Guest Column: Mall it up! - Haresh Nayak

Haresh Nayak, Regional Director, APAC & MD, Posterscope, says advertisers need to be where maximum consumer indulgence is - malls & multiplexes

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Published: Apr 18, 2014 9:52 AM  | 5 min read
Guest Column: Mall it up! - Haresh Nayak

Malls and multiplexes across the nation are one of the most prominent indicators of change. Their emergence, growth narrates as to how the consumer, his lifestyle, needs and standard of living is in for an overhaul. They, in India, have emerged more so as destinations, where weekends are spent, where indulgence happens.

The aim to drive consumer from attention to action through advertisement, requires a judicious selection of space. A footfall of hundred thousand consumers not in the frame of mind and mode to spare a moment of for you is as good as no advertisement at all. Thus spaces which come with a package of yielding opportunities are where one has to bet their monies on. This is where malls and multiplexes surface as ideal options.

One of the biggest struggles of most marketers has always been how do you reach the shopper at the place of purchase and do so with least spillage or wastage of advertising monies. For instance the custodian of a shampoo brand ends up making a Magazine + billboard plan,outdoor to get a good city wide reach and magazine as it matches the psychographic parameter. But the advertiser doesn’t consider a mall thinking it’s too local.

Now I am just going to make a small case for diverting some of these spends to the mall. The first obvious reason to choose a mall would be to tap her when she is actually out shopping (and thereby ensuring she gets stuffto look and feel better)! The mall provides you a platform where you can capture the consumer, in the buying mode. Engagement drives action like nothing else. Here is one example.

Case Study 1 – Spreading the joy of Kinder Joy

Our research showed that families spend quality time in malls over weekends. We created a set-up in malls which had engagement opportunities for kids. Keeping product attributes in mind (egg shaped) we created an automated cracking egg, two halves of which would open and close at regular intervals, this was attractive and engaging creating the perfect connects between the brand and the kids. Games too were played related to the toys’ that are available in the pack. All participants were given branded t-shirts, caps &chocolates. A life-sized Inflatable named Reno played with the kids clicking pictures, dancing and hugging each other affectionately. The response was overwhelming; we did five malls across three cities and engaged with 3000 kids in 10 days.

Two, some of the good malls in most major cities get over a million (yes, 10lakh+) visitors a month! Shopping being a women-centric task, let’s say at least 55 per cent of these shoppers are women. That’s 550,000 women. Next, malls are still seen as expensive places to shop at-primarily as most have branded retail (no fashion streets and commercial street stuff here-though there are brands are low prices too), lets again assume that at least 50 per cent of the shoppers are SEC A shoppers. Which means you 2,75,000 affluent, fashion conscious women visiting the mall? Even if you say they visit at least twice a month, you still have approximately 1,40,000 unique SEC A, fashion conscious women coming to the mall.

The audience is there waiting to be engaged, but the key is you think of an innovative way of doing so, like we did for Fox Traveller.

Case Study 2 –Going digital for Fox

In the age of digital, technology plays a crucial role and hence we created Motion Sensing Technology to attract audiences. We created an LED wall in the identified mall atrium connected to a computer programmed with motion & sound and Sensors placed on top of the LED to cover the movements. The moment someone walks by the LED wall, the sensor gets activated and the piano keys get pressed detecting their motion and playing different notes accordingly further supported by flash mob that moved on the keys to get that perfect melody. We interacted, engaged and excited the audience for the new show ‘Sound Trek’.

Apart from activations, a smart use of ambient OOH also drives great amount of impact. Mall as a space offers multiple opportunities to go ambient, as it is a consumer driven and intensive space. Moreover you can also create out-of-the-box ambient interventions like we did for TIGI Salon. TIGI a new entrant in the salon space needed to drive footfalls, thus to create effective disruption we used human mirrors. Given that people tend to look into mirrors, we arranged for hostesses wearing branded mirrors; this was a perfect ice breaker to start a conversation with the person looking into the mirror. The hostess then explained the product features and hand them leaflets with details. This was backed with a ticket jacket branding at multiplexes inside the same mall. The tickets were given in branded jackets with information about the consultation & the salon. We inserted leaflets into newspapers and circulated them within the vicinity of the salons. The result was  14,000 visitors and direct engagement with 620 consumers.

All that I request advertisers is to look at the medium for what it brings to the table than just seeing it as a billboard or a place to spend 2 per cent of the total media plan. Take advantage of what it really is -the place to target the affluent shopper. My example spoke to the female gender, but do the math with male gender too and it still makes a compelling case.

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