Does Britannia Good Day manage to pack in a good ‘surprise'?

Star pairs like Karan Johar and Zakir Khan, Udit Narayan and Baba Sehgal, and Gautham Menon and RJ Balaji have been roped in for the campaign

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Updated: Jul 15, 2021 8:44 AM
Britannia Good day Campaign

A couple of days back, Britannia Good Day played a happy prank on unsuspecting consumers as it launched the ‘Surprise Cookie pack’. It went live with a tongue-in-cheek campaign to land the surprise! An array of top-notch entertainment gurus from across the country paired up to swap their well-known personality traits in a fun, gimmicky manner. Having the viewers go what’s-this-all-about, the intention of the campaign was to pique the viewer’s attention through personality swaps of these famous stars. However, did the brand manage to leverage celebrities' images to amp up interactivity and the surprise element?

Brand-Nomics MD Viren Razdan gives the brand full marks for breaking away from the stereotypical format of the past ads of Good Day. “Teasers are great if you can build the excitement to a crescendo. Often curiosity around teasers creates a high decibel viral buzz. So great if used well,” he remarks.

However, Razdan feels somewhere the ‘ surprise’ got buried in the overwhelming star parade and the heavy-duty stories they were weaving around. 

When asked whether the campaign will be able to drive sales for the new range for the product category, he opines, “Good day has a powerful following as a brand, and  the category requires pushing salience up when people reach out for their shot of indulging treats - which this campaign should manage to do - Surprised?” 

The star pairs for the campaign include Karan Johar and Zakir Khan, Udit Narayan and Baba Sehgal, and Gautham Menon and RJ Balaji, both eminent names in Kollywood. Each star took on the personality of the other, mimicking trademark manners of speech and catch phrases. 

Samit Sinha, Managing Partner, Alchemist Brand Consulting feels that the campaign definitely works in dialling up engagement in such a product category. “I can clearly deduce the intent behind the campaign, which is of using the device of role reversal of two popular celebrities to denote “surprise,” as a vivid metaphor to exemplify the Britannia Good Day core brand idea. It seems that the creative route is around the concept of “expect the unexpected” and the advertisement expresses it rather effectively, engagingly, and entertainingly, which is all that is needed in a low involvement product category like biscuits/cookies,” Sinha remarks.

Britannia Good Day Surprise Pack with its newly formulated tastier, crunchier, and chocolatier, Choco chip cookies from the brand was strategically revealed as a surprise by the brand through the campaign.

Rohit Kanojia, Films Head, BC Web Wise, lauds how the campaign is strategically thought through and well-executed, bringing in the surprise element with surprise personality swaps by big celebrities like Karan Johar and Zakir Khan. “Teaser campaigns have gained momentum even for smaller campaigns, here the brand has created a teaser campaign for a new product launch; which I think is a great way to go about generating curiosity. The teaser strategy works really well because now you have your audience glued to find out what's next and be with you through the campaign till the end. The overall campaign is built on the premise of 'Surprise' and that is coming out very seamlessly through all the videos. The personality swaps, the Kollywood surprise and of course the introduction of famous faces through the generations. From Zakir Khan to Udit Narayan; being shown in a surprise avatar revealing the product is nicely done,” he remarks.

Kanojia feels that the campaign has the potential to be able to drive sales for the new range for the product category. “The whole filmy drama created for this product launch does make the cookie a differentiator in the category. The overall campaign thought, its execution and the celebrities roped in definitely allow you to make a mental note of trying out the cookies next time you go grocery shopping. Someone like me who is a foodie and would want to try out the product after looking at ad campaigns will definitely opt for Good Day Choco Chip Cookies. The strategic integration of the famous faces from the South gives the product an edge across markets. It also appeals to generations across the board with the cast that's roped in,” he asserts.

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