaign, Nagori added, “India needs to safeguard the efforts of individual artists and push back on blatant plagiarism. Let's come together to support originality, the value of creativity and give recognition where it's due."

Meanwhile, Kellog's release a new film with Milind Soman as part of the campaign.


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