‘Diversity is a growth strategy, not an HR initiative for FCB’

On his first India visit as the CEO of FCB Global, Tyler Turnbull, spoke to Neeta Nair about being FCB’s ‘turnaround’ man and his plans for India

e4m by Neeta Nair
Published: Apr 28, 2022 12:47 PM  | 12 min read

In 2014, you were given the task of turning around FCB network’s worst performing office, Canada, after which you helped transform North America into a growth driver for the network. What is the mission as Global CEO for you this time?

Yes, at that time Toronto was our worst performing office in the world. I think I’ve always been attracted to turnarounds. Be it the Toronto team or our CRM agencies in New York and in parts of North America, the formula has always been the same-- to find great people who have a shared vision, and who want to do the best work of their careers. I wouldn’t say FCB right now needs a turnaround. I think our brand is incredibly strong and we’re leading in many ways. For me, it’s really just about extending the momentum that we’ve had around the world, and focusing on how we can ensure that our teams in India continue to thrive the way our other teams have.

You have brought on board clients like Walmart and GSK, also campaigns like Whopper Detour were under your watch, tell us about the most interesting campaigns and clients you have worked with?

From a campaign perspective, I loved Whopper Detour, primarily because I am from a Digital background. I also loved the specificity of that brief, it said “We need to drive app downloads for the Burger King app.” For a number of years, the strategy had been to use performance marketing to buy downloads but when they came to us, we said, “Hey, there are some more creative ways to think about how to get people to download.” Obviously, we spent some time geofencing, hundreds of McDonalds with a BK team, and the rest is history. The five weeks after that launch, BK saw more downloads than in the previous five years. That to me defines the type of work that we want to be doing going forward. Another campaign close to my heart is the one with Google in Canada for the Canadian Down Syndrome society where we got on board 10 children who have Down syndrome to answer the top 40 searched questions by expecting parents who have detected the Down syndrome marker in their babies. This is a great example of how we can use creativity in places like search, which typically aren’t creative spaces. In India the ‘Unbox me’ work on the transgender community is amazing. Also, we’ve just launched a campaign in the UK, where we have worked with LinkedIn, and Richard Branson to add dyslexic thinking as a skill within your LinkedIn profile.

How much did FCB grow in 2021, once everyone came to terms with the ways of the pandemic?

We were very privileged even in 2020, from an FCB perspective, because we were able to grow even in the middle of the pandemic’s worst point. We’ve accelerated that growth in 2021 and seen very good strides throughout. E-commerce brands or those in the CPG space grew and so did many online ordering apps. At the same time our clients in the hotel, entertainment, tourism sectors were badly hit. But I would say in the last six months, I’ve been more optimistic.

What are the biggest challenges that agencies face today, is it retaining talent, shrinking margins or threat from consultancies and tech companies?

I think one of the biggest threat areas is talent, we are trying to retain talent by promising our teams that when you join FCB, you will create the best creative work of your career because we shall equip you across a range of different capabilities. Both my parents were lawyers and they wanted me to become one too, so I studied to become a lawyer till a mentor of mine said, “Have you ever thought about advertising?” He got me an internship at Publicis in Toronto and I still remember the day I walked into the agency because it felt so dynamic and creative. I called my parents a couple of weeks later and said, “I want to be in advertising.” That type of energy is what defines us as a business. For us as an industry, we have to return to that, because great advertising can change brands for the better, and can be great for people.

Would you say consultancies and tech companies are encroaching on ad agency turf in a big way today? Did the acquisition of Droga5 by Accenture Interactive signal that brand communications have gone beyond advertising?

I admire David Droga, his creativity and the agencies that he built. I remember I was at the agency when the Air Force One video was launched. After the acquisition of Droga5, what Accenture is trying to do is offer a wide array of services to clients coming through the consulting kind of door. What makes us different is that we really believe in not only providing great strategy but also creative ideation, bringing it to the market and making it work and become really special.

Data is an integral part of advertising. Does it help add to the creativity or should it be the basis of creativity today?

Data tells us how to be differentiated and to understand more about the target segment. I think a lot of our creative ideation has come from interesting data points. For example, BMW is our partner and one of our planners found a statistic that showed that if a luxury car was sitting in the driveway of a home that was listed for sale, on an average that home would sell for $10,000 more than if the car wasn’t there. So our team used that data point to suggest that we partner with one of the largest real estate brands in the market, and we staged BMWs in driveways of high-end homes, which would help the seller get more for their home. It would also help all of the potential buyers see a luxury BMW. It helped in driving huge growth for the brand.

You had successfully launched FCB/SIX, FCB’s award-winning creative data specialist agency which is present in six geographies now, any plans of getting it to India?

Around three weeks ago, we launched FCB/ SIX in New Zealand. We’ll be launching it in all of our major markets in the next quarter hopefully, including India.

You have seen FCB’s work globally. At what stage is India in when it comes to the fusion of creativity with technology?

To see some of the work we’re doing with incredibly modern, digitally-led brands in India, like Google, as an example, is inspiring to me. I think that the stage of maturity from a digital standpoint is certainly different than what it would be in North America. Progression in terms of social media, site, mobile application is very robust. We have amazing teams that are really leading the way in India, to help clients modernize their approach.

You acquired a stake in Kinnect, some months ago, any acquisitions on the cards?

I’m currently focused on our team in India but I’m sure in future there will be acquisitions. One of the special things I’ve seen here in India is that we have some very long-term client relationships that are rare in our business, like Amul. The work we have done for their 75th anniversary is great.

FCB India used to be an agency which for close to 59 years didn’t manage to win even a single Cannes Lion … cut to 2019 when it won India’s only Gold and in 2021 became the most awarded Indian Agency at Cannes….

I can equate it with FCB Canada when we won the only Gold years ago, it was a proud moment. To have won that one Gold for India in 2019 is an unforgettable moment. We have also seen what they have done since then, Rohit, Swati and team won 4 Grand Prix in a row at Spikes. Long term success is what we’re striving for. We’re not striving for a Gold once every decade, we’re striving for strong creative ideas year in and year out on our biggest and hardest brands. So that to me is something I’m really grateful for in India, because we have built up such an incredible track record of doing great work.

But what according to you changed here all of a sudden, these accolades eluded the agency for several decades after all….

We started this conversation by talking about turnarounds and I think turnarounds start with great leaders and great people. We have Rohit, who’s an amazing person, a great leader. I think he did two amazing things. One is that he unlocked the potential of the people who have been with us for a long time. He gave people who’d been committed to the agency for years, a new vision and a new perspective, and a new energy. He also attracted new talent into the agency to complement them in a really great way. I think that’s the sign of a true leader. When I look at the track record of the last six years, it has been so many of our different teams contributing to that success. It hasn’t just been one person or one unit. When I think about the types of agencies that I want to build, and be a part of, they’re not defined by one person, or one creative, or one CEO or one leader. They’re defined by a collective of people.

With Swati at the helm, we’ve seen a lot of work on gender, and sexuality. Be it ‘Out and Proud’, Mirror or the recent ‘Unbox me’ campaign, is diversity and inclusivity something that FCB wants to be seen supporting strongly globally?

Absolutely so. We have what’s called a ‘brand bedrock’ process, which is a tool that we use to help brands define their purpose and understand what their foundations are strategically. We did that process on ourselves, and created our own bedrock for FCB which is creativity through data and technology to activate brands in the short term and build them in the long term. But one of the things we talked about as a team was, the more diverse and representative our people and agencies are, the better is our work. So, we added diversity to our bedrock. If you are at FCB, you can bring your full self to work, no matter who you are, no matter what your sexuality is, it has helped people to be a lot more open. They’re passionate about topics that are critical. See, one can either perpetuate negative stereotypes about people, or embrace change. We have trained people for 10 years and have a process called ‘intentional inclusion training,’ which is about understanding what your biases are. When our teams work on campaigns, they are systematically challenging stereotypes that they see in advertising. When our teams are representative, our ideas are better, and our work is more effective. Diversity for us is not an HR initiative, it is a growth strategy.

How much does India contribute to the overall FCB global revenues?

India is one of our biggest markets by far. I see the potential of India, and that it could grow to become massive. Over time it’s going to become an even more important player in our mix globally.

Today everyone is running the Digital race, you yourself are known for your digital expertise …but as far as FCB India is concerned it is still considered a creatively inclined mainline agency as opposed to tech first digital agency…. Is that an impression you would like the leadership here to change?

I think it is very similar to the agency I took over in Toronto in 2014. At that point, we had a Digital department inside a mainline agency. One of the first things I did was to disband it and say, look, it’s not about mainline and Digital, we should be an agency that communicates with our consumers through any means necessary. What that means is that you have to understand the platforms that our people are spending time on. Doesn’t mean you have to know how to code. For example, I have no idea how TV works. I couldn’t put a TV together or tell you how it is powered but I can tell you why people watch TV and what content will resonate with them. The same metaphor is true for digital platforms. The term mainline agencies, integrated agencies typically mean they’re good at making TV spots. The term Digital agencies typically mean they are good at social, technology, etc. But our consumers don’t think like that, they want to buy a product that suits their need and connects with them at the right time. That’s really our focus from an evolution standpoint, and we are thus also working with great partners like Kinnect who are so strong and specialized.


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Rohit Sharma turns politician for Ceat’s new campaign

The film also features Shreyas Iyer and Shubman Gill

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 30, 2023 3:04 PM   |   3 min read


Tyre manufacturer CEAT Ltd has launched its new TVC for its four-wheeler SUV tyre range. The TVC features Rohit Sharma, captain of the Indian Men’s Cricket team, and two exciting young players, Shreyas Iyer and Shubman Gill - with all three of them featuring in somewhat different roles in the new advert.  With the forthcoming cricket season, the three cricketers are all set to spread the message and highlight the importance of having good SUV tyres that can handle speed as well as offer a superior grip.

The new TVC conceptualised by Ogilvy, features an SUV with Rohit Sharma as a busy politician riding in the back seat and sharing nuggets of political wisdom. A bespectacled Shubman Gill, as a typically harried-looking politician’s secretary busy on his cell phone, is quickly alerted to his master’s latest pontification by the chauffeur, played by Shreyas Iyer in the video. As the secretary frantically searches for a pen to record the advice, just at that instant, around a sharp bend, a group of protestors suddenly appear in the middle of the road. The driver has to brake hard and swerve fast to prevent an accident. Once done, he is quick to repeat their master’s advice - the importance of ‘speed and grip’ in the context of both driving as also in politics. This analogy echoes the same attributes as exemplified by CEAT Tyres - and is demonstrated by Shreyas Iyer in adroitly avoiding an accident because of the superior grip of CEAT’s new SUV tyres at high speed. “You should definitely write it down”, reiterates Rohit Sharma to Shubman Gill to reinforce the message. The gospel for success in politics and that of safety on the roads is the same, as the TVC playfully tries to show.

The campaign once again leads back to CEAT’s purpose of ‘Making Mobility Safer & Smarter. Everyday’.

Speaking on the campaign, Lakshmi Narayanan B, Chief Marketing Officer - CEAT Limited said, "It’s the cricket season and CEAT is thrilled to get 3 of India’s top cricketers - Rohit Sharma, Shreyas Iyer and Shubman Gill in  ‘never seen before’ avatars. CEAT’s wide range of SUV tyres have a unique capability to provide both speed and control while delivering on its promise of safety and comfort. Our range of offerings, which include SportDrive SUV, CrossDrive SUV and SecuraDrive SUV address a wide range of on-road and off-road requirements.”

Rohit Joseph, Senior Creative Director, Ogilvy adds “In general, creatives are a little vary of sportsmen, when it comes to performing in front of camera. Scripts are watered down, roles are pruned, lines shortened or a ‘propah’ actor is built in for heavy lifting. But this time around, with CEAT’s conviction, the team got the confidence to go beyond the norm. We had three star players, acting out of their skin (and such a commendable job), in a duration strait-jacket of 20 seconds, segueing into tyre story, effortlessly. We are quite thrilled with the result, and awaiting all the brand love this one will garner in coming days.”


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My11Circle's campaign set to make the IPL season ‘thriller’

The title sponsors of Lucknow Super Giants has unveiled multiple campaigns and initiatives to engage fans and players

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 30, 2023 1:26 PM   |   2 min read


Games24x7 is bringing a new mystery to this IPL season with an exciting new campaign for its fantasy sports platform, My11Circle. The leading fantasy cricket platform and official title sponsor of IPL franchise Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) has unveiled an exciting lineup of fan engagement campaigns for the upcoming cricket season.

With campaigns like ‘Bade Se Bada’, ‘Locker Room Stories’, and ‘Out of the Park’, My11Circle aims to provide fans with a unique and entertaining experience throughout the season.

Commenting on the campaign, Saroj Panigrahi, Senior Vice-President, My11Circle, said, “At My11Circle, we have always kept the user at the centre. Our campaigns are based on the insights which we draw from our users and that’s the reason they resonate extremely well with our audience. We are positive that the new campaigns will strike a chord with our players and elevate their engagement on the platform.”

The campaign features a series of films with My11Circle’s brand ambassadors Sourav Ganguly, Arshdeep Singh, Mohammed Siraj, Ruturaj Gaikwad, and Shubman Gill donning the roles of larger-than-life figures that symbolize My11Circle offering for this season and promises a visual treat. In a unique twist, while the campaign announces the second prize worth INR 1 crore, it leaves fans guessing on what will be the first prize.

The campaign has been created by The Script Room. Commenting on the association, Ayyappan Raj, Co-Founder, The Script Room live said, “It was great working with the My11Circle team in creating another exciting IPL campaign. The collaboration resulted in an interesting concept - promote the second prize, thereby creating intrigue and excitement towards the first prize. We’ve built upon our very successful campaign “The Giants” and taken it a step further with the idea of “bade se bada” for a creative visualization.”

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Whistling Woods International’s campaign speaks of breaking stereotypes

#IWasTold features successful alumnae over the past 16 years

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 30, 2023 12:55 PM   |   2 min read


Whistling Woods International (WWI) has endeavoured a social initiative by launching a new 360-degree women-centric campaign. The campaign #IWasTold, features successful alumnae over the past 16 years, which aims to break the stereotypes regarding women due to cultural conditioning. Breaking biases around women's career choices is the fundamental thought of the campaign.

“Whistling Woods has always encouraged equal opportunities for men and women. The #The IWasTold campaign recognises the various challenges women have to face in the journey of achieving their dreams. Women’s Day, this year, has reconciled with our annual event, Alumni Engagement Month, where we celebrate our alumni and their achievements, hence we felt it’s the best time to celebrate our alumnae, who we are ever so proud of,” said Meghna Ghai Puri, President, Whistling Woods International. 

Sharing her thoughts about the IWD2023 campaign, Riddhi Bhogi, Head - Marketing & Brand Communication, WWI said, "At Whistling Woods International, we have always encouraged our female students, staff and faculty to break the glass ceiling and pursue their passion. With the #IWasTold campaign, we would like to encourage women, at large, to break away from the gender-based biases and prejudices that have been part of our everyday life, both in terms of personal and professional aspects, over the years. The campaign seeks to raise awareness and enable women to achieve her dreams and fulfill her aspirations."

The campaign is garnering a huge response on social media, where students are sharing stories of what they were told not to do or pursue. Few posts such as “#IwasTold that Women Are Meant To Build Homes Not Brands”, “#IwasTold that Passion For Sports Is Better Left As A Spectator”, “#IwasTold that only fair skinned women get cast in films” are spreading an awareness about the struggles women face in their everyday lives. This campaign is in a pursuit to celebrate women who are powerful, independent, limitless, and willing to define and live life by their own rules. The campaign has also been featured in the Highlighted section of Ads of the World.

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Varun Dhawan revists 'Judwaa' role for Navratna Active Deo Talc ad

The commercial has been conceptualised by What’s Your Problem, a Wondrlab company

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 30, 2023 10:27 AM   |   2 min read

Varun Dhawan

Navratna Active Deo Talc brings back Varun to play a double role in its new commercial. Brought to life by the popular film director, Vasan Bala, the film is a fun take on the Bollywood trope of a brothers’ reunion. 

Conceptualised by What’s Your Problem, a Wondrlab company, the campaign showcases the benefits of Navratna Active Deo Talc in the summer season. With the double role of Arun and Varun, two long-lost brothers running towards each other, the film beautifully depicts what happens when one of the brothers doesn’t use the product, sweating profusely and trying unsuccessfully to keep himself cool. 

V Kaushik Vedula, AVP-Marketing, Emami Limited, said, “We wanted to leverage Varun’s signature fun style of acting. And what better way to do it than with such a filmy script. Bichede Bhaiyon ka mela main milan, but with a twist. So far, the audience reception has been extremely positive and of course, even the internal teams are very pleased with it. I think we have proved this film a worthy sequel to Judwaa 2.” 

Amit Akali, CCO & Co-founder, WYP Wondrlab India, and Gauri Gokarn, the Content Director, said, “Navratna Talc has had a legacy of creating iconic ads, including with Shah Rukh and Varun as well. So, it was a challenge making it different and yet keeping the essence of it intact. Given that Varun also starred in Judwaa 2, we found the perfect opportunity to recreate the filmy reunion. We even roped in Vasan Bala who did a fantastic job of making this a proper Bollywood act. And obviously, Varun’s spontaneity added a lot of fun to the film as well. This simply goes to show that people still love the good old Bollywood masala, there’s no need to always do something different, sometimes all it takes is a bit of fun.” 

The campaign has gone live on all media channels and is making quite an impact on social media, digital and outdoor media platforms.

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The Advertising Club’s 54th Abbys to be held from May 24-26

The Abby Awards will be a part of the Goafest 2023

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 29, 2023 6:20 PM   |   4 min read


The Advertising Club revs up to announce the 54th edition of ABBYs, South Asia’s Gold standard, which has been recognizing creative excellence in advertising for over five decades. Held over three days, The ABBY Awards, are scheduled to take place on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of May during Goafest at Grand Hyatt, Bambolim, Goa.

The preeminent awards for Creativity, Media, and Communication have once again partnered with The One Show, the world’s most prestigious award program, to upheave the global standards of judging, jury selection, and transparency to the already revered and celebrated ABBY Awards.

With a promise to bring global recognition to outstanding achievements in creative advertising, the ABBYs make for a highly coveted award property. Undoubtedly, the biggest and the most prestigious ad award show in the country, wins at the ABBYs, over the years, have further gone on to win international recognitions at Cannes and One Show, setting new benchmarks on scale and innovation.

With preparations in full momentum, The Advertising Club also announces the Awards Governing Committee for the 54th edition of ABBYs which includes:

  1. Partha Sinha, President Times of India Group and President of The Advertising Club
  2. Rana Barua, Group CEO, Havas Group India & Chairman, The ABBYs Award Governing Council
  3. Ajay Kakar, Managing Committee Member, The Advertising Club & Co-chair, The ABBYs Award Governing Council
  4. Ajay Chandwani, Managing Committee Member, The Advertising Club
  5. Shashi Sinha, CEO-India, IPG Mediabrands
  6. Malcolm Raphael, Senior Vice-President, The Times of India Group
  7. Prasanth Kumar, CEO, Group M South Asia
  8. Jaideep Gandhi, Founder, Another Idea
  9. Mohit Joshi, Managing Director, Havas Media
  10. Anupriya Acharya, CEO South Asia, Publicis Groupe
  11. Sam Balsara, Chairman & Managing Director, Madison Communications
  12. Rohit Ohri, Group Chairman & CEO, FCB Ulka Advertising


The list of international judges will be announced by The One Show after the process of selection of both Indian and international juries. The Abby Awards will represent the South Asia region that includes India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan and has been doing so since 2004. 

Providing in-depth recognition and increasing participation opportunity, the ABBY Awards has witnessed the introduction of new sub-categories in Digital Technology, Mobile, Design, and Audio Technology based on valuable feedback from the creative professionals of the industry in the annual town hall conducted by The Advertising Club.

The Radio category has now evolved into the Audio category with the introduction of Content, the new sub-categories are in Use of Music, Sound Design, Script, Casting, Performance, Audio Technology, Voice Activation, Branded Content, Podcasts, and Content placement.

Speaking on the initiative, Partha Sinha, President Times of India Group and President of The Advertising Club, said, “With ABBYs, we at The Advertising Club, owe it to the industry and colleagues to present an award show that is authentic, transparent, and of global standards. For 54 years, ABBYs have been pivotal in recognizing creativity and innovation in India's communication industry. To elevate its presence on the global stage, we continue to augment its significance, and therefore associating with 'The One Show' once again provides the necessary impetus. We look forward to witnessing a lot of innovative work this year that will go on to live up to the repute of being the most coveted award property in South Asia.”

Rana Barua, Group CEO, Havas Group India & Chairman, The ABBYs Award Governing Council, and Ajay Kakar, Managing Committee Member, The Advertising Club & Co-chair, The ABBYs Award Governing Council said, “In addition to being a significant platform for young creative professionals in the industry to exhibit their ground-breaking work accomplished throughout the year, the ABBY Awards have consistently been the most anticipated event at Goafest. We look forward to seeing outstanding creative work being recognized and appreciated at ABBYs this year.”

Speaking on the association, Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of The One Club for Creativity, said, “Our association with the ABBY Awards, last year, helped in pushing the creative envelope much further. As the world’s premier non-profit advertising and design awards program, The One Show takes pride in continuing the partnership with The Advertising Club. The Ad Club’s vision to make ABBYs the gold standard in recognizing creative excellence is in alignment with The One Show and we look forward to awarding the most deserving campaigns. I am excited to attend the awards this year and look forward to witnessing the most deserving campaigns make it big with an ABBY.”

Prasanth Kumar – President, Advertising Agencies Association of India, added, “Over the years, the Advertising Club’s ABBYs has recognized creative work that has had the potential to become global successes. The Abby Awards at Goafest are the biggest and the most sought-after recognition in the advertising, media, and marketing industry. We are delighted to co-host the ABBY Awards and look forward to some thrilling wins.”

The Abby Awards will be a part of the Goafest 2023 and will mark the fourteenth Abby Awards at Goafest.

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Star Health’s film encourages viewers to invest in health to protect their wealth & future

The 'Secure Your Savings' campaign uses humour to convey the message

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 29, 2023 4:23 PM   |   3 min read

star life insurance

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. has launched the ‘Secure your Savings’ campaign, encouraging people to invest in their own health to safe guard their ‘Total Life Savings’ (TLS). The campaign is aimed at reminding viewers that investing in health insurance will enable them to protect their life savings and financial investments from the threat of adverse health costs.

The central theme of the campaign is based on the fact that health issues can wipe out one’s savings through high treatment costs. The video campaign uses humour to convey this serious message.

The film opens to a financially knowledgeable middle-aged man, loudly advising someone on the phone, recommending investing in various instruments such as FDs, PPFs and Mutual Funds to reap good Return-On-Investment (ROI). The protagonist listens in on this conversation and hears the man dismissing insurance as a viable investment option as it has no ROI. The man goes on to ask the person on the phone to check if the NAV and ER are high for a mutual fund investment. Seeing the protagonist still overhearing his conversation, the man, irritated, asks him “Kya hai?”

Our protagonist then baffles the man by responding in made up investment jargon: “Aap BP check kijiye. High hoga. HBP se CKD ho sakta hai, jise aapka TLS minus me jayega!” He then goes on to explain how investing in health insurance will protect the man’s Total Life Savings and advises him to invest in Star Health Insurance (SHI) to protect his savings from adverse medical costs.

Commenting on the brand film, Kotha Kartheek, VP and Head Digital Marketing & Transformation, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd., said “With medical inflation flaring up in the country, it is very important for people to invest in health insurance. If people do not have health insurance, medical bills and hospitalisation can take a toll on their entire savings. With this campaign, primarily using digital platforms, we intend to reach out to a larger set of audience and create awareness around Health Insurance as one of the important investments that one should take up”

Kashyap G, Head of Brand and Communications, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd.., said, “We came up with this campaign after a thorough PAN India market research, where we understood that in our nation, people are so focused on getting an ROI on all their investments and see Health Insurance as an investment with no benefit. The campaign is built on the premise that HEALTH INSURANCE is important as it protects your hard-earned money from being spent on unforeseen medical emergencies and a necessary investment that helps you to “SAVE YOUR SAVINGS”.

The film was launched on March 16, 2023 across all social handles of Star Health.

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Star Sports ropes in Ranveer Singh as ambassador

The actor is set to begin his association with Star Sports as its 'Sutradhaar' on TV

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 29, 2023 2:25 PM   |   3 min read

Ranveer Singh

Star Sports has roped in actor and sports aficionado Ranveer Singh as its brand ambassador.

This association makes the pop culture icon the first actor to be associated with Star Sports, a development that reflects the growing synergy between sports and entertainment in India. Ranveer, in his role as 'sutradhaar' for the upcoming season of the "Incredible League", will be involved in creating a stream of immersive and entertaining content which brings alive compelling narratives from the past, present, and future of the league. The journey of the ‘sutradhaar’ starts with the opening weekend (Fri, Mar 31 – Sun, Apr 2) as Ranveer introduces the key narratives for the 16th edition of the tournament, its biggest till date.

Singh's collaboration with Star Sports is a significant move for the brand. Star Sports aims to leverage Singh's massive popularity and his deep love for sports to connect with diverse audience cohorts which haven't yet formed a deep relationship with Sport. It is in line with Star Sports' stated mission of making India a sporting nation by fueling fandom and passion for sports.

Singh, on the other hand, sees this association as a perfect opportunity to showcase his love for sports and share his passion with his fans. His vast and impressive knowledge and understanding of sports combined with his standing of being one of the most popular actors in the entertainment industry make him an ideal choice to take the power of sports wider and deeper across the country.

Talking about the association, Ranveer Singh said, "Star Sports is a brand that is synonymous with sports in India. As a sports enthusiast, being associated with a brand that has redefined the way sports are viewed and consumed in India is truly special. I have grown up watching some of the most iconic moments in World sports on Star Sports, and it's an honour for me to be a part of this incredible journey.”

Sanjog Gupta, Head- Sports, Disney Star said, “We believe that sports in India is on the move but needs a continuous injection of fandom to turn into a full-fledged movement. In Ranveer Singh, we see a die-hard sports fan, a committed storyteller, and an entertainer par excellence, who is keen to use his popularity to grow sports. Working with him, we want to reach new audiences, who still haven't discovered their passion for the sport. This also includes millions of viewers, who haven't been watching Cricket or don't watch Cricket regularly. We want to use, in conjunction, the power of storytelling and Ranveer's popularity, to create a compelling invitation for them."

Star Sports and Ranveer Singh’s journey as partners starts with the Opening Weekend of Tata IPL 2023 (Mar 31 – Apr 2), continues through the tournament as heroes emerge and stories develop. It also entails major sporting events coming up on the network including World Test Championship Final, Premier League, Pro Kabaddi, Asia Cup and ICC Cricket World Cup.

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