eBay creates immersive digital experiences for #ThingsDontJudge

The 360 degree campaign conceptualised by 22feet Tribal Worldwide tells untold stories of real people who went against the grain with equipment that didn’t judge them for their choices

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Updated: Aug 12, 2017 9:19 AM

Most companies have found wide social media acceptance and virality by associating their products with an inspiring human tale or a social cause. Right from Jason Momoa selling pants by narrating the story of his life to the viral story of a transgender mother in the Vicks ads, products and services create memorable campaigns to find mass appeal. eBay has extended its latest #ThingsDontJudge Campaign by taking the immersive digital experience route with human interest stories.


With the launch of the #ThingsDontJudge, the brand wanted to integrate its message of ‘10 crore things that don't judge’ with real stories from across the country. eBay India partnered with 22feet Tribal Worldwide to create premium content that celebrated the success stories of passionate people who went against the grain. For this campaign, the agency’s storyteller crew ‘Untold’ scouted the country to handpick three real-life, unearthed and unique stories that personified the campaign’s idea. These untold stories were of individuals who went ahead and did things they felt passionate about, disregarding the fear of judgement. These stories were then told in an immersive 360 degree audio-visual experience. 




The first story titled ‘The Perfect Note’ narrated the untold tale of the Dehradun Guitar Company. It explored and took the viewers through the journey of a small group of people who are neither musicians, prodigies nor come from a family of music. Nevertheless, they are the hands behind some of the most loved and sought-after Guitar instruments around the world. It’s a take on how the world might judge these people for their past, but the guitars and their music don’t judge. 




The second story titled ‘The Siesta’ unfolded in a sleepy town of Goa and took the viewers to the beautiful home of Sujit Sumitran. Along with being a Life Coach who has travelled across the world, Sumitran is also a passionate baker. It all started with a baking equipment which was gifted to his wife by him and a cook book gifted to him by his friends. For a long time, Sumitran heard the skepticism of people who believed that it was almost impossible for a novice to master the art of baking bread but Sumitran continued. Through his journey of pursuing his passion and avoiding people’s skepticism, the ones who didn’t judge him were his equipment and more importantly, his alarm clock. 



The third story, ‘For the Love of the Sea’ was that of a marine conservationist Nayantara Jain who left her comfortable life of the city and moved to a remote part of the Andaman Islands, only to lend power and voice to the voiceless marine life in the ocean. Here, she came to form Reefwatch, which today stands as a life-force for the protection of marine life in the island. For a single lady with her profession, living on an island had never been easy. But she has help and that help never judges. 


All the three stories were captured in the form of 360 degree immersive experiences along with films and a blog, findyourperfect.in. The campaign garnered more than 200K views on Facebook alone and is successfully spreading eBay’s message of #ThingsDontJudge.


As per Naveed Mulki, Writer and Photographer, 22feet Tribal Worldwide, “There are many stories that inspire and break everyday boundaries. This forever act of pushing past little invisible barriers, is an act that needs to be seen and understood more closely. So, we at Untold, decided to look at these intriguing lives through a different lens. We decided to immerse ourselves in their everyday and built a 360-degree narrative that would allow viewers to be as immersed as we were.”


Agency credit:


Agency: 22feet Tribal Worldwide


Account Management: Rishabh Malhotra, Mital Sudha Dubal, Kriti Tibrewal, Sonali Savla 


Creative Team: Kalisayak Mukherjee, Ambili Thomas, Manish Dhumal, Sapna Kandari, Bhavya Gowda, Anvesh Patole, Anupam Menon, Anik Sheth, Omkar Mungi


Films team: Shaktiraj Jadeja, Pankaj Singh, Naveed Mulki, Madhumita Nandi 

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